Best Windows Tablet On A Budget?! (Quantum View 10.1)

Best budget Windows tablet 2015? Quantum View 10.1 FHD review! Is this the best budget Windows 8 & 10 tablet? This isn’t a Surface 3 review, it’s the Quantum View 10.1 FHD & it may be a better budget Windows tablet! Check out the review of this Surface 3 killer! ▶Subscribe:

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Najeem Shaik says:

I would rather get a surface 3

tetd fujhf says:

plansin just gorgeous ,the wind toys are old to cheer.ordered in China from this seller

flowerofthesouth says:

Does it have a video card and cd player?

Lisa Kiefer says:

can anyone tell me how i can get rid of bing??? i want google but it wont let me have it

Omega283 says:

It’s pretty much a cube i10 with upgraded back camera and the cube i10 only cost about $150 or less

3ala kefk says:

I’m trying to turn this thing on but i can’t… can you tell me why?!

Emil says:

Wow. Can it be also charged per usb?

Ravi Gupta says:

can I buy it in India ?

Hm Sabbir says:

what price in bangladesh

Abdul Kadir jilted says:

how much?

Skyy says:

If I download steam and download tf2 will it have 30fps+

Souvik Dhara says:

Hey…..I want to buy this Tablet but….the link in the description is showing error….plzz provide a link to buy in India.

Mandy Nicole says:

OK, question. How were you and to download Photoshop to the tablet? Cuz that didn’t look like the mobile version. I’m looking for a tablet to do photo and video editing and this looks like it might be the one for me!

Mooky says:

I want to buy a tablet line this, that is not supposed to be my pc…
I do have a pc and I just want to have a tablet I can use for different useful stuff, I dont want to work with it 8)

Is this the right decision?

(Sorry for my english 8D)

Lit Bit says:

“beast hardware” Intel atom processer lol

The Real Gamer 007 says:

What is name of this tablet ?Replay back Dom..

Jan Sistona says:

can this read external hdd?

Anthony Mondz says:

Or you can get the RCA Cambio 10.1

Adalberto Ledezma says:

It’s clearly seen on the video, this is cheap, cheap, option, which should be ok for those on a tight budget, but let’s be honest, a USED or REFURBISHED Surface Pro 3 would be way better than this.

Miller XMiller says:

home tablet or dos ed gart g4 lte modem

Ethan H says:

anyone recommend I buy this? it’s my bday tomorrow and I have been looking into buying this but I’m not quite sure

J T says:

could it be that this is the same Tablet as the DENVER Convertible WIQ-10024 MK2 ?

ali99 _ says:

if i can buy a art pen..and use it on this tab.
would it be ok?
like can i get good response by the pen?

JesusSavedJoshua says:

it is an atom?!!! pass

Chungus Among Us says:

Can you watch movies on this through the web?

WolfBlue says:

How well does hearthstone work on this?

ThePink Orange says:

Can you play league of legends?

Clarence Newby says:

can I update a GPS that requires 9gb with this device? I am a truck driver on the road. Thanks so much.

Xmod's Gaming says:

RCA tablet almost the same spec $100 black firday atom quad core 1.8 ghz 2gb ddr3 ram 1full size usb 3.0 port and the dock hold screen on its own with 10.1inc display 1200×800. micro sd card slot and 32GB storage. running window 10 and HDMI port.

Sallyanne Mayes says:

Love the review, but who says that the performance is super buttery I would say that’s bad as butter is slippery hehe! Do love this tablet/laptop though!!!

Princess Luna 2017 says:

gosh, this looks good looking for a windows computer for christmas!

Niyas Yasin says:

Will it receive updates?

Bruno Riske says:

ist as good as a microsft

Matty Jackson says:

I got mw3 running on low setting 720p on one of these

Just A Nola Gurl says:

excited. I have the newer version of this with windows 10 and I’m hyped. Thanks for the awesome review

Salty Meatballs says:

What kind of games can it play? Could it handle modding?

JT the Random says:

Think this table could run adobe audition? I edit radio shows, so the files will be an hour long.

Markus Tolkki says:

i like little bit thinner tablet

xadam2dudex says:

this is an old tablet and it is wat overpriced at around $260.. you can get a mauch better tablet with 4gb ram and 64 gb rom for less

Plexemus says:

Does this have palm rejection?

Grimm 1313 says:

Thank you Don for showing me this. I’m​ looking for a touch screen and after showing me is just what I’m looking for the price range is good trying to budget myself. please let me know any other products that are out there. And thanks again.

bRuH Clan says:

Honestly I think the surface is still better, you can get the surface for like 300$ now (standard/old)

Seekeroute ! says:

Are heavy games lag on the tablet?

christopher westburry says:

Dude. You first claim Intel Atom Quad Cores to be powerful and start comparing it to the MS Surface line and then talk about that it surprises you that PS applications work lol

Keanu Films says:

The Price Went Down!

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