All-New Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2018) | Unboxing & Review

Full unboxing and tour of Amazon’s ‘All-New’ Fire HD 8 tablet, refreshed for 2018 with updated specs and new features such as the Show Mode. Alexa is back in action of course, but you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to make the most of this Fire HD 8.

We’ve reviewed every Fire tab since Amazon first launched its family-friendly range, some of the best budget tablets you can grab in the UK. This all-new Fire HD 8 isn’t a massive leap over previous generations, but it’s still one of the most affordable tabs in 2018. And now you can convert the Fire into an Echo-style device like the Echo Show thanks to Amazon’s Show Mode Charging Dock (add £30 onto the £80 asking price for that).

Check out my coverage of the last-gen tablets over on Recombu.

Fire HD8 2017 unboxing and review:

Fire HD10 2017 unboxing and review:

You can buy the Fire HD 8 and Show Mode Charging Dock from Amazon from October 4th.


Bobo Kun says:

I’m watching in fire hd 8

DanRC ** says:

While they’re pretty decent for movies (for the price), everything else is just mediocre.
I have last years HD8 and the performance is utterly appalling – easily the most frustrating and slowest device i have EVER used.
It also had an audio volume issue that Amazon never fixed.
The OS (Heavily restricted version of Android) is so void of features and options, that it makes this device useless for many tasks.
I installed all of Google’s services (Play store, YouTube, Chrome etc), but its crippling performance ruins its useability.
I’d recommend spending £20+ more and get a proper fully functional android tablet.
Amazon have utterly crippled what ‘could’ have been an ok budget tablet.

Asher Munir says:

Absolute cheap tablet nowadays


Atala J says:

Guys you can now get three for $149 on

MoreChannelNoise says:

Unless you have an amazon acount and watch movies and read books from them why would anyone buy this!! buy a lenova or acer tablet instead.

osbin barrios says:

I got a blue one for Christmas

maximusmmax says:

Amazon Certified & Refurbished Fire HD 8 Tablets are on sale for deep discounted prices! Don’t miss it.

Christopher Frye says:

I just want to put mp4 videos to watch on the device, is this possible with Amazon products?

adamkidson4444 says:

The fire hd 10 has a much much better screen

HRLY SY says:

1.5 gigs of ramen here

Borbála says:

Hi. If you change the language, what is available? Or can you download other languages? If one changes the language, can you speak to Alexa in a different language? Thanks

Reaper says:

i bought a amazon fire hd tablet 8, same day of your video release.

Xziqa Npzqa says:

Amazon fire is a POS in my opinion. Point of sale device in the sense they always want to push some shit on you day and night..
Piece of shit in the sense their libraray doesnt allow you to return a fuckin’ book and move onto the next title. There too, Bezos wants to push some subscription shit despit me paying for Amazon prime.

Greg Sneed says:


Bob Wareham says:

Not a good review no details on the hardware and no unboxing I note you have been using it for a while

Alex Cruz says:

Paid 50 not bad

Katabellion says:

in the US this came out last year.Wait this is the updated version.

Lil Tunechi JR says:

how good is the audio are the speakers high quality or sound cheap

Shut.Up.Brian says:

does it have the play store?

8strings says:

So glad you added a music track to your review. No online evaluation should be without it!

dunno yolo says:

Now you just have to put google play on it. AI the end of humanity … lol

Alex Stone says:

i am thinking about buying this tablet for mostly books / manga but also media sometimes like youtube or movies
ive read its possible to get google play on this and i dont mind that it requires some work but how hard is it and how well does the tablet work overall?


I have this and i feel like its a giant ad machine.

Robin B. says:

Most features of the new Fire are the same, including display, RAM, dimensions, color variants, or connectivity. What’s new is native support for hands-free Alexa, ability to handle 400 GB microSD cards, and a better front camera.

It’s shame that Amazon calls this all-new and whoever review and title it as an “all-new” device.

omar khan says:

there is a black virtual bar that takes up the bottom of the screen

Ruka Meadows says:

What is the device version please tell me

E Asai says:


Roni Alush says:

Old new

Boiled Octopus says:

£49.99 for Prime Members

StarMonkies says:

Bought this tablet hoping it would be something simple for my mother to use. Little did I know its biggest function was to advertise amazon products at you. Ended up returning it immediately as ads, links to prime video, amazon retail and kindle store ended up confusing my mom and she made some accidental purchases. Better off getting an android.

Dailog Tharaka says:

Buy at Amazon –

Josh Ballwicker says:

What makes Amazon so successful when others fail is they did something every other manufacturer thought was stupid which is having different sizes because alot of people want size but rather or not it fits in cargo pants is a deal breaker. The fire os is just a Hannah Montana Linux concept but fells fresher then the ancient kernel of Android other tablets so its going to feel less obsolete in 6 mouths which most Android tablets feel like Windows 98 in 6 mouths.

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