Alldocube X Review – Best Screen In A Sub $300 Tablet

It’s got a Samsung 2560 x 1600 10.5″ SAMOLED screen, same as the Galaxy Tab S4 but under half its price. Is it a great tablet or just a pretty screen? Where to buy:

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Mahone says:

Life Pro Tip: Stay away from Mediatek chips

Matthew Aq says:

It would have been perfect if instead of the mtk chipset they placed the snapdragon 855 or at least the snapdragon 845.

C.W. Olson says:

That screen and fast charging are the best features at a decent price and the cpu performance might be ok ! The Galaxy Tab S4 is almost 900 bucks at bestbuy 🙁 and this one with your link is 363 ! Wonder if there are any hacks to help the performance like cache cleaners and core schedulers or other software to spruce it up a it !

emil george says:

I thought you reviewed this same model a few days ago?

L.latin rip says:

Wowww Nice amoled


WOW nice 10 finger touch???
now I’m drooling :O

rgray318 says:

Alldocube X vs Teclast T20? Which is the higher quality tablet?

Jamil Khan says:

They shouldve a put a cheaper display and upgrade to snapdragon

George Todoroff says:

This or MediaPad M5 10? – I know the screen on that one is IPS, but is there really that much of a difference in display quality? Everything else on the Huawei seems to be better – speakers, CPU, battery, etc. Perhaps there is another Chinese alternative that you would recommend ($200 to $400)?

montosunify says:

please do a follow up video in the future, it would be interesting to know if screen burn in is a issue with this tablet

ElectroSwingable says:

Nice one

Omar Faruk says:

In case u want to support him. He does have a patreon account linked in the description.

fier vids says:

what that voltage adapter you use in the video?,care to link me one?

Luca says:

I wish it had a better processor

Vlad Fishermann says:

The white looks soooo pink O_o

Simon Rak says:


wesley lim says:

Is it just me or you already reviewed this?

Ed Lawrence says:

Thank You for your Review, I am a backer, and it’s nice to see the Preview 1st!

C ffadf says:

Anyway I can use a stylus and Microsoft note one. With palm rejection.. that’s all I need in a tablet

AlUrNiMa says:

Besides the SoC…Why chinese Manufacturers love White so much and at this price point should have had 4G integrated 🙁

Black+4G+250$ would have sold much better IMHO.

Audiology says:

Love that display, but I would’ve gotten it if it has a 660 instead.

wesley lim says:

Can this support portable hard drives?

Vernal Scott says:

A new year but the same old issue of gadgets that look good on paper but only partially deliver as promised, or, fail altogether. **sigh** The screen on the Chuwi Hi9 Plus is much better than this newbie, in my opinion. Hey Chris, thanks for keeping the light of hope glowing.

Cam says:

My 2014 Tab S 10.5 super amoled screen is still perfect because I always keep the brightness very low when possible.
Using this at max brightness might burn the screen.
I don’t understand why screens cannot be completely turned off to save battery when audio is all you need.

Lou D says:

No lvl 1 widevine. Dead on arrival

Alex Tyagachev says:

Nice one) GJ
Can you make compare between xiaomi mi mix 3 and honor view 20, please? Camera/video

Dick B. says:

Nice synopsis.

Zyo says:

I’m struggling to understand what this tablet is for. AMOLED screen is nice but lack of Widevine L1 support means it’s no good for media consumption. The use of a Mediatek chip leads to questionable gaming performance. No detached keyboard means it is no good for productivity work.

Avantime says:

Does it play downscaled 4K video files OK?

murilo cabreira says:

Is it possible to have a reasonable styllus experience on this tablet? if not, what would be the most indicated, in this price range? I’m looking for a tablet to write and draw some mind maps, nothing complicated.

❶ Octavian Simon says:

Is xiaomi mi pad 4 better in gaming?

x Cora says:

you can use mira settings with activity launcher app

George Smith says:

whats up with a lot of cinese tablets that are too bright even in their lowest settings? says:

It’s got a Samsung 2560 x 1600 10.5″ SAMOLED screen, same as the Galaxy Tab S4 but under half its price. Is it a great tablet or just a pretty screen? Where to buy:
After more? Please see my 15 min long hands-on with unboxing

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