Google Nexus 9 Review!

The 9″ Pure Android Tablet from HTC: Nexus 9!

Android 5.0 Review:

NVIDIA Shield Tablet:

Leo’s Fortune (game):

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



Blake Fasse says:

I wish they’d remake the Nexus 9 with USB Type C

David Heller says:

i like the video!!

Mr Markovich says:

put them price down, we hard working for money…

Stu Kline says:

Just picked up one in basically new condition for $110 on ebay. Super excited for it, especially at the price I got it.

It's Obinna says:

please revisit the nexus 9

TheGreatOrochi sweg says:

so mad that i got the shitty tab 4 should of gotten this i cant store anything on my tab 4 and cant game good and 720p is a joke since older tabs are 1440p but samsung fixed their problem in the tab s series

Hector Alers says:

Hi Marques! Just wanted to say that I love your presentations! You tap on to everything I need to know! Thanks.

Christopher Halley says:

could u do a review on the sony xperia 4 tablet

grapeapeable says:

He’s right they are 300 dollars now for 16 gig, but they are having a 40 percent off sale on them on htc store where they are 240 dollars right now and 290 for 32 gig.

Elemental says:

What tablet should I buy for gaming?

Aggelos mp says:

how is the tablet?

TheGrayWolf81 says:

OnePlus should make a tablet

Vikram Elango says:


jorge godines says:

you are a glitch

James M says:

Worst Nexus tablet ever!

Gleb Sokolov says:

Google deleted it’s page, say goodbye to it…

Anthony Vaughn says:

I just cant let go of my Nexus 10, Is the Nexus 9 worth the upgrade to the Nexus 10?

D. Hansel says:

You said it has a micro SD slot. I have read from other sources that it does not. It does come in a 32mb version.
Another question…. can it run DJI GO app? I am looking for an Android tablet that will run the DJI Phantom 4 Quad Copter.

BA Morgan says:

Could you re-review this in 2017. I am thinking of picking one up and am interested to hear your opinion on this device today.

kartike kumar says:

which game was that

Muhammad Hassan H-Tech says:

this or the tab s2?

Obsidiax says:

Would you still recommend this tablet or are there better options available now? I’d like a tablet for some productivity needs and media consumption so I’m being kind of picky of having a 9-10″ display and a minimum of 1080p but I’m also working with a budget of roughly $250

Siam Alam says:

which one should i buy Nexus black one or White one? pls someone suggest me

Eric Thompson says:

I love tablet,love his cute design but unusual functions.

android tablet,aoson tablet,my favourite.

ItzTuby says:

I hear its great for gaming and recording videos and great for working with heavy games am i right?

Jimmy Saville says:

Is is still worth it?

digitaLm0nk says:

HTC has disappointed me.. It’s become obvious why other android manufacturers are beating them in brand value. look at what Huawei has done the nexus 6p. this was your opportunity to show what you can do HTC ! should have looked at your best product the ” M8 ” and take everything great about it to make the nexus 9 (among other things) instead we get a plastic back that is useless and non removable for battery or even sd card expansion. Horrible buttons, light leak from display, horrible battery life. no boom sound (there friggin trademark) speakers. no fingerprint. I just bought it at 40% off the LTE version and still think it was too expensive. also HTC your online store is horribly managed. customer service agents need more training on your policies and procedures. HTC has left a poor impression on me. overall. I love nexus not so much HTC

W Snipes says:

Just thought i’d let people know, my 1st replacement just completely died after updating it and i’m now getting sent a 2nd replacement. Hate this tablet

Silas_ _MoDz says:

what’s the game

Vikram Elango says:

Stock android 2016

Therapocality Series says:

+Marques Brownlee did you get the ‘+’ i have no idea how to do it? Anyways, do they number their nexus (ex. Nexus 9) by screen size? Just a question.. Oh and nice video and the unboxing too. How did ya break ya hand? :(:)

Malibu Thompson says:

is it better than the Nexus 10?

Suyog Regmi says:

what time does it takes to charge from 0 % to full.

SirCheeseKnight says:

After 2 years, the back has a ton of scratches on it and it looks awful

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