Chuwi HiBook 10.1 Review – Runs both Windows and Android ! Dual boot tablet

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Chuwi makes an affordable tablet 2-in-1 that runs both Windows 10 and Android 5.1 lollipop. See more inexpensive tablets: and subscribe!

00:45 – Hardware overview
04:42 – Keyboard dock overview
06:59 – Windows security concerns
08:09 – Web browsing and YouTube performance
09:40 – Microsoft Word performance
10:14 – Minecraft and gaming
11:34 – High bit rate blu-ray MKV playback
12:32 – Switch into Android mode and game test
15:48 – Conclusion and final thoughts

As Chinese low cost tablets go this one looks to be pretty well supported by the company. They have full drivers and drive images available for download on their website and the device itself performs well.

It does look better on camera than it does in person. It is made from mostly aluminum but the components themselves don’t feel as nice as more premium products do. My screen had some blemishes on it that concerned me. But overall image quality on the IPS display was pretty decent.

It has 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB storage and an Atom Cherry Trail X5 z8300 processor. It performs well but lagged a bit in gaming compared to other devices I tested running with the same chip.

In short it’s a good value for what it is. But I would be cautious given the security issues with the Windows installation and the ability to get support from the company that is very far away.

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Laurel Dunn-Scott says:

Which version of Android does this run ???


I just got

crysisownz says:

when will apollo lake comes out?Wanted to know the skylake power will be in 2-1

Michael Mapanao says:


Mahir Younus says:

this is sick as cool im asking my parents for it for me birthday

James Sprecker says:

There might be another plastic screen protector on there. It is mentioned on the Techtablet forum for Chuwi and he had bubbles under his then removed it and fixed the screen.

Max Zou says:

well it’s got more ports than a macbook

Ron Weiss says:

Does it have internal GPS?


دعاء مبروك says:

do you tablet crown 10.1

FubarMike says:

The thing that bums me out about these windows/ android hybrid devices is that windows gets updated where as the android version typically never gets an upgrade. I had an old acer netbook that dual booted windows 7 and android 2.2 and today the windows side of things works perfectly fine but android 2.2 is useless for everything today. I feel like the same thing is going to happen with this device but to a greater extent since microsoft is constantly going to update windows 10 rather than release new windows versions but we will still have only android 5.1. Can the android partition be removed completely to regain some hard drive space? Another thing I am wondering is can someone go and buy a copy of windows 10 American from one of those cheap sites like kinguin and install that to have american windows on this tablet?

Abdul Mohaimin says:

dropped 100 time’s

MAsterTroll says:

can you boot from type c


I just got mine yesterday. so far so good. running smooth. I have not run into any of the WiFi issues I been reading about.


What we need is Lon’s Chinese Iffy Store. You, Lon Seidman, agree to sell a handful of products you’ve reviewed and approve. They, Gearbest and Whoever, agree to sell you special versions set up in English. You take a cut, they become more legit, and we (the users) don’t inherit unnecessary headaches.

Morgan Yu says:

This could make a decent Minecraft device. If you change the resolution to 1366×768, and turn down a few other things, I bet you could get 40+ FPS.

The CryptoWire says:

can i use a wacam pen on the hibook?

Rochelle Rochelle says:

Is the BIOS user accessible? Can I for example boot Ubuntu from an SD card or USB stick?

RR Lopez says:

would it work fast with illustrator/photoshop cc?

thetorturedgamer says:

you need to hook up a joystick to that thing and play the need for speed again. then talk specifically about how one program that may or may not work in a compact on a tablet in android might do better in windows because each one usually has a version of its own. so test them out for us.

Mike says:

I was wondering if I use an otg cable on the micro USB 2.0 port would that support an external hard drive because storage is a big factor for me in deciding which tablet to buy great video by the way.

Steven Keane says:

are the HiBook and Hi12 the same?

George Dadeboe says:

Hi lon, want to buy one to run my ATEM TVS control panel. Does the device run on 32 or 64 bit Windows

Kelsey Tate says:

i kinda doubt the durability of that product?? is it worth buying?

Rasheed DaBoss Gaming says:

in what point of the video did it show the android

Warren C. Bennett says:

Could load my own copy of Windows 10? I don’t like how they have this set up.

gOn Ferola says:

It seems a nice product!

Andri Kristianto says:

Great review..lthinking to get one of this

Max Zou says:

o and if u buy the tablet on a legit chinese website, the keyboard would only cost around 15-20 CAD, i’m canadian you can do the conversions if ur american
edit* saw it for 180 rmb on taobao in their official taobao store

brownie77089 says:

Is that an Apple IIGS in the background?

IraQ Nid says:

Did you try running a 4-port USB 3.x hub on it while it was charging? I’ve never had a computer that charges from a USB port. I’d like to know if you can use external USB Flash, HDDs, and optical drives in that configuration.

uaw0782 says:

does it takes a long time to charge?

Manny12 says:

My hi book keeps on shutting off when I’m Windows mode after 5 minutes

Kaa Zee says:

Great review Lon.
I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now.
I’m an Android person ( haven’t used Windows
since XP ) but wanted to get back into Windows
a little .
I have the keyboard also .
Both have been working great so far .
For a dual OS tablet w/ keyboard ,,
( A Licensed Window’s version ) ,,
high resolution and a pretty good
price point ,,, I purchased .

Salman Shaikh says:

Great review! Subscribed just now!

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