CHEAP CINTIQ ALTERNATIVE? – Huion Kamvas Pro 13 Pen Tablet Review (& UNBOXING!)

Hello Guys! And welcome back to my channel! Today I have something a little different for you! Its the Unboxing and first impressions review of the Huion – Kamvas Pro Pen tablet.

I have kindly been gifted a Huion Kamvas pro and let the lovely people at Huion know that my opinions in this video would be 100% real to give you guys my honest first impressions!

So I hope you find this video helpful and I hope it gives you a insight into the different types of products you can get to help improve your art! If you were looking for a cheap alternative to a Wacom Cintiq, this might just be the tablet for you!

You can buy the Huion Kamvas Pro here:





0:00 Introduction
2:01 Unboxing
6:31 Setting Up
11:58 Sketching
13:38 Review & Conclusion









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Charle Rae says:

I really like this! I don’t think I could use one without a screen.. I’m completely out of my depth when it comes to digital art.. but I have been trying to figure out how to get it going so I would like to try this out .^_^.

Angelchakra says:

Really helpful review thank you! I’ve been wanting to get my first graphics tablet but no idea what to budget for, this sounds like exactly what I need right now and what I can afford too! 🙂 Kate x

mjombun says:

I’m waiting for this review since you’ve done a poll on your Instagram about it. At that time i’ve already purchased my Huion Kamvas Pro 13 but unfortunately i didn’t have a great experience with it. The first two days everything was fine, after that it lagged like hell, i couldn’t draw comfortably, i had to reinstall the driver a couple of times a day and had to recalibrate the pen every half an hour. Your pros for this tablet are totaly valid, but i personally wouldn’t recommend this tablet to anyone, who wants to draw professionally, because of the problems it may have (Side note: i contacted the huion support several times because of other issues i had with this drawing device and they just stopped responding to me, so the service is just not good imo)

But overall great review and – as always – great video! <3

Shailaii says:

OMG yes! I want to buy this tablet. Thank you Catherine <3 #notificationsquad

helloxxfara says:

this thing been in my wishlist ever since i watched your vlog and wanted to start drawing again bcoz i know i couldn’t afford ipad.. thankyou for reviewing this product

Norma-Jean Audet says:

Love your channel, love your studio. I have one of your pins on the way (for my sister’s xmas gift) and cannot wait to see the Night Owl. Inspirational and so calming after a long workday. The timing of this video is SOooo perfect. I have been web searching and comparing all week. I have an iPad Pro (regular size) and Apple Pencil but was looking for something larger and more budget friendly. Off to visit Amazon <3 Happy Holidays

Shannon Sait says:

50k woop woop….

MoonaticDestiny says:

OMG. Your skins pink!

Amber Slagle says:

Does everyone know if there is an even cheaper option? I am not a professional but just enjoy it. My husband would stroke if I spent 300 or 400 on play time lol

Trails TM says:

Apple is becoming obsolete and holding on by a thread.. I used to own ipad 1&2 then moved on to air then pro and now im back to windows and android. All this hype over liquid display, retina etc can easily be replaced by up coming oled monitors for windows in the next few years. Huion are already working on their next gen tablets but wont spoil the fun by announcing what they have in mind. Lets just say I have friends in Hong Kong 😉

Pollygone Illustration says:

Your videos are so warm & cute <3 I hope you have a good christmas!

katelyn flemke says:

Where did you get your rainbow organizer in the back ground in the intro

Trails TM says:

hi Kat, I’ve had the huion gt220 v 1 for over 3 years now and it aint great brightness contrast etc but the size and what it can do is great. It only has 2k+ sensitivity but now v2 is out they got over 8k like the one you showed us. If i need to see it brighter i simply move the window of the software im using on my dell 28 inch and i got me some nice vivid looks.

Savannah Rose Digital Illustration says:

PPS means pixels per second 🙂

Ri3 says:

Love your vids, I’m a new fan! your personality is so bubbly lovee uuuu!!

michuki says:

I’M SO GLAD YOU GOT THIS because I’ve been wondering about it. Could you maybe give an update on how you feel about it in February or so? Just to see how you still feel about it and have a long term experience for it? I hope you have a happy holiday season!!

Josephine Wasilewska says:

It’s a sign! You posted this video same time when I was looking for tablet to draw for me. And I was considering buying iPad. THANK U! U saved my pocket! I may buy it today lol! Especially I don’t have a Mac computer but Asus laptop so there will be not have a screen CON situation xx

The Island Alien says:

I spent literally all of last night searching for a tablet to buy and then you put this up today.
It looks exactly like what I’m looking for!
Thank you so much for this review! It was very helpful!

Katie Frank says:

I’m so happy for you! Jazza got one of these and he loved it too ♥️.

Leonee Vannut says:

But you also use a iPad to draw on right? How is that? Because I might consider buying an iPad for drawing

Colleen Baker says:

You do have brightness settings for the huion. Keep down on your settings button on the left side of the huion

Akaihana Art says:

Missed you so much!!!!

Silje Nielsen says:

Yyyaaaaayyy luv u

Jessica Stone says:

Your videos are always so relaxing to watch, I love how calm they make me feel!

Lily H says:

Hi ! I Love you channel and your drawings ! I work with a iPad Pro 9.7 and a non screen tablet for my pc , I am planing to change my iPad to a 11 inch iPad pro , however My non screen tablet is not working and I think is time for an upgrade since animation school is close. I really like the price point and the specs of the tablet but I wonder about its size , 13 inches for me is a good size , I don’t know the active area but I am almost sure is bigger than my iPad. How bigger can be the active are in contrast of my iPad? Sorry if I am asking too much but I really trust in you and your advice will be really useful because for me this is a big investment ❤️ also you hair is absolutely beautiful like you. Have a good day !

Spot Studio says:

You are super pleasant to listen to and you are extremely talented. Keep it up ❤️

Amanda says:

It looks like there is lag on the pen?

sara pardo says:

Hi. Nice to see you . Hope your holiday is great.

alicia r21 says:

Omg I been waiting for eternity for you to post lol I just love your videos

CJ Bernstein says:

Have you tried the Astropad app for Mac/iPad? I’ve been using it more and more this year. It syncs your Mac and iPad and basically turns the iPad Pro into a monitor drawing tablet.

Maegan Rhyzelle Rivero says:

*Writes “you da best” on client orders…*

No, Catherine. You are the best. <3

Leyrhell says:

Thank you so much for this review!
I’ve been lurking on this one since I saw it in some video reviews made by other Youtubers I follow.
I’m on a very small budget and I can’t afford to buy an iPad or a Wacom Cintiq or a Wacom StudioPro for now, but on the other hand I’m less and less able to use my Wacom graphic tablet (I’ve been using them for almost 20 years!) because I need to see directly what I’m drawing and not to coordinate hand/eyes with a monitor.
Hope to have the chance to buy it sooner or later!

The House of Burgesses says:

What are your thoughts on this compared to your iPad Pro?

LazyTei says:

Sis you need more likes

Inya Serban says:

Huion has a great customer service, just in case… I mean they are just amazing!

isabel d'escrivan-nott says:

This is great, thank you! I was wondering what to get to create better digital drawings. Just a quick question, is it better to draw on Photoshop than it is on illustrator? Thanks x

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