Art Tablet Review- Huion H420

Hows everyone doing? Here I do a review on the Huion H420 tablet. Thanks for watching!

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Bobby Rode says:

Anyone tried using this with an Android device ??

Nestor Castro says:

Great review!

Kabloosh says:

Wow. Not only was this explained well, but it was also entertaining to watch!

Sketch :D says:

It’s lit

SinckOne Ian Gerobin Olaso says:

thanks 🙂

gay bean says:

My computer has no disk thingy! Will the tablet work without it??

Abdimalik Osman says:

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aimeeXlovesXyaoi says:

Huion H420 USB Drawing Writing Art Graphics Board Tablet 4×2.3inch Digital Pen – intl ? The size is 4×2.3 inch?

Vichet Sophat says:

Do u have any other recommendation for a beginner into tablet? Any specific product? Thanks

Veddy Gud says:

My pen keeps doing this thing when I try to draw something in Photoshop. Whenever I’m zoomed in on the document and try to draw something, instead of drawing, it will move around the document. Any tips on how to fix that?

Crappy Cat says:

Yesterday I ordered this and its gonna get here tommorow and im very exited!

flickstika says:

whats that keyboard

Im Weird says:

If I’m using a device that doesn’t have a disc thing how do I install the software?

The Bonsai Nation Official says:


Ayden Davis says:

Dude my aunt just ordered this for me and I’m so excited!!

Syrup Hat says:

Some people say the pen won’t work and constantly runs out of battery….so does the pen still work after a month or so?

meme police, stopper of memes says:

im planning on buying that one since im limited with how much i can spend and i whant to get into didgital art and a better way of drawing sprites on scratch

dee w says:

Great review! Just bought mine and I am dying to try it out.

Rocket says:

I love your art style!

Tim Burton #planetanovo says:

1:02 OMG i have the same problem, how did you fixed your pen??

Milo The Plague Doctor says:

What if your computer doesn’t have a disk insert thing

BudBoyEv says:

I just ordered this tablet, and I’m so excited!

Hyperle says:

Oh my god I just subbed and I love you character

Animatrixette16 says:

I have this tablet and I wish I had gotten a wacom. I don’t have much money, so I can’t buy a good drawing program but the only free program that works with this tablet is FireAlpaca and it’s great and all but I wish I could use Krita and PaintTool Sai..

rifle lover says:

The pen is fighting the direction I wanna go. Anybody know how to fix that?

Brilliant Toast says:

Im not new to digatal art but ive never used a drawing tablet for the computer so im wondering if i should go with something super small like this or go a little bigger.

Little G says:

I just but this yesterday and I was looking for *helpful* reviews and this was the best one I have seen! It has everything I need! Thanks a lot!

Sakuya kikimo says:

I’ve been meaning to get myself a tablet.. I’ve drawn and painted by hand for years, I’d like to go digital, or at least learn how to do it as well, gotta wait till I have a functional computer though…

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