Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Chrome OS tablet review

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Review


matthew s says:

would you do a review of the Lenovo Chromebook 500e? $309 as it too can do…. Linux. 4GB/32GB & 8GB/64GB
Lenovo Chromebook 300e and 500e thoughts and hands on

igor giuseppe says:

its x86/64? can you run Wine on it?

Andrew J. Elliott, Jr. says:

I have a Acer R11 I am looking for a True ANDROID Tablet that is a true beast. I miss having widgets.

István Nagy says:

Is the Slack Android app able to run in the split screen mode next to Chrome on this device?

Eye on art says:

I would like an 8.0 for purse with spen

Khai Mrant says:

lol…other than having Chrome OS installed, this is pretty much 2010 era thing. Make it a little bit faster?

Arooj A says:

The stylus stored in the device on the left side means that for most people who write with their right hand, they will pull it out with their left hand, then hold it with their right hand, thus requiring both hands to retrieve the stylus. It would have been more convenient if the stylus was stored on the right side. This way the user wouldn’t need to use both hands to retrieve the stylus because the user is holding the device in one hand.

Yoyodyne PropulsionSystems says:

I have been waiting for this device for what seems to be forever. Other than the power issues(not having enough) I think this is probably exactly what I am looking for in a device. Full Chrome browser, android, Linux apps…use a nice USB C “docking station” and you have a powerful little device for at home and you can just pick it up and take it with you.

FubarMike says:

Thanks for this review. I think I will pass on this one and wait until the chrome os tablet scene becomes more mature. I was really hoping for free form windows like remix os

Glenn Pyle says:

For $300+ you can buy a refurbished Surface Pro 3 off of Amazon and have a much better all around tool. Faster processor, more memory, 12-inch screen, and all of the Windows programs you’ve been using for years. This is a “proof of concept” device that they decided to rush to market. It should be priced at $150 or less!

William Hart says:

Thanks still watching for a decent tablet with the rk3399 chip Android linux dual boot as a preference this is close .

JR III says:

Dont buy a chromebook tablet until they allow all android apps to see the memory on microsd cards and even internal storage…..better off with a convertible chromebook with higher internal storage

Raul Zapata says:

The stylus location on the left side looks so inconvenient.

Aurthor Thing says:

I wish RemixOS would have become more popular. It was pretty cool for stuff like this.

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