Fake Aliexpress Tablet Deca Core 4GB RAM 64GB Storage Review Chinese

So I bought this for $125 on AliExpress and what do you know, it fakes the specs. It says it has 4GB RAM, a deca core CPU, and 64GB storage when in reality it’s faking the specs. I show video proof of this as well.

Aliexpress Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2018-Global-Version-10-inch-tablet-4GB-RAM-64GB-ROM-MTK6797-Deca-Core-CPU-1920-1200/32839224801.html


RAHUL S says:

I need it for india is it available kerala

unfragablegaming says:

Big deal, they lied about it. for $100 I’ll still buy it.

olivi333 says:

I hope this isn’t the garbage i ordered!!

Bendytron 202 says:

not the ThEeE

Kyle Luioe says:

Fake processor, just octa core

Monu Bheel says:


Lupo van der Wolf says:

I got 2 for free… Got first one, complained, told me they send the right tablet with the specs promised. New tablet was caught by customs, complained again and got my money refunded.
Surprisingly although i didn’t react on the customs demand to send them the proof of the value of the device, they just let it go and delivered it to my address, no tax or costs…

SangRyeol Ahn says:

It’s a really fake!! I thank you.

22099dscott says:

Typically a review is done in an unbiased manner. This is not a review, it is very amateurish attempt at trying to be funny. The message that the “reviewer” is trying to convey is that this particular tablet is being sold under false pretenses. It is widely known that translated instructions are often very poor English. Making fun of the attempt accomplishes nothing. Reviewer spends more time pointing out meaningless things like the add-on OTG cable being loose inside the packaging.
The main message in this review should have focussed on the fact that this particular tablet was not what is was claimed to be. He also should have focused more on how he got compensated for the fraudulent transaction. What is the company name that sold him this tablet, what was their response. Aliexpress is essentially just a webstore application with thousands of “stores”. What did they tell the reviewer about how they are going to deal with that store and are they going investigate similar counterfeit items?
And finally, if you are going to use your cell to record things sped the $3 for a mini tripod so you can open a simple box with two hands, instead of the overly awkward attempt shown.

Saadi Shirazi says:

Thanks for the video.

God's Word Evangelism says:

Ok, first of all, if you read the description on the AliExpress website you knew you were getting a generic product so I don’t know why you seemed insulted. And secondly, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap you’re going to get cheap. And even if the tablet isn’t a decacore tablet, if it’s quad core instead, you’re still getting a quad core tablet for $100 cheaper than buying a name brand. And third, I don’t know any other tablets out there that have 64gb storage for this price point.

philllsy says:

I actually appreciated this format review as this also happened to me. There’s alot of emotion to it that you don’t get with a fact only review that’s been edited the crap out of. I bought 3 tablets of something like this myself from a place called Wangpad by the name of Kingsley dong. I should have realised by the name of the seller but they were so friendly. all tablets have broken within 6 months and do not load. the first lasted the longest but would short the battery and then the port also bent. the second wouldn’t turn on after 2 weeks that I sent back. and the third finally experienced then same issue 6 months afterwards. There was no ability to repair these. I sent one back to them at a major cost and they just kept it. All specs were faked: the camera, ram, storage, CPUs. Only the screen looked like it was what they stated. for the price I could have gotten a brand name teclast with accurate specs that actually works, lasts, has customer service, and performs better than a faked specd one.

the lesson learnt is not only to not buy expensive things there also go for one of the aliexpress trusted brands like the teclast p10 or t10 or the aldocube free young x7. the build quality of these are much higher. better insulation, much better batteries and speakers etc, properly soldered. The correct chips at the correct price, very helpful customer services.

so I bought a brand name drill from aliexpress and they didn’t send me the batteries but we agreed to build my own because they would have been stopped at shipment and even though they completely screwed up what I was asking for on several occasions they hung in there with me to give me all the components I originally asked for and so it worked out in the end and is actually a very good drill that I now know how to repair inside and out. So stick with trusted brands for the expensive stuff or just save up and buy the expensive stuff locally.. as for the cheap stuff also often things only had to look like the genuine article but easily would show up smaller the instant expected, unfinished or would break or fail, or arrived dead or with chips etc. one bluetooth speaker was advertised as stereo but only had one moni speaker. there are alot of things I have been happy with but it’s a hunt. and it doesn’t make your life any better in the end.. always miserably searching for some gadget that doesnt make life any easier when you have it…. the drones are fun though!

Tzeff NL says:

I was just about to buy this! 0.o’

Mark Douglas says:

its a 10 core with some cores deactivated/locked! Can you do one on the chuwi hi9 air…. it would suck me if that one has like 6 locked cores or deactivated

YouTuberConnor says:

Ok. The manual omg. That material is the same stuff that Apple uses

ganesha nexus says:

I got one and also got cheated !! Android 6 but in fact its android 4.4 !! So I guess the rest must all be incorect. Got refund after complain !!

Chrome Nation says:

The Chinese ass modified build.prop file

Roman Dunaeff says:

Thanks. I’ll check my tablet from ali

zoom RickyJo says:

Very nice tablet you comment about it but how much you paid for it? Come on!!

Saadi Shirazi says:

Okay. First, buy your self a phone or camera holder/stand so you don’t waste time just opening the top cover of the box.
Second, you paid only $125 so what do you expect? I bought a similar tab from AliExpress and it’s fast and totally unlocked – upgraded OS and it’s even better. Sound, graphic, all A OK. No complaints.

tequilarun says:

It is a shame you paid that when you can get them on e-bay for $12.00

redneckpunkmudder says:

Solid review / nice fact checking. I agree with ya that it is a usable system but that’s some shady fuck.

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