Google Pixel Slate: This Ain’t It Chief!

Don’t spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don’t do it.
But here’s a link anyway:…
iPad Pro Review:

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Eddie O'Connor says:

But how can it be “good” as a laptop…but “laggy” as a tablet?…….yeeeaaahh….no thanks! LoL! Great video though!


For people who didn’t notice it, at 7:40 there’s a pic of mark then an ass and then a pic of brownies
*Mark ass brownie*

William Sexton says:

Not glitchy at all,I have it and it’s not that glitchy, probably he doesn’t have good WiFi

Nicholas Orr says:

Pixel C has the same issue, especially turning it on first time in 2-3days. UI lags for ages. eventually catches up.
Pixel C magnetic cover/keyboard is get repeated keys.
I like the table + solid keyboard/cover thing as you can hold it well. that won’t work with that softcover of the Slate…

brian san juan says:

im into i5, does it have that version??

Akif Kazi says:

please do a tab s4 review .

Nicky Sandra says:

2.46 – Very Sharp indeed.

knockturnal777 says:

Thank you telling it straight up apple here I come

Chip Eggleston says:

I stopped watching this the very second you decided to base the review on Celeron…I mean I don’t even know anyone that would put that in a calculator right about now and yes that is 100% Google’s fault knowing that ChromeOS demands way more than it did only a little over a year ago…they should have never shipped a “baseline model” anything. Smells like an Intel hustle…again

PnB Homesteading says:

Great review and very informative, thank you.

neilbrown41 says:

You are comparing a smart car to a Mercedes! what is the point of this video, compare the equal model to the Apple… you just wasted minutes of my life, let down video

Thomas S says:

Come on man if you really wanted a decent comparison with Ipad Pro why do you pick the lowest spec one ? at least pick the one has the same price tag to run your test ! Do you have anything against chrome OS ? I think the problem has nothing to do with Chrome OS

Matt&Meg Adams says:

That g though. I bet apple wishes they thought of that first

cjfolk 28 says:


Alberto says:

You need to revisit the slate…. Just not the Celeron model.

Gabriel Y says:

HEY MKBHD DID YOU GET THE Intel Core i5 OR THE Intel Core i7

Marc 12 says:

Do you have a favorite 2-1?

mrnewyorkcity7 says:


BIG MIK3 says:

Have you tried the one with the best processor though?

BIG MIK3 says:

What’s your thoughts on the tab s4? Apart from not much being geared up for tablets size

Arootin Aghazaryan says:

So it’s not a good one, ok, but who buys the lowest specs and reviews with that!? Maybe the only time I disagree with you.

sammy50001 says:

I’m deciding between the iPad Pro vs the Slate i5. Would be great if you can do a comp of the Slate i5 and not this Celeron POS.

Scayron says:

Why is android so fucking laggy wtf

Vinny Bruce says:

I just picked up the Tab S4 10.5 256GB. I enjoy it along with the S pen Mark…

Zorisha Wong says:

Good Day Marques. Love the keyboard and mouse. Please send us the link.

Jonathan Rigtrup says:

Would rather have my Asus C302

Kit Rocks says:

Did anyone else come here after hearing Lou from unbox therapy just lie his as off and say this piece of shit tablet was good, and even trying to say it’s better than a iPad Pro or surface

rapdean says:

but it was quick hiding that ass

Nestor Mateo says:

Did any updates for the Celeron based Pixel Slate help it be a little better? If not, then I’m very confused as to why they would offer this as a base model if it runs like…Lag City bih…Lag, Lag, Lag City bih!!!

Zach H says:

Kind of ironic because one of the biggest parts of the pixel phone series is the stock Android experience which is faster. Not so much with this tablet

Giftson Paul says:

Thank you for the review… was thinking of switching to an android, now i’ll stick with iOs….

Dan Martin says:

shoulda shipped the low end one with Android

Saifeddine Rashed says:

5:80 google vs apple

Sumair Bawa says:

2:20 peep Biracial Man

popcornplaya247 says:

Or the huawei m5 tablet please

Peter Hamilton says:

Any idea if this has got any better in the past couple of months?

Xavier Gonzalez says:

Dammnnnn. That lag looks like the lag I get on my iPad mini 2

P. Bhagya Lakshmi says:

Now I should be really proud about my iPad Pro.

SUAPY says:

get the i7 version

Max Plant says:

So does the higher spec model not has this lag issue?

Tropical Viking says:

Samsung New tab?

Jaiden Morris says:

My Chromebook which the school gave to us to us runs WAY FASTER THAN THAT TABLET/LAPTOP AND THE CHROMEBOOK IS $300

Krono says:

You guys think since google made the pixel slate they’ll make the pixelbook 2 an actual laptop to try and compete with macbooks?

Jre San Miguel says:

Ok then ship it to me since you don’t like it. Haha

clown baby says:

Not one mention of the surface pro?

J A says:

I would suggest setting expectations high is not the best approach. Did you try a second device, relative to the lag you were seeing? That just doesn’t seem normal at all. I would test a Slate at the same price as the iPad Pro.

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