$80 Tablet vs $800 Tablet Review (Amazon Fire Tablet VS iPad Pro)

This Amazon tablet vs iPad video will actually surprise you! Watch and see which performed better in our tests
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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet: http://amzn.to/2hSjSXW
Apple iPad Pro: http://amzn.to/2uOoWhg

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In this video The Deal Guy is comparing a $80 tablet vs $800 tablet and you will be surprised with the results of cheap vs expensive! The amazon tablet vs ipad pro is a great comparison because one is so much cheaper than the other.

This Amazon Fire HD 8 review and iPad Pro review is unique because it compares a cheap tablet against an apple tablet. I hope you enjoy this amazon tablet vs ipad video 🙂

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Scott Klahr says:

Apple products are just made to be the stereotype for people looking for something high end. Why get them when you can get the same way cheaper.

Dominique Heasler says:

All win some day

emruss2 says:

Thanks for that comparison. Although you did not convince me to get an Amazon Fire instead of a top level Android tablet
(I know that you were comparing the Fire to a top level iPad) , you did make me rethink what I require from a tablet.
The 1.5GB of RAM in the Fire is the main drawback, but 256GB expandable SD storage is a big plus for the Fire.
I’ll ask you again to please find a deal on a top level Android tablet. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Beth Kelley says:

Love this deal

Steveee says:

I actually like Apple items but they’re so expensive!

Jordan McMillen says:

i love my fire tablet for movie and media browsing; i love it

Jill Seim says:


Lauren McMillon says:

Ha Ha Ha, you have me rolling on your drop testing!

Amdres Martinez says:

Good deal

Donald Easterbrooks says:

Fire tablets are nice for the $$, great road trip device

Gumer Zambrano says:

I see you copying BuzzFeed there (;

warren troxell says:

Looks I getting an amazon fire soon. thanks Matt.

Viki says:

I love this background, your vids look more sleek.

Photo Paiges Bailey says:

Thanks for the review. I’ll still stick with Apple for my stuff. I think it is a waste for some people to spend that amount for it.

Anthony Perrella says:

Great content Matt
I don’t understand why you don’t have over 1 million subscribers.
I share these with my friends and relatives.

Xyz Misc says:

Matt I love your videos I watch one when I wake up In the morning

Nancy Beauchene says:

Love my Kindle HD tablet. Best investment. Extremely durable and Amazon stands behind their product.

Kris M says:

Funny I have the Fire tablet and unfortunately bought it to substitute for my Kindle. That does NOT work!! Too big for your hand when you are laying in bed to read. NOW I know I don’t need a cover for it either!! That is great! I do have an Ipad mini and that I do protect! Loved the comparison!

NYC Most Want3d says:


Rick Torrey says:

Nice tablet

Dominik says:

That ipad screen is just too good

Makara Jan says:

Hope I win !

Vanessa Colon says:

The pick up line was hilarious to compare ☺

Steven Smith says:

Excellent comparison review

Debra Pender says:

I love the Deal Guy!!!! You Rock!!!!

smoreeater1 says:

The perfect tablet for kids!!

Louella Jewett says:

I love my fire tablet!!

DixieDirtSlanger says:

My daughter loves her HD8.

Debbie Storey says:

I need a tablet, Matt!!!

Adam Bozarth says:

love my fire 8

Dan Biechele says:

Matt, I am so looking forward to my first win!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Lawrence Dias says:

Neat !

pas69 says:

Omg matt that was really alot of abuse..but thats great

margo robinson says:

Definitely go with $80 over 800

Kevin Berry says:


Victor Grandmaiter says:

That looked like real wood on that floor…Yikes! That wasn’t a drop test it was a slam test.

Kostas Pappas says:

Matt, thank you for the comparison video between the Amazon Fire vs the Apple iPad. I Really like your ‘drop test’ – the score is Amazon talet 1 and the hardwood floor 0!

Melinda Angel says:

Hmmm, maybe Siri doesn’t like you? I asked her to tell me a joke and she said “The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.” OK, it sucked but it was a joke. 😉 Still, great demo as always, Matt! And this was a great deal!!

Larry Diss says:

Nice S O L D

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