GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet Review (feat. Dog)

In this video I talk about a good drawing tablet for beginning digital artists. There is also a dog.

If you want to skip to the part of the video you care about:

Review: 1:18
Drawing: 4:00
Unboxing: 8:05
Summary/Final Thoughts: 9:22
Pricing Information: 10:36

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M106K Standard Price : 20% OFF (67.99USD→ SALE PRICE 54.39USD) + 6% OFF Coupon Code: GAOMONGM

Jinsang – Quiet
Jinsang – Feelings

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Acidic Killjoy says:

By far the best music I’ve heard in a speed drawing

Sour Skittles says:


Random User says:

8:26 damn papi you’re kinda swole

Ethan Boswell says:

came for the dog not gonna lie 11/10 gub boy

MLG Corgi says:

Your dog is super cute and awesome.

Dragonziper says:

Dog?! He’s a lion!

Tuxedtig Salt says:

Please say to this doggo for me that hes the best boi

Gaxahad says:

What breed is your dog? Asking for a friend.

Issues Gardiner says:

When u drew that mouth I was ready to throw myself out of the nearest window

acalibaby808 says:

If you used your dog as click bait….it worked

CringyK1dDo3s says:

Dogs for clickbait

RobotHorseAaron says:

Oh it’s a dog? I thought it was a bear! Thank you for pointing out in the thumbnail!

Eloise Savile-tucker says:


Draws4fun says:

Sea rabbit: “Not a sell out” me: okkkkkk

Nathan Hollow says:

Dog (feat. GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet Review)

Kat Animations says:

Nice vid I subbed and liked!

Dupey Draws says:


Abrupt Animations says:

Low key Ron seas son voice… if you listen closely.

Lindsey Vaughn says:

What a good boy

AliaPuaina says:

Doggo is cute

Ronald Leuma says:

Hey Thomas, or sea rabbit, is that hand that you drew on that whiteboard wall awhile back still up on the wall?

Sebastian Albiston says:

I have the same desk as you, do what you wish with that information…

Koby Tran says:


Emotionally_Stable_Lemon says:

1:20 wait till he starts to say GAO- and then skip ten secs

lillie gannon says:

Please tell your dog that I love them and that they’re a good boy/girl

Sour Skittles says:

want tip of dog is that?

StrawberryHero says:

Your voice is so iconic.

SapSave says:

Tbh i only came for the dog

Lps Mkay says:

Such a good dog ;v;

Gustavo logan says:

ARE you BISEXUAL ???? just carious

Cubic Radiation says:

Are we reviewing the dog or the tablet?
cute dog

doggos r cute says:

anybody know any cheap drawing tablets which a screen.. if that’s even possible lol

Anna Tryan says:

i only clicked on this video for the dog

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