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Song: Wind Waker OST: Outset Island [ dj-Jo Remix ]

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IceShadow says:

Ultra Thin?


Elementroar says:

I personally use a Huawei one (forgot the model). It’s a lot more bang for your buck compared to Wacom. But wow, the new model prices really are dropping more and more.

That flexible tablet is something I’ve never seen before!

Rent Thecat says:

Dom what shortcut key do you use for the “convenient smooth tool”
That you use when lines are jittert?

KeNarutoshin says:

Oh my goodness!! I thought the S was the $. And I thought it was a $56,000 drawing tablet. And my mind was soooooo confused. XD

Gianna Centeno says:

Domics, maybe next time you should go off a script because you said “uuughhhh” a lot during the video

SEGnosis says:

Shill channel now.

100 Subscribers with out any Video Challenge says:

I am just watching this be cuz it’s dom

thien loong teoh says:

How to download paint tool sai

xxxTassi2016xxx says:


Cardboardaphobia95 says:

wait dom, are u talking about abdoe flash player?

PandaBeans says:

Thanks dom it got shipped and god here yesterday and it’s awesome for my first drawing tablet

Matt's Moving Picturezz says:

a tech video!

Sai_Vlogs says:

the video made me ctrl + Z a bunch of times wtf?? xD

Tattie Plays 2.0 says:

Wow! This is is very cheep for what it can do. I’m stuck between the Gaomon S56K and Gaomon M106K!

Nusm4 says:

A square is a rectangle though 😛

justin ceniza says:

Is the music from legend of zelda but remixed???

thatonly1 says:

What about surface pros

Pat Does Doodles says:

Dom drink a coffee you aren’t a good reviewer when you sound like you are sleep deprived

RiggsTheFox says:

I wasn’t even paying attention until the quiet parts, but I heard the background music and my nerd senses activated.

Valek Killz says:

Soft *Heh heh*
I had to rewind and play it back again.

Mooeymaster46 says:

That LoZ music tho

SouthernPhoenix says:

I hear that Dj jo outset island in the back

Abc40 says:

Is that a windwaker remix I hear in the background?

Vhaze Gaming says:

what are u using a o EDI vids?

Vsvv RBLX says:

Dude you gained -2 subs froM this vid :/

alz says:

osu game play when?

NM20xx says:

Do you play Osu?

Benjamin says:

This has nothing to do with the review, but I was subbed to dj-Jo since before he was popular, so the fact that you are using his music and crediting him is very exciting to me.

Steve 1000000 says:

Is that a Legend of zelda remix?

SpideyProductions says:

hey can you leave the link tablet?

Caleb and Oreo says:


Optimistic 9','9 says:

That windwaker remix song tho

CrannyNoko says:

Excuse me but Gaomon is a digimon

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