Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Review – ChromeOS Tablet With Android and Linux Support

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10 is a Chromebook in tablet form. It runs ChromeOS along with Android Apps and Linux via Google’s official Crostini project. See more ChromeOS: and subscribe!

See more on ChromeOS and Linux:

And my review of the Asus Flip with the same processor (but a flip over keyboard):

00:38 – Hardware Overview and Price
00:54 – Display
01:19 – Rockchip CPU
01:38 – RAM, Storage, weight and build quality
02:00 – Battery Life
02:28 – Opinion on ChromeOS’s progress
02:53 – USB Type C and other Ports
04:19 – Performance: Web Browsing
04:45 – Benchmarks: Browserbench Speedometer
05:19 – Android App Performance
06:28 – Benchmark: 3DMark Slingshot
07:00 – Built in Stylus
07:53 – Stylus controls on ChromeOS
09:35 – Using USB-C for Docking
10:05 – Screen Does not Automatically Rotate when Docking
11:26 – Bluetooth Keyboard Issues and tablet mode
12:37 – Linux support via Crostini
14:00 – Final Thoughts

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MrGrownman455 says:

So Google’s plan is to replace Linux and Android with their Chrome OS? I wished Samsung could buy Android from Google and get it out of googles hands. Google isn’t the most trust worthy company.

Rian P says:

Can’t justify the $320 when an iPad is $300

custardo says:

Apparently getting the pen back in is not so easy 😉

Michael Bergman says:

Really enjoy these videos. No time wasted with useless chit chat, lengthy animations, and useless shots if the narrator when they viewer wants to see the product. Thanks you.

Linked Designs says:

Hey Lon, just a quick tip. The reason why you are seeing lag is because the app you were using isn’t optimized for Chrome OS. If you use an app that is optimized such as Squid, the app can take advantage of Google’s machine learning and bring down the latency to near nothing.

Vic Plaza says:

How good is with emulation?

Bryce Holland says:

I’ve seen a few videos showing devices on the dev channel of Chrome OS. Many of the issues stated here are definitely being worked on, especially with desktop mode. And I second single window mode for GIMP. You can find it in the Window menu on the center pane.

Max says:

I like Samsung DeX is better…

DC G says:

Do you think Krita would work on this?

TheHackerGames 29 says:


Arjun Gandhi says:

I think this is interesting as a concept. Definitely room for some refinement. Though I still miss good Android tablets.

collapsar27 says:

any video out port?

Carmen Nooner says:

I’m thinking I’m waiting for version#3!

Andrew Malcolmson says:

My Asus C213 in the Dev channel switches from tablet mode to desktop when a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse are connected which is cool. It also doesn’t have any problem reverting to tablet mode when disconnected from Bluetooth so maybe this issue has been fixed.

DHH says:

Hi lon, long time fan. Can you do a shoot out of tablet from 2017/18 that is worth buying? My daily driver is an old galaxy tab2 and a fire 8 but they are slow and not very enjoyable to use. Watching this as a possible candidate.

Michael Webber says:

What a hot mess. BUT how does this compare to the 2017/2018 iPads in terms of screen quality for Netflix? I get the impression it is bright with good screen angles, but those are minimal laptop-style threshold qualifications. For good Netflixing I think the standards are higher (delta E, gamut, etc.).

xadam2dudex says:

Can android be installed to replay Chrome OS

thetruejay20 says:

Would you say it’s worth $350?

Crazed 357 says:

Acer lost me at the RK3399 🙁

jaheimRakim says:

good idea bad processor and software execution

neun malelf says:

Overpriced lousy hardware. Still bad support for most Android Apps, bad Battery life, so-so built quality. Try to really work with it for a week.
You can get better Notebooks, Tablets or even an iPad for the money. Why would anyone buy it?

Joel Womble says:

Lon, love your videos, I do like your candor. I really appreciate your style, to the point with no fluff. I’ve been a fan since you started. Keep it up, thanks!!!

kleefan8 says:

Great video, Lon. I hope you are going to review the HP Chromebook X2 detachable. It’s higher performance and higher priced, but I’m curious how it would compare to this Acer tablet paired with a mini keyboard.

FubarMike says:

Still too glitchy for me at this point. It seems like a beta device right now so hopefully the price will come down and the bugs will get ironed out

username30536 says:

That thing seems awful. Which puts it in line with pretty much every other Android tablet since the Nexus 7, sadly.

THAD YT says:

Not worth the price in my opinion but good review

Teddy says:

Very good video. Looks interesting. I was also thinking about the price so close to the Surface Go, glad you mentioned it in the video.

molly lee says:

We want to invite you to review our items sold in Amazon.

travisp11 says:

Aweseom product review as always! I am very interested in this item but not for the retail price. That is nuts. They are charging as much as a near premium Chromebook laptop. I was thinking it would be in the $99 range. That sounds crazy but I see what is out there for Android tablets but Acer is asking way too much. Even at $299 or $249 I say it is too high.

Stephanie McKeon says:

I like where this tech is going, just needs a few more years to work the kinks out.

tkcowan2166 says:

Lon, I hope you will start posting you videos in 4k, I purchased a 4k tv and I would love to see how you channel looks on it! 🙂

username says:

Gimp has a single window mode that puts all the toolbars on the sides of the main window.

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