Google Pixel Slate Review: The Chrome OS Tablet Future

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Since we began here at Chrome Unboxed, the landscape of Chromebooks has changed mightily. From an ecosystem dominated by clamshells we transitioned to an ecosystem dominated by convertibles. In 2018, we are set for yet another transition: the transition to tablets.


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Vall Ey says:

For FULL *PEN* and *DRAWING* Review, check this out (not my video):

b Tommy Douglas says:

Glad I have the HP x2. Great screen, m3 performance and zero issues in my lap. Pen and keyboard included and MUCH more affordable. BTW, the pen attaches to the tablet magnetically too!

Benjamin W says:

Would you recommend the brydge keyboard or the keyboard from google? Help!! (interested and undecided ty for your videos)

Kingshuk Monsur says:

Pixelbook 2 or this or iPad pro 2 2018 or a gaming laptop plz ans

Nadeem Shaikh says:

Who watched this instead of Avengers: Endgame trailer?

Yeah, neither me!

Hiền Lý says:

Chrome os is suck :))

Leandro Pires says:

Nice shirt

Eddie Frolic says:

I was so excited to get this as I am a Google/ Android enthusiast all the way and have been in the market for a solid 2 in 1. After 2 days though I am returning it. Repeated freezing, stuttering during video playback, poorly optimized Android apps etc and it’s going back. I can hardly fathom that Google would release this thing with such poorly vetted software. Maybe after several updates it will get better, but after paying $1k for it I can’t justify patiently waiting for it to get better. I have only used it as a tablet and other reviewers suggest it does better in laptop mode. That’s all fine and dandy, but I need it to function as tablet first. Hardware-wise it’s beautiful. Can’t say much negative about the screen, sound, appearance, speed etc. Chrome OS just isn’t ready for a tablet.

Endlessblueskies says:

Awesome review! I am an artist. I just wish someone would tell me the maximum file size/resolution in drawing apps depending on the model of the tablet(processor, ram) so I could finally decide which one to buy.

Nishith Joshi says:

But that Avengers endgame trailer though….

Brah says:

If anyone can make a tablet that can replace a computer it will be Google.

Denzel Dickenson says:


Marcin R. says:

Great review as always. I would consider it if the one of top editions will cost maximum in range of £400. I have problem with Google pricing. They used to be very good in the past with Nexus devices and their price to value ratio which was much better than Apple. Now just greed of those companies not allowing them to be more innovative and accessible to more “common” people like me. That’s why I’m using rooted phone and older laptop with Linux on it. Won’t upgrade to any of new shiny things until prices will get more reasonable. Greetings from UK.

T Ellison says:

Just got my Black Friday Pixel Book 256gb I’m really loving it

Carmen Nooner says:

You just made the purchase of the Pixelbook a lot more enticing!

Mike Xanders says:

I actually like Google’s keyboard. I know the biggest complaint is how “floppy” it is; but the positions I have used it in I found the flexibility to be a nice feature for uneven surfaces. Being able to keep the screen straight while the keyboard sits at an angle like on your leg as opposed to a fixed keyboard where the screen would tilt with the keyboard. Also, not being connected reduces the shake of the screen while typing on nonrigid surfaces. I was in the market for a laptop and was poised to get the Pixelbook and was torn between the two. I ultimately went with Slate because of the screen resolution and the ability to use it as a tablet. Folding a Pixelbook in half with the keys on one side felt odd. Also, I didn’t go with the new iPad because of Slate’s support for Linux.

Elvin 540's Earthly, Jr. says:

Great review .. thanks for your honesty

Roberto Mezquia Jr says:

We love our Slate… My gf hasn’t touched her 12.9 iPad Pro since we got it!!

M Stuart says:

Another ultra-expensive DOA product from Google. Yay!

Meetup Central says:

Microsoft has conceded, now it is time for Apple to. The web browser is crucial to a mobile platform. Once the iPad supports desktop browsers in the form of Safari or genuine browsers like Chrome Desktop, not Chrome with embedded Safari Web View – then maybe it will be on it’s way to being a laptop replacement. On the other hand, Google needs to make ChromeOS more touch friendly and Android app support more transparent and fluid.

Qban Celli says:

I HATE when guys from Android/ChromeOS sites recommend to their viewers to buy an iPad. 99% of us want nothing to do with Apple. But what else can you expect from a dude wearing an Apple Watch?

Navinder Dhaliwal says:

Brilliant review! The summary towards the end is well thought out, keep up the great work!

Daniel Casados says:

Love the review!!! Just subscribed!!

Curious if you’ve heard of the chat app: Slack? They have a Linux desktop app for that app, wondering if you’ve had any experience downloading Linux apps on there yet?

(I just bought one, but I need the screen share feature only available in the desktop app version!)

Óscar Macías Gómez says:

The design is terrible in my opinión.

Frederic Biondi says:

Excellent work, thanks for sharing with us!

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