Amazon Fire Tablet 7 Kids Edition – Unboxing and Review

This video is about Amazon fire tablet 7 kids edition I got this tablet on Amazon day 2018. Two tablets for $120 is a steal in my opinion.
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Christina House says:

You tube kids…can that be added?

Maria Ssnchez says:

Can u use Google name YouTube for these type of tablets

JStar says:

I might get this tablet but not now.

Kaitlyn Vlog Fantasia says:

Oh ya I am the really first one plz pin this

Kaitlyn Vlog Fantasia says:

TY so much!

Scott Parnell says:

Don’t waste your money on this product, there is a monthly subscription charge just for your kids to play on it. Amazon are rip off merchants.

Jeremy M says:

Can it get Youtube? My nephew loves youtube

Crystal Rodriquez says:

So glad I found this video. Ok, so I have a question. My daughter is 8 and got her first tablet at 6 and it crashed last year. I just bought her one of these off amazon for christmas and one for my almost 5 year old son as well. Is there some sort of anti malware program I can install on them so they dont crash like her last one did? Thanks to anyone who can help me with an answer!

idzay says:

you should the wifi password but i know you changed it

Kayla Tanner says:

Can u get YouTube and kid youtube

Jada's World says:

Hi please advise if this is good for an 11year old

Hina Zohra says:


Kelly's Life says:

Quick question I’m wondering while you was setting it up for your kids account was there an age option? As my little girl is 18 months old and not sure if there was a option for under 2’s

Sheio says:

Im a kid. (12 years) Is it a good idea for me?

Talia Dirden says:

Can YouTube be added?

Kaitlyn Vlog Fantasia says:

plz can I have one I hate my iPad but I still love it but plz I have the money 110$i will give u it must plz

Morgan Cozart says:

So once the amazon free time unlimited what can you do with the tablet? Because they saying on google you’ll only revolve An year plus on the box. Basically what will i have to pay for?

Cassidy Namid says:

So basically it can be used by adults or kids right? I dont want the kid content on it Because im thinking it would be good for my 27 year old sister because she keeps dropping her tablet she uses for school… and this would be great for her…Great video!!!

Mariyah P says:

Can u get on YouTube?

Luke Emery says:

Do you need to have a paid subscription to use this I.e to watch videos or read books etc thanks

ashimadaniel31 says:

Where can I order this

munzie130 says:

Can you block YouTube because the things on YouTube these days are not for kids

Lazer Gaming LW&L says:

My little brother won, the blue one in his school for free, a couple months ago lol.

Akamveer Bansal says:

I subscribed 🙂

Sue Michaels says:

Does it have videos on it or can they be downloaded to use where there is no wifi ? Like camping or traveling

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