Eve V Tablet Review

Eve V review: A premium tablet designed by committee (that turned out pretty well)


Jacob Lanning says:

Why did they replace backspace with oops?

kotsios555 says:

these 2-1 are kinda meh. The real practical device would be a 360 hinge thin ultrabook design. I dont want 2 pieces of one device.

Steven Harris says:

On one hand, the price is a bit high, but unlike the Microsoft Tablet, the keyboard and pen are included, which is a big savings.

DX DX says:

The oops button is so stupid! Who thought that would be appropriate for such a industrial and svelte looking device?? It’s so childish and out of place

Flex Box says:

core m3 is shit for 799
i got a core m7 lenovo for 599 lol

Stefan Batrinache says:

the price is too high for this tablet..

William Hart says:

Nice device just too high budget even at base

Carlo de Guzman says:

Wow passive cooling is nice.. Hows the fan noise w the top of the line processors?

Derek Mitchell says:

This looks fantastic, however I’m waiting for the 2nd generation (always 10x better with new companies)

Jerome Ley says:

Is this available in the UK?

Rick Dangerous says:

Thunderbolt on a tablet!!
I’d like to see some eGpu testing.
Thanks for the upload.

James Perkins says:

I don’t think this is a Surface Killer at all. The price is better, but the I/O is literally the only thing better than the Surface Pro. I like that the pen and keyboard are included, but the pen isn’t even as sensitive and people who aren’t artists used to working with more pressure sensitivity wouldn’t know that 1024 levels isn’t enough.

Antonio Lansang says:

How well does it run SC II? I smiled when I saw the icon.

The Pussy Diaries says:

Eve pulled an Essential…ooops.

OmegaGrape says:

Does it have that screen problem that the surface pro has?

SuperRobbo92 says:

I’m more or less sold on it, gaming wise I only play older games (KOTOR 1 & 2) or Stardew Valley and Age of Empires 2 HD, should it run these ok? I presume it will do. Did you try it with any art apps like Sketchable? I’m interested in trying apps like these on my Eve V when I get one, fingers crossed I can grab one in the next flash sale although I doubt it as I’ll be at work when it starts 🙁

qqq uiop says:

With the Intel-SA-00086 vulnerabilities, https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00086&languageid=en-fr I am going to return my new Surface Pro and probably exchange it for an iPad Pro. It won’t do everything as well as a pc, but I’m soooo upset with intel right now, although apple products probably also have their own built-in backdoor vulnerabilities.

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