A Weird Tablet Review (Gaomon PD1560)

I guess technically it’s a pen display but oh well.

Outro Fanart: https://solarsands.deviantart.com/art/Garbage-728468322

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Outro Music:
Hand Trolley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?

——GAOMON Current Promotion
GAOMON PD1560 Pen Display 4% off on Amzon US—–392.6USD
4% OFF Promotion Code For Amazon US: PD1560GM (PS: Input promotion code PD1560GM when checkout the order to enjoy the 4% off. End by 28th,Feb. 2018)

10 hot keys+ 8192 pen pressure+ 15.6 inch + Full View Angle Screen+ 1920 x 1080(16:9 )Resolution with HD IPS Screen+ Dual/Tri Monitor Support + Two-Finger glove+ Screen Protector + Left Hand Mode

——Available at:
US: http://amzn.to/2DWzRva
CA: http://amzn.to/2bWMu08
UK: http://amzn.to/2c6nK0j
Others Countries: http://www.gaomon.net/store/

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Sayonara says:

last year, i drew neko loli vore on ms paint on the school computers and my friend set it as the wallpaper.

ThatGayDudeNamed Fuckoff says:

Yaoi hands.

I’m Quaking says:

He has really nice hands

Solar Sands says:

By the way the pen CAN BE WIRELESS, I just kept it plugged in because I didn’t know if it needed charging or not. Also next time I do something like this I will keep in mind to show you guys the pen pressure sensitivity on a different program. Thanks for the feedback.

Aesthetically Gross says:

Am I the only one who saw the “I’m gay.png”?

I Have a degree in memes says:

I showed my lego collection answer pls

Xorella says:

omg snoral snands is a gay o man

Luke-Marks says:

6:42 An exquisite way to perform your sponsor’s product, Solar.

LilyGrace • says:

why is this is your closet tho

EpicBlueTiger 172 says:

Dont b harsh 2 the tabket

Seagull The Sturnus Sturnus Seagull says:

You’re hot

Layci Jasmine says:

That SU vore picture looks like Pearl pecked her way through Steven’s stomach

Lil_AntX3 says:

Snolar Snads, back at it again with the bad spelling comments

Lil Ant, back at it again with the dead memes ;-;

The lonely llama says:

Mm black spaghetti is my favourite

MetalKreeper says:

He forgot to use the circle tool

Steve Buscemi says:

Ur hands are really distracting

Hoovesisartistic says:

nice body, very hot

The Boomba says:

If u r

LilyGrace • says:

I’m gay.png


Reagan Noelle says:

I want to see his face so fucking bad I mean it’s *_right fucking there_*

Bouncy Tsu says:

Can you really start to sweat just by being nervous?

Also don’t worry Solar, we love all your videos, as long as it is you feel free to upload anything. You are a hidden gem in YouTube.

God-O- Raisins says:

Snolar Snads haz Yahoo handz

Narkissa says:

Your so awkward that it’s adorable.

dexa101 says:

And then they asked for the tablet back…

Jazmin the Skeleton Sans gf says:

Solar sands..are you recording in your closet?

ashu wab says:

im gay.png

Epicness123 says:

can you play osu on it


Ur fat


I was staring at you crotch the whole time…..

torogadog says:

man gaomon was really weird for me but it might be because I bought the sk56 model because it was really cheap
The tablet lasted correctly about 2 or 3 months before messing up a little

Pastel. Rose says:

This is the new draw with jazza

The Boomba says:

If you’re going to be a sell-out at least soon for a good one that works

that dang Marie says:

Pan pizza has the same thing

scottarooni says:


Lennchen says:

This is the kind of Graphictablet I want, because drawing on a tablet but looking at the laptop-screen while blindly scratching the pen over the plastic is veeeery different feeling.
Such tab as yours it’s like drawing on paper.
Lucky you that it “only” costs 392 Dollars. Those I find the stores around my place cost 1 to 2thousand and more…

ThatBlueZircon says:

Solar, i really think you should review this persons art. Many thanks!


Rainy Animations says:

A cringe deviantart user who makes fetish art and other terrible things is- otakuwolf22

If you use this user please credit me (well only if you want) My deviantart name is RainyDaySalt22

Fukuro Music says:

awww yes my favorite channel Solar Bulge

V A N I L L A S A D B O I says:


Fantamations says:

Filming in closets is the content I subscribed for

Galaxy Child says:


Tille Haesum says:

You’re familiar with Steven Universe vore, eh? 😉

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