Asus ZenPad 3S 10 Review | finally another great Android Tablet!

Review: Asus Zenpad 3S 10 (affiliate)

01:03 Design
02:58 Display
04:07 Sound
05:05 Performance
07:18 Battery
08:02 Software
09:22 Conclusion

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Basista Shah says:

Galaxy Tab s 2 vs this one ?? ur recommendation plz…

missyissy80 says:

I currently own the Samsung Tab S 10.5 – love everything about it and loved using it for the last couple of years. Is it worth upgrading to the Zenpad 3S 10?


DatDude7802 says:

Between this tablet and the Huawei MediaPad M3, which one would you recommend?

JarlSX says:

i agree on the buttons, didn’t buy one because of the hardware buttons, really sucks, because like you say at the beginning, there are no other good big android tablets

DT B says:

hey Damir, your intro is very funny,I finally decided to get lenovo P2 over the honor 6x because it’s cheaper and better.

mojo2418 says:

I have the nexus 7. Its a good tablet honestly don’t have anything wrong with it. Thoughts on upgrading? Games are a little slow but apart from that its good for everything else.

Bc Tan says:

The video is very laggy… dunno why…

hmaidatouuuu says:

plz review alcatel idol 4s

myappstore myappstore says:

hey damir high quality review as always! is nougat coming on this tablet? i really need the split screen feature…thanks in advance!

Liion B says:

This is not a bad tablet, but I think that in gaming the Shield Tablet K1 is better. Mine is a beast when it comes to play games and it handles everyday task beautifully. According to me this is the best tablet and I hope Nvidia will release a new one soon!

Krishna Mohan says:

Really awesome tablet

Viyus Avery says:

Camera ? Hehe i dont know but asus quality is improving their phones are getting better too

suhrid khan says:

This tablet supports Quick Charge 3.0, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a quick charger. If you spend 10$ on a good brand charger, it can charge the tablet lass than 2 hours…

Pervy Ghoul says:


Freak Zoid says:

I was set on getting a Galaxy Tab S3 but it’s pricey at the moment. I would like to get my hands on one of this to test. The only issue I might have is the pen. Does this come with an 8 inch version.

Margatroid says:

Thanks for reviewing this! You’re a little goofy today but I like the energy. Caffeine maybe? 🙂 Anyway, I took my S2 9.7 that I was trying back to the store yesterday because the amoled display was just too vivid and harsh on my eyes, but I think this could be the tablet for me! It seems like it would be the perfect thing for web browsing and reading magazines on. Maybe with some calibration the video could look ok too!

Moomin74 says:

How does the gaming performance compare to the cheaper Nvidia Shield tablet?

83geeman says:

great review, just read about this tablet the other week as I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere else, so good to see your findings confirmed that this tablet does appear to be excellent value.

Valeriu Iosub says:

Damir, so this or still Huawei Mediapad M2 please?

George Hayes Mobile Geezer says:

Awesome review. Thanks.

rambo a says:

when u going to review the iPad pro?

Creative Build says:

huawei has brought out a beta for the p9 lite aswell is it true?:

Evan Williams says:

This Asus tablet vs Google Pixel C?

Göksel Sezginer says:

cringe is real

Philip Heart says:

The vertical scrolling is so buttery and the speakers sound well designed. If Apple doesn’t switch to USB-C for it’s iPad updates next month then I might really consider it.

SwedishGamer322 says:

So… Here in Sweden it costs 470 for some reason… (At Media Markt, the only store that sells it as far as I know)

lockoshamface says:

is there any multi task use built into the software

MrNaSS 22 says:

I think ipad air 2 is better

Rajiv Jadhav says:

screen isn’t as bright as Lenovo tab2 a10, even at full brightness.
Lenovo tab2 brightness at 30%= Asus Zenpad 3s at 100% brightness. had stutter
during game play with random freezes. the screen orientation is weird,
it’s not widescreen and games don’t display fully like DC legends (make
you horizontal scroll) Jurassic Park, etc. battery life is horrible.
drains super fast. great design, great build quality, thin and easy to
hold. no way to make the navigation buttons stay lit. hard to use in the
dark or in shade. no clear all open windows. returning this to Amazon.
buying Huawei mediapad m3 next. hope it’s better.

exefile says:

Just got this tablet today, cheaper than Apple’s and Samsung’s tablets.

1solojc says:

I just got this Tablet a couple weeks ago to replace my broken Nexus-9 & its really a great device glad i got it

wengrzynv8 says:

I just sold my Tab S 10,5. Was great but 16Gb rom is nowadays a no go. So, my last two to replace him are: Zenpad 3s 10 or yoga tab 3 pro. The only thing that bothers me on Zenpad is the 9,7 (I like 10,1 more) and no stereo speakers while holding it horizontal…

VoloKin Project says:

Nice to see Mediatek runs smoothly such a hi-res screen.

Rajesh Kumar says:

Can we root this phone with the help of this guide

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