Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet In Depth Review – New for 2016

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Amazon’s updated $89 Fire HD 8 tablet is not super powerful but is good for media consumption. See more tablets: and subscribe! — INDEX BELOW:

00:33 – Hardware overview
03:03 – Software overview – lack of Google Play store
04:21 – Web browsing performance
05:15 – Gaming : Goat Simulator
05:40 – Gaming : Minecraft
05:53 – Gaming : Benchmarks
06:46 – Multiple user profiles / child interface
08:57 – Conclusion, final thoughts, battery life

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Amazon refreshed their 8 inch tablet, coming in at a price point of $89 with advertisements subsidizing the cost. It has a quad core processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. A 32GB version is also available but the on board SD card slot is enough to augment its on board storage.

It’s important to remember that while Amazon tablets run Android it’s Amazon’s own version of it. As such you will not have access to the Google Play store. Any apps purchased with Google may have to be purchased again on Amazon (although Prime members get many paid Android apps for free).

Performance is decent for the price point. Web browsing is responsive and quick, most popular tablet games like Minecraft run well on it. It works well with Amazon’s movie services and others like Netflix.

The display has nice viewing angles and is relatively sharp. It lacks the super high density pixels that more expensive devices have but it’s comfortable to read with. I found the color temperature to be a bit too much on the cold side, so there is a noticeable blue hue to the screen.

The parental controls are very interesting with many options for controlling the device – you can even restrict games until they’ve had at least 30 minutes of reading time on the device!

The warranty is a very short 90 days, the same as their $49 offering. This is unfortunate but perhaps part of how they get the price to where it is.

But overall this is a good value for a tablet and recommended for those with a lot invested in Amazon’s eco system.

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BCGTR says:

You are living in the 90s.

Naveen Kandregula says:

what is the battery capacity?

1223333nbahal says:


will _i_amm1 says:

its an okay tablet but what sucks is when using it outside the screen dont look so good.

AnonymousMods says:

Bought it for my little brother

ramases bullock says:

amazon tables suck i got one for Christmas and i miss my baby google

servalkitten2000 says:

Thank you for this review. You always find the best in these different products and I like that.

Barry Perry says:

looks much better then some other tablets can i use amzon kindle on it

Daniel Silveira says:

Just ordered one for my daughter 32GB.Will l this be better than her ipad3?

Shoaib Alam says:

can you install APKs?

Colt Hangen says:

Great video. Your room is awesome – love the backdrop.

Victor says:

SD Card with 200GBs? Nah dude…

Lolitacon says:

lol, I literally only bought this to watch anime more conveniently

Danny Atkins says:

I’ve just ordered one. Is it possible to download Twitter, Instagram or Facebook on it?

XxSamir22xX says:

does the amazon app store have youtube app?

yourtube1234567 says:

Only thing I hate about this tablet is the ads. Why do you have to deal with ads if you bought it? Amazon just being greedy. Glad I only bought it for $50

Ignatius Zhang says:

buy the coolest case for your Amazon tablet on:


ljeffe says:

Good video, thanks.

Alex Ellis says:

just get apptoid. you get shit for free like literally everything for free. that is app wise.

Catherine Smith says:

You’ve made a very good video, understandable to people of varying abilities and familiarity with this device. Thank you.

Meg Cogsdill says:


Matt H. says:

Love your reviews. You keep me engaged the whole time, by constantly moving fast, which is my speed.

Robert kubrick says:

MTK 8163 processor. I got a 16GB with ads for $60 black friday. I’m satisfied with everything but the charging time considering the price. I can watch about 6 movies on the tablet on a single charge but mine needs to charge overnight.
It’s very easy to put google services and playstore on these and there are people on youtube who post links to sites where you can download everything you need. But I have not done so because there could be some form of spyware in those google downloads, I mean more spyware than google itself. Lol

Vermillion93 says:

is this a better replacement for Samsung Galaxy tab s 8.4? don’t feel like spending 300 on a new tablet

Janice Bull says:

Can you connect fire 8 to Bluetooth?

richer4poorer says:

Great insightful review…how do I get rid of all the useless apps? I have the 16 Gig in 8″. Kids also have the 8 Gig 7″ and I would like to clean there tablets up too. Thanks


Is there ads?

foxhollow09 says:

how do I root it?

Tarium says:

Does it have Summoners war?

Lena R says:

I want that tablet i have the 49 dollar one and I like it 🙂

antskinz 11 says:

my mom went to the casino and won 2 amazon fire hd 8 tablets and she gave one to me and my sister.

Mohamed Aadhil says:

I have the same kindle fire tablet like this from amazon but its color is black

Aaron Brown says:

this product sucks. left it on my bed and accidentally put a few pounds of my weight on the screen. the screen broke and bent the end. phones are far stronger than this

Dumfries Spearhead says:

“Colour temperature is a bit on the blue side”

Doesn’t this version have a “blue shade” option, to filter out the blue light when reading or browsing at night?

Marc Hübner says:

Its very interesting that your have Only 90 days Warrenty in Germany the legislator Provider At least 2 years of warrenty on all electronic products but very Nice an interesting and extensive Review about this Nice Tablet 🙂

180 degrees a return to common sense says:

kindle countdown sale feb 4th 2017

paul Smith says:

The fire tab always feels as if it is owned by Amazon. The first time you switch it on you are confronted by a Amazon product that is almost impossible to reject.

Isii says:

So useful thank you

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