ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 REVIEW | 8-inch Android Tablet

The ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 Android tablet has a stunning 8-inch display, quad-core processor, sleek design and even USB Type-C. It’s not perfect but considering it’s half the price of an iPad Mini 4 – it’s pretty good value for money.

*correction: weight is 299g

ASUS ZenPad S 8.0:

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Son says:

Fantastic review. I have one coming on the way from Amazon.

I have a few questions, though:

1. Will it be confirmed for the Marshmallow update? I’ve read on reddit and a few other tech sites that it seems unlikely. It’s very unusual, considering that this tablet came out in July 2015, which was less than 4 months before 6.0 came out.
2. How is reading on this? I’m mainly using this for reading school textbooks (usually nursing which is basically science stuff).
3. You mentioned the battery dropping. Can the battery saving modes extend standby time? I’m pretty much going to use this for light web browsing and reading (will do the latter 90% more than the former) and extending standby would be very great.

EpicMarshm4llow says:

I just bought this for £17, I stupidly gave my sister my ipad air to my sister when i got a mac then really missed it. Now im stuck with this.

Ventura Santos says:

great video

Ryan Barclay says:

Hey great tablet

very cheap not the best value for money but good at the basics

I don’t understand why it has USB type C, that must cost money to buy and put in the tablet therefore (in my opinion) that money could be better spent on a better processor or ram or at least save money and get a better pair of speakers

also the screen isn’t as bright as I was expecting from Asus who are normally quite good at displays

the bloatware has always been an issue on Asus devices, and zen Ui does appear close to stock so I have to give them a congratulations on that

I really was expecting more, giving the Asus zenfone bringing a good display etc

have a great day

TrillBoy Gaming says:

Did it get marshmallow or will it get it?

The Filthy Casuals says:

Does it have Android 6 yet?

Damir Franc says:

I like your style a lot, great review. I’m sure you’ll grow very quickly with that kind of quality videos

Paul Fisher says:

nice video, thinking of getting an ASUS, local stores have them from $125. I have a $20 Naxa 7″ I just use for magazine reading (hence why I want the ASUS), but the Naxa is just for my Torque app in the truck.

ItsFusion - No Longer Exists says:

Great review!

countgrammar04 says:

So this wouldn’t run like injustice or mkx

ragharA2 says:

Can you do PWM tests? I’m curious if this has PWM at minimum brightness.
Also how well it works for book reading? Can the battery survive that long? Did someone compare it to Chuwi Hi12?

Carolina Diaz says:

that asus 8 inch tablet is cheaper here at best buy I costs:129.99 so it’s 130$

Kristen says:

Question: So the only time I can surf the web is when I have wifi access? I ask b/c I was considering adding a service plan to a tablet (via Straight Talk).

Frederic Vittel says:

thanks excellent and fair review!

Bart Lont says:

Great and useful review!

Tanmay Gaikwad says:

how is this tab for skype vedio calling as compared to ipad mini?

Miss Understood says:

total crap. I will never buy another Asus product again.

FlorinU says:

I have the non-S version (Z380KL) which is almost identical to this one in terms of design, but uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and only 1GB of RAM, plus 1200×800 screen resolution. It is pretty agile, but the low amount of RAM memory is annoying at times. In this configuration, the battery lasts impressively long – approximately 11-12 hours of continuous video playback at 50% brightness with headphones. But 1GB of RAM though is not enough, I wish it had at least 1.5GB.

Sultan Alush says:

can anyone tell me if one handed use is possible? i do it on my current 7inch tablet, but would love 4gb ram

Gonçalo Máximo says:

the sound is terrible? you are crazy man

sbkpilot11 says:

Incorrect – USB Type C does not mean faster data transfer. USB – C is just a connector specification not a protocol specification like USB 2, 3 and 3.1. You can have USB 2.0 over Type C like the Nexus 6P or conversely you can have USB 3.1 at 10 Gbps over the old Type A connector as well. The main benefit of Type C besides reversibility is the rapid charging as the new connector is able to support huge amounts of power – as an example 5V/3 amps on the Nexus 6P. The old Type A connector officially caps out at 2 amps, although unofficially it’s gone upto 2.4 amps.

Spooky Psyche says:

I was about to buy a Galaxy Tab S2 for $160, and it literally sold out as I was checking out, so I had to end up going for this which was the next best option at $140. Hopefully this isn’t a huge step down from the Tab S2 because I was looking for a replacement for my Nexus 9, which is laggy and buggy beyond use at this point.

Truckero2 Gamer says:

who is the android version

Kleb Dale says:

this vs nvidia shield k1?

spoonikle says:

super weak, old atom.

The everything Channel says:

I agree that there is a too much bloatware but few of those apps are really useful. Such as splendid. Use splendid app and increase a saturation to approximately 70% the display looks like amoled display

Reinaldo Arifin says:

Hi tech chap, I’m planning to buy this tablet. Does zenpad s have a good software update record until now?

Dan Shalev says:

Great presentation, clear, and concise. Thanks for this Chap! 🙂

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