Chuwi Hi12 Review – First 3:2 Ratio Tablet From China

Chuwi Hi12 Review. 12-inch Atom X5 Z8300 tablet with the old Surface Pro 3 screen. Best price $207 with coupon ec2ec8 here: Written Chuwi Hi12 Review:


01:54 – Size comparison Vs other tablets (Hi10, X98, SP4)
03:27 – Screen and touch response
08:17 – Browser test (Edge and Chrome)
10:50 – Benchmarks and Thermals
14:49 – Speaker Test Vs Hi10, X98 Air III and SP4
17:29 – Gaming
20:18 – Battery Life
22:41 – Cameras
24:08 – External hard drives and ports
25:15 – Pros and Cons + Final thoughts

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Hi12 Unboxing:
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Benchmarks are first impressions:

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Leandro Medina says:

Your recommend it compared to other tablets with z8300?

andre rio says:

too big imo. I just bought a hi8, I was looking at this one, man this is too big.

François Morin says:

Just to mention that you compare a more recent top of the line Surface Pro 4 screen brightness to a Surface Pro 3 screen built on the Chuwi H12. Also the core of the Chuwi cannot be compared on performance to the more recent M Core. I just purchased a Chuwi H12 compromising because it seem to me like a perfect media and production tablet with a longer battery life (at least a third longer lasting) then the Surface Pro 4 running powerful CPU’s. But you can do gaming with the Surface Pro 4 whereas the Chuwi H12 can only handle old games with the Cherry Trail Atom cores. But the Surfuce Pro 4 cost 3 to 5 times the price of the Chuwi H12. Sadly I gave up on the idea of purchasing a chinese Core M tablet because they are all equipped with lesser quality screens and have the same battery defiency that the Surface Pro 4 has. If the Surface Pro 4 had a better battery life quality it would be the perfect all in one tablet. Yet the Chuwi H12 looks to me like an amazing tablet for the price. That for the review by the way!

Asap 2027777 says:

its pretty good

Yury Zangiev says:

Hi,nice review.Have any overheating problems?

ThePharaohsCat says:

Got mine. Generally ok. BIOS 5.11. But feels somewhat slow. EDGE page loading for eg. Can’t activate. Not sure if this is CHUWI or Microsoft. Keep getting the try later message. WiFi slow on flaky networks. Have used in Starbucks and compared with a Toshiba, which was zipping thru media sites lie YouTube. The CHUWI was painfully slow. Unusable. On a stable network ok. If anyone’s got info on any fixes for the above pls share. Thx

Zac Adam Morrison says:

chuwi hi12 or surface 3? thank you for your help!

Илья Дрок says:

Hi, I want see vainglory play on this table pls!)

Виктор Масленников says:

Maybe turn on Smooth scrolling in chrome//flags for better scrolling

Tousiq Wiqar says:

is gearbest and geekbuying trustworthy? i want to buy a tablet.. and i want it to get shipping to UK.. ill be using DHL, FedEx, UPS, depends whats available.. i just wanna ask do i have to pay any custom tax duty charges when importing to UK? can i convince the seller to declare the tablet as gift and write the value of $20-$30 to avoid custom duty

Justinas Kairys says:

this or chuwi hibook pro

Alex Trask says:

Like for Carbon Based Lifeforms, Man! =))))

평범남B says:

thank you for the detailed review.
i was considering to buy chuwi hi 12.
it was very helpful for my purchase.

zmei zmei says:

tablet CHUWI Hi12

Sergei Sevryk says:

NOT good. problems in tablet.

elrafaargentino says:

Is the best AR to read comics, don´t you think? 3:2, 1.5 is close to the 1.53 of a regular comic.

Nicolae says:

What Chinese Tablet should I pick up to US$260?

carlos jean says:

tenho um desse, tem como fazer um video formatando e instalando só Android, pois, windows 10 home nesse tablet não é bom.

Iordanis Iordanidis says:

I find that I need to press harder than my note 12.2 tablet. do I need to update firmware? reckon it’s a faulty device?

Sonny CooL says:

Dont this is pure rubbish for battery life, chargine time 4-5hr, usage 1hr … wtf

Nugraha Triputra says:

How does it fare when streaming flash heavy content? Perhaps an ad heavy streaming website?

gordanzzzz says:

What is the best laminated tablet at 10″

Vernal Scott says:

My pathetic attempt at a video review includes a little tribute to Chris and

Neil Steiner says:

Hey Chris – This would be GREAT tablet if only with a SIMM card & 4G radio for coverage in ares without WiFi coverage. Do you know of any?

Sunnshineforever says:

Would be nice if you do compare screen display brightness and contrast ratios i only can request to use the same picture and hold them upright closer to the camera on-stand for 15 seconds Or so for each one @ the same brightness levels preferably..thanks for all you very fine videos by the way. ..

cutterfly01 says:

Does anyone know, if the dual boot model of this tablet accept 128 gb sd card without problems?
If yes, which brand / Model of sd card, do you use?

Anindya Chowdhury says:

Is it a good buy for students doing codes. and can i use bootable pendrive to use linux.

alarbge abu says:

how is the temperature compared to onda 116w and how is the speakers compared to 116w ?

EgyptEngineers says:

Many users are complaining of power dead issue with hi12?
I have really bad experience with Teclast x16 pro which power dead after 2 months use and no warranty as return is very high cost which will reach the tablet price especially it’s the customer to pay for shipping the faulty thing not the store!

I see H12 dual OS for sale now and i’m afraid of have the same experience with Chinese tablets! especially with fake warranty that Chinese sites provide. and it’s disappoint that 8300 processor not at least 8500 or 8700 at least which is a backward step not forward one.

Robot lp says:

can i cut Videos with the Notebook?

Monsterism says:

Just bought a Hi12 however, in Windows and Android is how do I reset so its back to stock?.

Direct Input says:

I just ordered one, your review convinced me 😉 Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Khaled Abu Baker says:

Thanks for the review. Is this tablet has screen mirroring function (cast to tv screen)?

Poseidon says:

Hi Chris i wanna buy this tablet. İm living in the Germany and im want buy gearbest. But İ have a question. İf i choose Priority Direct Mail be a problem?
How many days it takes to come and im give customs duty? (Can I pay at the door customs duty?) Thank you.

Dwayne Schnell says:

You’ve had this a while, wondering (lottery aside) if it still stacks up to your review?

zEliOtT says:

Amazing in depth review man, thanks. Do you think it would be possible to do graphic design on it, let’s say some photoshop works, video montages ?

Rehan Mumtaz says:

hibook pro is better or hi12 ? plz suggest me

root8ble says:

hi12 vs surface 3… which one is more worth it?

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