Best Android Tablets (Summer 2017)

Jayce talks about the best Android tablets


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Vladislav Georgiev says:

Good advice! Thank you. I opt for the Huawei. The Google one is not on sale in my country. Thanks anyway.

J.Goodie says:

You didn’t mention the ASUS.
I’m LOVIN’ my ASUS ZenPad (Z300M) right now. I’ve had it a few months and can not complain about anything. All good!! It’s just £130 atm here in U.K.

Lajos Vas says:

How about the newest Chinese Tablets like Chuwi Surbook Mini . where you can choose and switch between Windows10 and Android. 64GB storage inbuilt and an amazing picture.. cam has 13MP.. ais good. Plus 2 USB .
Teclat Master t10 and T8.. and many other?? youtube video for Chuwi Surbook Mini.

Tristan K. Ainsworth says:

A link to these tablets would be nice.

leemark572 says:

LG tablet is best !!!

ARC HOS says:

huawei uk mediapad t3

kdfkdsfkj jflfjldkjfldsk says:

I hate 9.7 inc display, so inconvenient

Saryn Anderson says:


Sooraj Sooraj S says:

Tushar Jain says:

I have Samsung galaxy tab s3. It is not as good as compared to its price. The camera is too poor. I have made a mistake to buy a tab. Now I think if I bought Apple iPad pro 9.7 (32GB).

sanfords weird says:

My favorite tablet right now is the Samsung galaxy tab a

Mikayel Jamalyan says:


abdel aziz ibrahim says:

i like the huawei mediapad m3 and nvidia shield

ch282 says:

tablets. they’re basically a computer.

Daeva23 says:

I am still using my ASUS Transformer TF 201, from 2012 if memory serves. I cracked the screen, then had a scare when it wouldn’t come on. I was having enough issues I bought a Polaroid, which promptly died. It still functions, but there are many issues and repair or replacement is necessary. The nVidia for $200 looks good.

Sentirel says:

Still the Asus zenpad 3s 10

englishlearningfun says:

In india you get tablet for just 50 dollars asshole, these tablets have no life span then get damaged in 2 years no parts availability, no repair, and no service centre to repair and no its software is not repairable and the company people are not giving any operating system and these android guys are fooling the common people, nobody files case against these companies and they are fooling the public as much as they can…don’t buy android tablets no parts availability and no service centre..assholes..

Louise Cooper says:

Does anyone know how to download YouTube videos on android? Thanks

Luis Ortiz says:

Which one was yours???????

rafsolo300 says:

IMPORTANT! DO NOT get a Pixel C. I have one and half the screen doesn’t work. A lot of other people are having this issue too. Wish I knew this before I wasted my money on it.

egwolo umuomo says:

Thanks for this video.

Britney Jones says:

Check this if you’re looking for a budget tablet

Junaid Ali says:

You are good presenter

David Rainey says:

The internal storage on the Nvidia K1 Shield is terrible – especially after seeing all the preloaded bloatware. Also, look for games such as CSR2 to crash often.


The huawei seems to have too high of a touch latency…
Low touch latency is a must in a tablet!

david slade says:

The shield could at least give a charger cable how cheap

Louise Acevedo says:

Thanks for the info I really do appreciate it and I have a quick question for you. Which Android has the biggest size high low vision and I’m looking for a Sharp image and the biggest there is an Android. Like you I have been using my tablet more than anything else and I need to change the one that I actually have. Any suggestions? It will be very appreciated thank you.

Icy Frost says:

I think k the Asus zenpad the newest one is my favorite. That or the nivida shield tablet which I can’t find here in Canada. Grrrrrr.

Vlera Mermaid says:

l will love to have it , lts just so soo cool

Gavriel Papas says:

Yeah, Nvidia Shield sounds great and affordable!

crankyboiy says:

Sony 8″ z3 tablet 2013 i think it was released. still the best for me.

