Chuwi CoreBook Unboxing & Full Detailed Review

Corebook unboxing and full in-depth review of this Core M3-7Y30 8GB 13.3″ Windows 10 tablet. Where to buy: Exclusive brands sale:

01:14 – Unboxing
04:22 – Build & Design
06:43 – Thickness & weights
07:34 – Bios
08:09 – Windows & performance
11:19 – Screen
14:00 – Sound
15:57 – Webcam sample
16:27 – Keyboard & touchpad
17:34 – Fingerprint reader
18:15 – Battery & charge times
18:52 – Ports & MicroSD issues
19:30 – Stylus tests
21:13 – Linux
21:39 – Gaming
22:26 – Thermals & wattage
23:13 – Final words + Pros & Cons

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Kevin Lau says:

the design is very similar to HP Envy x2

Lesley Harrys says:

Chuwi keeping up the trend of making customers choose between either a high resolution screen or a decent CPU.

Why can’t they make a tablet that has both for a change?

Garnet Quartz says:

Can you later post picture of this next to the surbooks?please

nonesuch27 says:

The stylus!!!! LOL
I’m sorry Chuwi but this is 2018. NEXT

Recoo Recoo says:

We waiting you to review honor note 10

Daniel Stafford says:

Its $500 so its ok value. Not sure about port placement though. But I guess that’s where the board had to sit to keep it away from the battery. Good performance for this chipset considering its a fanless design. Thermals seem to be very good. I would get one but still loving my Lapbook air does everything I want. It is my daily driver. 5 hours a day for nearly a year. Not a mark on it. Chuwi stuff seems to be pretty reliable gear with a decent build.

PhasedEvolution says:

Always appreciate your screen darkness tests Chris. An often overlooked aspect where other reviewers simply focus on max brightness output.

Estor44 says:

I’d like to say that my stylus is perfect, maybe i’m lucker, but I can easy to use it to handwriting or in browswer.
About card reader – When i get out my SC card and get it back, Chuwi don’t recognise this. But if you use it as normal disk and never get back, you don’t have any issues. I use Samsung Evo Plus 128GB and i instal (and play) in SD card Civilization 5 and Excel, it’s easy work.
In F1 2015 in 1440×800 in lowest setting i have 35 stable (lowest point 25) frame in game bench and 25 if i use one or two medium setting like car looks (lowest point – 19)

Phil Adams says:

Sorry, I don’t care how great this is. After Chuwi’s “customer service” failed to get back to me about my bricked machine (not my fault), I ain’t buying anything else from them & I suggest you do the same. This is not “get what you pay for” as Jumper have been really good at communication. However, I do really appreciate your work and it’s cool to see how the technologies are becoming much more abundant every month almost.

烈魯の魯蛇人生 says:

YouTube told me to come over and take a look, never regretted doing so. Another piece of nice in-depth review 🙂


Review teclast F5 please

Shei kh Edward says:

At around 8:05 I see the BIOS screen saying Android-OS. So is there also Android or is it Linux as you mention ?

Jossy Sandjaja says:

Could this be replacement of sufrace pro?

Arthur Dent says:

Chris, will you get the Surface Go for review?

D Johnson says:

Man, I need a proper hinge and a tablet that can stay upright while open without a flap on the cover. Also, I would prefer one of these core m cpu’s over the old atoms. Anyone have any suggestions?

Olejo111 says:

for this price i would take huawei matebook. of course you need to buy keyboard separately, but it is much better.

Donquixote Rosinante says:

when will xiaomi make something like surface form factor..
seriously with 400 bucks price point we can get surface go..

Juli An says:

Which one do you think is better, this one or the Cube Mix Plus?
My use case is btw writing along in collage with the stylus

montosunify says:

one year ago this would have been an excellent tablet for the price, also, im fine with them using the h3 but they could have at least redesigned it or something. The softest part should have been the easiest to replace component such as the tip of the stylus, they had replacement tips for the h2 but for the h3 they decided to seriously handicap it just to save 0.01 cents.

Yi-Ping Huang says:

I sent back my faulty device a month ago. Still no information from Chuwi.

杰克斯频道Jacker says:

the port location at top is very bad and not have the usb 3.0 what a waste
other’s is okay

Steven Piggy says:

“This is b d.”
“This is b d!”
“This is * ** ** b d!!”

illmtoloko says:

Please do a review on Chuwi Laptop SE, there is no review of it on the youtube yet

Statman and Co. says:

16:05 : poopy mic. In my opinion, not even suitable for Skype calls of conferences.

Laurence Bajao says:

You got to shorten your vids … peace!

Floppy Bird says:

Will you buy the new Surface Book GO??? It will be available in the EU for 499€

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