A Tablet BIGGER Than My Face – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Unboxing & Hands on Review!!!

This is our unboxing video of the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 from Samsung, one of the few new entries in the Android Tablet market for this year.
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The Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is huge and sports a 16:10 aspect ratio full HD 10.5 inch LCD screen.

It also sports 4 speakers, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom for a great media experience.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 10.5 sports a Snapdragon 450 on the inside and is coupled with 3 gigs of RAM. It also sports cellular connectivity and has a sim tray that can take in 1 sim and a micro sd card for expansion.

On the software side we have Samsung Experience 9.5 running on Android oreo 8.1 Oreo.

On the camera front we have a rear 8mp f1.9 shooter and a front 5mp f2.2 selfie snapper. The Samsung Tab A 10.5 also comes with a 7,300 mAh battery.

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Gamer Dangol says:

that is not tab a that is tab s4

Leo says:

Drop the fake American accent

Aditya Sharma says:

Dong not

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

Bro any videos today comming……

Trending Now says:


Gamer Dangol says:

you idiot

Pjm Mh says:

Go for iPad 2018 edition with apple pen support

Varunsingh Rautela says:

What should I buy iPad 9.7 inch or Galaxy tab A?

danish shaikh says:

20k is more than enough….

Karanveer Singh Kalsi says:

My old Tab s 8.4 has an awesome 2560×1600 display which still looks awesome after 3-4 years

Saurabh Dewangan says:

Plz review the hp pavilion gaming 15

Hassan Skinner says:

Didn’t know that there was a 10.5″ in the tab a.

vankov says:

No stylus?

Somnath Banerjee says:

Make a detailed review video and if possible a comparison with iPad 6th gen or any other tablet if possible

Ravinder Pandit says:

We would love to see its review

Akshat Joshi says:

Who needs a Samsung Tab when u can have Mi Max 3 with better specifications & low price.

curiocritters says:

iPad 6th. Gen, powered by the A10 bionic for retails for 26k! Throw in another 10 and you can pick up the WiFi + LTE model with 128 Gigs of storage and Apple pencil support for 41k (TataCliQ).

And have a well built, solid tablet which will be supported for 5-6 years.

Ash, I would have *loved* to pick this up, even if it had something like a 625, or a 630 even (and I understand the 450 is basically a rewarmed, underclocked 625 :p ).

I yearn for a top of the line Android tablet, which does not suck (the S3 had terrible battery life and was very unstable on the Oreo update) but the choices are sparse and SD 450 for paired with Samsung’s heavy UI makes this a big no for me.

Am sure it’s perfectly adequate for reading and doing similar tablet things on. But I had picked up a Redmi 5 as an inexpensive back-up phone and it was a pain to use. So much so that I ended up passing it on to my aunt, who had never used a smartphone before.

That being said, excellent review as always. Would you mind doing a real time comparison with the base variant of the 6th. Gen iPad to see how it holds up?

If it’s even half way comparable, this might make for a nifty Android tablet for someone who’s in the market for one!

Cheers mate, and more power to you!

Your channel’s the only one covering this device and I was very interested in seeing a real review.


Tejas Shirodker says:

Full review

Akshit Singh says:

Well practically speaking tablets should be more powerful than phones considering the amount of screen estate you’re getting! But here’s a 450 with just 3gigs of RAM! Okay what? 3 gigs on an Android tablet? In an age where even smartphones come with 8gigs at similar price! Like chrome easily eats ups 4gigs if you’re browsing 4-5 desktop websites! And obviously you’ll buy a tablet for that kind of use case! Totally senseless! iPad 6th gen is a much better buy at this price!

Raushan Kumar says:

No mi Pad coming to India?

Arpit Senghani says:

full review needed

swati sarvate says:

I would prefer ipad

Technical Galaxy says:

My dick is bigger than this tablet!

The SOS [Minion Bay] says:

Tab A is Fucked. SD 660 or 710 is the minimum for 30,000

Mohsin Ali Siddiqui says:

30k? WTF

Mayank Anand says:

Price needs to be barricaded between 21-25k

Anantha krishnan says:


santosh hebbal says:

Yup need in depth review…. More about speakers

Akshay Mehar says:

If Xiaomi have launched Mi pad 4 plus in India then Samsung would have to lower the price or provide better processor.

Avinash Kumar Chauhan says:

Go for Alcatel Pop 4. Best Value for Money Tablet.

Pravin Patil says:

I wouldn’t buy this even at 15k let alone 30k.

Fruitarian says:

Lol try updating those apps especially chrome and that tablet will struggle to doom

Nayan Jadhav says:

Samsung galaxy Tab A 10.5 Mobile Best

Shaindavi Arun says:

Full review ple

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