Vinc3nt Nguy3n says:

How do I get a k1?

crazyphantom13 says:

what happened to the shield k1 cant find it anywhere

Austin Hong says:

Watching this video on my huawei mediapad m3


I still use a 10×6 piece of cardboard with a pencil and eraser, i get no wifi but works super great

dan no says:

is anyone else having this problem you may not realize it I had a cell with marshmallow then I bought a tablet with nugget I try to use the same apps that I instill from my list from my cell phone list and I could not download 95% of my list I call google they told me as long as it will say Android 4.04 and up it will work they told me call the manufacturer and manufacturer is blaming Google they can not do anything about it if I know I was limited too certain apps I would not have got it I’m sure a lot would not know they can not dose this if they do not realize it I do not know why it is set up differently than a cell that his nugget I know it’s just not fair

kingwindie says:

Actually I’m currently looking at tablets for school, specifically note taking

J. Kelley Jernigan says:

My primary tablet is still my Nexus 7 (2013). It runs smoother, and faster, than my Nexus 9 which became almost unusable after all the updates. I have a new Fire HD 8 which has a good price point. I did install Remix OS 3 in the beginning of the year on the Nexus 9. It ran well for awhile, but then the updates stopped, and now Jide has pulled it. I will next try Lineage OS on the Nexus 9. If that doesn’t help it, it will replace my Asus T101 on my kitchen wall as a weather forecast tablet.

Paul R says:

i think it would be unfair to leave out the onda obook 20 plus which is below 200 usd and offers some great specs with it’s dual boot capability and its gen 8 gpu ….

DL1BD-Radio says:

all to small! still on my note pro 12.2 best tablet ever made. to bad only this damn 10 inch tablets are for the normal customers

Dima Andro says:


jdj62464 says:

Can anyone help me out here, I’m needing to get a new tablet NOT interested in a Chromebook, to replace my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet which is on it’s last leg. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 (so far) that are in the price range I’m wanting to spend. They are the Asus Zenpad 8.0 (Z580C), Asus Zenpad 10.1 (Z300M-A2-GR), Huawei MediaPad M3 8.0 and the Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (Z500M-C1-GR). Their price in order is $180, $169, $250 & $289 all on Amazon might find them a little less if I look. The reason I’m not wanting to spend more is I can’t justify the cost for what I use my tablet for which is online shopping mainly eBay & Amazon, watching YouTube videos, music and web surfing for information and that’s IT. I don’t play games or watch full length movies or run any programs nor do I need it to have huge internal storage I have plenty of micro SD cards so 16 GB is fine for me. I’d buy another Shield K1 as it did/does everything I need but I bought it when it come out 2 years ago for $200 minus the charger and now they are closer to $300 bucks for the same thing and that’s if you can find a new one most are used. The main thing I really want on a new tablet is for the speaker volume to be LOUD along with it being loud when using headphones or earbuds. Some of these on my list were released 2 years ago and run on older versions of Android, also heard that some can’t run on Android 7..???. The Asus 3S 10 and Huawei are really more then what I’m wanting to spend but at least those 2 will/(should be) able for future updates. Any thoughts, opinions or recommendations?

Attila Szamosfalvi says:

I don’t get why Samsung and other brands force the 4:3 aspect ratio, even at bigger sizes… Let’s forget iPad now, it plays in another league. A 10.1 inch tablet should still be using 16:10 or 16:9, because almost all games, videos and websites are made for widescreen consumption. Huawei does it well; smaller tablets with portrait orientation and bigger ones with horizontal 16:10 displays. It’s not a coincidence that televisions and monitors have changed their aspect ratios in the previous decade, as looking at a widescreen display is a much more pleasant experience to human eyes. Anyways, this is just my opinion. Thanks for the video! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to buy the Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10, which is a really deliberate device I think.

Aleks Kevyn says:

I have Pixel C and Nvidia Shield first edition with stylus. Both tablets are great, one for home, one for traveling. S3 looks a bit oversaturated, but maybe in the future I will buy one. I’m not someone, who sailing the old tablets, so I have still many. Funny, but sometimes I using Galaxy Tab P1000 from 2010: and its still working and fast. Plz shiw me anybody, who can use an original iPad now? Thats the power of Android!

Darth Bane says:

shield k1, is my fave I had it since 2015, cant believe it still up there

Stingray says:

I have a RCA Galileo Pro, I still love it

Ahmed A.Alhussein says:

Nice presentation. I think that Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 still have the opportunity to be with them..

DragonFire Blitz says:

I have the samung tablet 🙂 its awsome

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