Best Android Tablets (Fall 2017)

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Skelisorce Gaming says:

Lenovo Tab 4 10 plus

Cris Saravia says:

Apple fanboys are here

Rumman47 says:

Want to buy Tab S3 but can’t afford it

Andrea B says:

Sony Xperia Z4 tablet should be on this list. Still using it since late 2015 with the BKB50 bluetooth keyboard. Great combo!

bandrew says:

Every one of the best tablet videos are the same lol

Steven James DeBlasi says:

I was considering buying a Tab S3. But I bought a Samsung Chromebook Plus instead. And I’m glad I did. I’ve had multiple OS updates from Google in the six months I’ve owned it. (Roughly averaging one per month.) For better or worse, Chromebooks are the future of Android tablets. How often do you think you will see updates on a Samsung tablet? Be honest. In this article, they note, “Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2, for instance — arguably the highest-profile flagship Android tablet up til this year’s Tab S3 follow-up — received the Android 6.0 update 253 days after the software’s release. The subsequent Android 7.0 update took a whopping 292 days to reach the tablet. It’d be a shock if the device were to get Android 8.0 at all…” Do you really have faith that things will be any different with Tab S3? I don’t.

simple guy says:

Sony Z4 tablet is the best overall anroid tablet.

Droid Explorer says:

Samsung Tablet is the best choice.

Sanu says:

Your audience are smart we skip the ad part every time.

Rick James Montayre says:

Amazon Fire HD 10 and Asus Zenpad 3S 10 are surprisingly not included here. Though I appreciate the presence of Nvidia Sheild K1 and the Pixel, I think they should just be Honorable mentions considering their age. Just saying.

Darth Varder says:

I’m really happy I’ve got my p10 for media n pics and the new amazon 10 2017 for video and games

MichelleLephant says:

Can’t stand the way this guy talks. Makes all of these tablets boring af.

IvanChin97 says:

How bout best gaming tablet?

Edward X says:

How the heck am I going to charge my tablet without a charger Nvidia? Go and buy a generic charger?!?

Frizz says:

Someone should make a bezel-less tablet tbh that would be great

matjam421 says:

This is the exact same as the summer video. Exact!

Ibrahim Ahmed says:

Tablets are dead if its not an iPad. No matter how good.

Narindra Singh says:

The audio is awful…. try using a professional grade mic. Thanks.

DarkPa1adin says:

i personally consider ipad pro 10.5 has better internals that justify its price than Tab S3

Richard Servello says:

I’ve had the Pixel C basically since release and it’s excellent. But it’s showing it’s age. I think I’m going to sell it on eBay and grab the new Pixelbook.

Francesco Varrato says:

I used an nvidia shield tablet (1st gen), but had problems with the battery. Now I use the Huawei mediapad m3 8.4, which has a superb screen and very good audio, doesn’t weight much and has a good battery life.
That said, I regret sometimes not having bought the lte version, as I have to rely for tethering from the phone for connection when not in Wi-Fi range.

TheTNTerminator says:

Hasn’t the Shield been discontinued?

ST3 says:

My fav is the Pixel C

shawn ramos says:

No Nexus 9 ???

Poleaux D'Beast says:

Need to see which ones have Sim card slots. That need to be a variable.

lty says:

I used to only think about Android, include phone and tablets . But now new iPad costs only within 400 bucks, I do not find reason for Android tablet

Cuoax Gaming says:

iPad Pro = (Samsung Galaxy Tab3)^2

DarkPa1adin says:

all these are dated…

JPJ17 says:

Watching this on my Nexus 10

FallingTitan says:

The tab s3 is the best? its like 2 years old isn’t it. And the pixel is a TAD overpriced? its SUPER overpriced.

the k1 is impossible to find. i think its off the market.

DarkPa1adin says:

I feel that your list is as dated as you’re :p

Greg Simpson says:

Quit calling yourself Android Authority because you have been mentioning the SHIELD tablet all of 2017 (spring, summet, and now fall). They quit making it in 2016. Do some research before you make videos that waste my time. Idiot.

Lani May says:

Someone really needs to make a good high end tablet with snapdragon 835 and stock android experience Google wtf are you doing… Htc, Motorola, one plus someone please someone who makes stock android phones try and make a really high end tablet and I can buy one and not worry about buying another for atleast 4 more years

Yeshwant Kethineni says:

Um…literally the same thing as the Summer video….

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