Can a CHEAP TABLET make PROFESSIONAL ART? – Putting the INTUOS DRAW to the Test!

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Gogi P Bhal says:

Is it hard to draw like this? Since you are drawing somewhere else and lokking elsewhere!

Bowl_of_Ramen says:

I have that please teach me your ways

WhiteTail17 Flowers says:

I think that what you are doing is incredible! Also the Turcom 8×5 is only $40

HeyItzAJ Gamez says:

I thought ugee was cheaper

Namio A. says:

But Im broke

Cheesy basket of popcorn says:

I use a Wacom intous tablet and it works good

Honey Badger Animations says:

i got a 30 dollar one, now thats cheap

lindsey the awesomekiwiass says:

Sigh im half asian and live in asia looks for that in lazada but hell was it expensive

Dr. Dog says:

I use my fresh paint on my Microsoft tablet….is that okay?

Not a famous guy says:


tamarablow says:

from this video i bought a wacom intuos art and im going really well

tamarablow says:

please replie

Katy Player says:

I HAVE THAT TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!(in blue)

avengers infinity war says:

Dude .. is it work in pc like make a reaching tutorial? . I mean i want to teach on YouTube science and maths. But i cant handle with my mouse. So i also want a pen mouse. . … Tell me . This tablet is work as same as mouse? If not. Then what can i do for make a teaching tutorial for youtuobers . Please rply. Thnx…

tomato people says:

I too poor to buy any of that

s k says:

Can we teach maths on white board through Lenevo yoga 3 tablet like this tab?

Emo Freak says:

I work with autodesk sketchbook pro on my iPad, the main app is free and it’s only 5$ to go pro with many more tools. I find it’s an easy app to use especially as a beginner

StotheBee says:

the intuos is relatively manageable though

Derpy SquaredFox says:

Leonardo da Vincent van gogh

Pink Dino MSP says:

your child is still bottle feeding your watching bob ross with him who makes masterpieces xD #Bestdadever

Evan Li says:

I heard you say it would be cheap. Then you said $100. Also how do you do this amazing stuff?!! Finally is their a free alternative to photoshop?

Ice Lemon says:

Im allowed to get one of those tablets but I dont have acess to computers ;~;

Mikhail David says:


Derpy SquaredFox says:

Leonardo da Vincent van gogh

Jack Jorep says:


Jeb Shep says:

I HAVE an intuos… but my art sucks anyway

Chumi Waterlily says:

Oh… There is the Huion inspiroy h640p which I am using and I love it. 50 dollars. And I AM very young.

Deh mitros says:

huion h420. It’s cheaper for basically the same quality.

FatalOx says:

I started on a cheap graphire 3 back in the day, but it did the job.

Noah Holwerda says:

Man i bought the same one on wish for 10 dollars Bruh.

KīīNKAY says:

wut software do you use to draw?

pancake-san dreams says:

when i can only afford a free drawing app on google play and cant afford Ps

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