Google Pixel Slate Review: The Future Of Tablets (Isn’t Here Yet)

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I don’t like to dogpile. When something gets a slew of negative reviews I sometimes like to let it “breathe” for a couple weeks if my schedule permits, hoping that a software update will land that will permit me to give a more accurate review (or just provide a different level of insight than everyone else). But after two months with the Google Pixel Slate, it seems that all the other reviews I’ve read have been spot-on: this device is trying to be both tablet and laptop, and it’s really not great at either one. This is MrMobile’s Google Pixel Slate Long-Term Review.



MrMobile’s Google Pixel Slate Review was produced following two months with a Pixel Slate review device provided by Google. The device was updated multiple times during the review period and the final review software version was Chrome OS 71.0.3578.127.


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Nicholas says:

Google can’t do hardware. The don’t have the focus or discipline to create something great.

mwaleed86 says:

Hey what was that cartoon app you were using ?

Dylan Power says:

I have the iPad Pro 10.5 and I love it.

catsdgs says:

Tablets for me are a kind of device that I’ve never gotten. I prefer having a large phone and a Surface clone as my only devices. I just think that tablets are too awkward.

Rahul .c.s says:

like just for the headline

TechCilium says:

Google is awesome in terms of software but absolutely terrible with hardware

MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

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fauzi hassan says:


Vedansh Chauhan says:

I just installed Remix OS (it’s an android os for windows pcs) in an old laptop and it works very well now.

Tayfun Cavus says:

The future of tablets is here !!! and called iPad Pro !!!

OMAR RN says:

Pixel C ftw!

Haigan Hermès says:

you could do the same thing with a note 9, a dex cable, and any monitor.

TYTY says:

Google Should just focus on Software let the hardware to Samsung Huawei Lanovo LG etc.

Paul T Sjordal says:

I’m really looking for something that can allow me to read the tiny text in e-textbooks while I’m using a cardio machine at the gym. There are surprisingly few tablets that have the size and resolution to do what I want, and in that small list, the Pixel Slate has the best resolution, but I’m still leaning towards the HP Chromebook x2 at the moment. The Slate and Surface Pro are just too expensive for what amounts to a glorified media device.

FebriyanWP says:

If you’d make a napkin review i would still watch it

blues03 says:


Alex McCaffrey says:

After owning a Surface Pro I wouldn’t want to go back to a Windows laptop. The dual ability to be a laptop and tablet when I want it is why I’d pick a Pixel Slate over Pixel Book any day. When I’m consuming media keyboards just get in the way, but when I need one they’re essential. The Surface Pro is by no means a perfect tablet either but it can be a tablet. The iPad however can never be a laptop.

John Lee says:

Mr. Mobile, your videos are the best out there. Please never stop!

James Strickland says:

Great review! The slate is getting pounded in reviews but I am really enjoying mine. Is it the perfect system? No but I am super productive with it. Keep up the great work.

Brian Fitzpatrick says:

I’d like to see what you think of the HP Chromebook X2 detatchable

allbluedream says:

Whoever designed this thing did not do enough user research. Who’d want this thing?

Sascha Kuhn says:

At least they can try to improve on the software side. The keyboard is bad but maybe next year. At this state I wouldn´t buy one.

vincent fong says:

I installed chromeos on my laptop and desktop. Running Linux is a Joke as most frame rate drops due to lack of gpu support. Cloudready doesn’t support Android . If I spend 700 USD, I can get a decent windows laptop dual booting with linux. Cheap Chromebook can’t do much and expensive Chromebook aren’t worth the price. So I don’t see Chromebook getting outside education market any time soon.

Kirill Voloshin says:

was that Ryan Booth? <3

PHTX says:

Chrome OS sucks. The Tab S4 is the best hybrid in this space if you want a Google-made OS.

Murat Meah says:

“I went to Reddit to find some good points”. That was a good summary of what this device is right now 🙁

Luis Burciaga says:

I have a pixel slate. And yes I can agree with your points. I have the m3 version bc I’m not planning to do heavy stuff on it. I haven’t really found any super frustrating problems with it for the past 2 months. Definitely works as a better tablet than a laptop, but I don’t blame anyone for choosing another tablet over this, I just really love Chrome OS

The FZm says:

You are getting fat do some gyms

Brandon Gray says:

I love pixel slate tablet. I have the m3 version and it works well.

MrWaz411 says:

Love your reviews and respect your opinion
For me on the Tablet side I’m very happy with my Pixel Slate I have windows 2 in ones but so many Google apps either dont exist or dont shine on those machines.
The Pixel slate screen is pretty awesome too

Tray Cook says:

Hey Mr. Mobile I am a visually impaired photographer looking at upgrading my tablet I’m currently using the iPad 2018 only problem is I hate iOS LOL I’m debating between the Samsung Galaxy tab S4 and the April slate mainly using it for white photo editing consuming media and a little bit of gaming if you don’t mind which would you recommend

Rupesh Tashildar says:

its like they’re not even trying, first the ugly ass pixel 2xl and now this, disappointed.

Mike Rose says:

This aint it , chief.

Brent Ezekiel says:

Dongle lol

Brandon says:

Such a shame.

Decided to opt in for the Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro after watching PocketNow’s review and it’s a fantastic tablet for the price. Actually returned the iPad I purchased because for one, I just couldn’t enjoy iOS – it seemed obtuse and clunky compared to how versatile Android is. Also, since I’ve already invested in some Android apps, I didn’t want to pay again for the iPad. Couldn’t even use Pulse SMS the way I wanted to either.

I’m hoping Google can further improve their offerings in tablets. Pixel Slate is a Chromebook first and I think Chromebooks just aren’t made for what they attempted to do with the Slate. They are better off having their next Android software (Q) be fully compatible and flexible with Android tablets.

Monkey D Luffy says:

just pause @1:59 and write down the first things that comes to mind of what it looks like.

its_a_trab says:

Seriously those bezels on the pixelbook makes it look like some kind of over the top digital photoframe

Duke Nukem SLO says:

This thing is just embarrassing

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