7 tablets enter, only one will earn the crown! I’m comparing the oldest, crustiest tablets, unboxing brand new fancy ones, and everything in between! Wacom v.s. Huion! Ugee v.s. . . . more Wacom!

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Citrusmilk says:

I got wacom bamboo fun small (That’s the name I guess heh) a few months ago and I got it used and it costed me $25 which was no big deal 🙂 it’s not that great but since i dont draw much digitally it has worked just fine

PickleToonz says:

The gaomon m106k is a great tablet I use it for all me vids

Frootcubes says:

I got an Xp-Pen 22e Pro pen display tablet! And its my very first cintiq like tablet ($400) So glad I didn’t drop over 1k for a Wacom Cintiq LOL! Highly recommend Xp-Pen!

RoboKitty Kat kat/mr.donkey?/brownie lps/ says:

Rip my tablet does not have a pen

XxBellaxX XxMoonxX says:

What do da buttons do

Kit Kat says:

I have a question do u have to have a pc to draw on a tablet?

Gabriella De Souza says:


Lil_edits 101 says:

What tablet do u think is a good starting tablet in your opinion cause I was thinking of saving my money for one

LightShadowButterfly says:

Although it is a hobby I’ve had for a while, I’ll just stick with pencil and paper. I am poor and that’s too much money. XD

Ihavenochill9 says:

You’re a leftieeeee
That’s so cute just like mi brother

Hoshi_hop • says:

I forgot the name but I know it’s a Wacom and it’s small

Queen Green Bean says:

I have a wacom I got a Coulee years ago, but it doesn’t look like any of the models you showed. It’s really convenient, you can go wire or wireless, has a few extra USB ports, and extra tips all stored in the bottom of the tablet. Its all black though, but still lt really pretty and easy to carry around. The buttons are on the top left and right corners so switching can be annoying but I don’t use the buttons much anyway

dull delusions says:

i bought a $40 tablet a few years back and i’m getting a new one soon that’s about $200 with a screen. i am very excited

RoboKitty Kat kat/mr.donkey?/brownie lps/ says:


Kecco812 pm says:

omg i can’t draw a line as i think of it in my head on my drawing tablet any tips?

MMoeQuill says:

Me: *Looks at my iPad Pro*
Me/iPad Pro: *Thumbs up*

wolfka chan says:

Can u do a give a way of le TABLITs

Shayna B says:

Anyone else just use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil? The drawing tablets seem too complicated for me…

Wølfie Playz says:

Thanks for this review! I was hoping to get a drawing tablet for cristmas, if I get a laptop

Sage says:

Wacom cintiq companion 2

Vulpisha says:

So i just saw lots of ppl not knowing how to set a button from the wacom pen as eraser? Just? Go? To? The? Settings and ya know…. uhm set one of them to “erase”? Its preety easy lol… i have a wacom intuos s and i set the big button to eraser and the small one to eyedropper tool… idk how to explain but almost every wacom tablet has a section called “tablet preferences” or smth like that and you can choose what should each button do for any of the apps you use or for them all

Neomist says:

6:29 ooohh you can see the screen on the computer from the tablet

Cloudsen Rainsen says:

I saw your hair 5rough the reflection and I love it! So pretty owo

RemysBack Camera says:

I saw your face!! ;0

Levgaex156 says:

i wish would’ve tried using the huion inspiroy h950p

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