A CHEAP ANDROID TABLET WITH A PEN? Simbans Picassotab Unboxing Review

Available Here! US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071GY6994
UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071GY6994
A Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch drawing android tablet Unboxing and review. This android tablet comes with a pen and also has artists in mind as well as being for general entertainment use. So is the Simbans PicassoTab good enough for artwork?

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Jose Fernando Ayala Barrios says:

nice alternative if u can’t buy an ipad pro i think

BrokeManReviews says:

What do you think about using an iPad Pro for digital art?

matthew s says:

skip >>> 4m you add a note saying it has 1024 pressure levels,
maybe try ARTrage that “knows” about pressure

Teapotninnja says:

I have this tablet and it is okay for a first tablet but Simbans don’t answer your problems, I bought one and it died on me two weeks after I got it so I contacted simbans on the website and emailed them multiple times and had no reply. I had to go through Amazon which ended with more problems but I sorted it out eventually, just a thought people might want to know!

StormyHotWolf88 says:

Yeah, I want to see it with a third party pen. If it’s able to do as much as my old Tecra M7 as far as pressure sensitivity, this might be the tablet I’ve been looking for.

FanZie says:

When mom watch this channel

solaris2595 says:

I watch a lot of your reviews. That being said, I understand that simbans may have wanted you to review the drawing app that comes with the tablet. However, I’ve watched all of the YouTube reviews for this tablet so far, and every YouTuber has had a problem with autodesk. This tablet isn’t perfect, but if you draw in medibang, the pressure sensitivity does work (U have to turn it on in the app’s settings). Not all apps allow you to use the pen pressure, but I know for sure that it works with medibang. I’m thinking about buying this tablet, and would really appreciate it if you could review it again with an app that supports the pen’s pressure sensitivity. P.S.- Ur drawing looks absolutely amazing despite the app’s problems!

Eugene Shempemba says:

How much is it?

Charlie Rex says:

How much is this android tablet? Pls tell me!

D. Void says:

2GB RAM? Seriously? *Lag much* don’t buy.. waste of money on a crappy product. Better save up for a Cintiq Pro or iPad pro instead.

IKH TV says:

I need to get some pussy

Strawberry_Mimi says:

Do u think its good for beginners im about 14 and im looking for a cheap art tablet to use for a beging start for my art with tec

Cortezness says:

But can it run Minesweeper?

Teapotninnja says:

Also as a follow on, it’s not a good idea to get games or other apps on this because it can die on you just for that! (From experience)

Jitu Kun says:

You should rather buy Samsung tab s3 it has tilt sensitivity too

Gurbuder Durbuder says:

2 questions how good is sketchbook and do you NEED (can you not have to use a computer) to hook it up to a computer anyone can answer

Colin Parker says:

Oh…. its $200

And 160 in uk

Shane Studio's says:

I have this

hbarudi says:

Good it has a pen, but ram is low and price is high for this thing given the low specs on it.

Dan Ames says:

A examination of the Box?!…

Cassami_draws Star says:

Awwww I doesn’t ship to us and it’s way to much for me


Yay Akeno

maxbear027 says:

I have this tablet. you didn’t mention the fact it has palm rejection automatically if the pen tip is near the screen.
you didnt mention autodesk sketch book is shit on any platform you use it on. and medibang is free and a better alternative or art flow and ibispaint are better paid alternative. you didnt mention the pre installed screen protector and the rear camera are will get scratched very easily. you didnt mention how the pressure is simulated by the tip of the pen retracting into the pen to gauge how hard your applying pressure. also if you hold the apptray the tablet will do split screen so you can draw on one side and watch youtube or whatever on the second screen

Michael Melo Robles says:

Lets play PUBG

عبد العزيز سلاغور says:

Can I use Autocad

Le Innocence says:

I got the exact one for christmas however it recently broke. So now I’m using my Huion H530

Pierre Bilodeau says:

look nice and might be useful for making sketch on the run, instead of using paper, that i have to scan after for having them to use with my Ps…

عبد العزيز سلاغور says:

With it

Andrei Predescu says:

I’m not an artist, so I didn’t watch this video with an artistic mindset, but for $200 I guess it’s fine to have around the house when you need to take a quick note, check your e-mail, etc.

Zolt-Cat says:

This looks like a pretty neat tablet that suits my needs. Shame it doesnt ship to the us rip. maybe mention something like this next time? It’d be nice lol

Nik Toldi says:

Autodesk? Jeeez, who use that to draw. Thats crazy… xD

Marik Ishtar says:

I like this tablet. Too bad I don’t have the money for it. Do you know some good apps I can download for free on a normal tablet? Or if not free then ones that only cost a few dollars an app?
Thank you, hun!

the syco ART says:

Do you publish hentai??

leonardo says:

Wait… Is this pressure sensitive? I read that it actually isn’t. Can someone help me?

pengzo says:

can you use this app on another tablet

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