2018 iPad Pro REVIEW – The BEST Tablet is Sadly Just a Tablet

Here’s my 2018 iPad Pro Review! – It’s an absolute beast but it’s still only an iPad. It’s limited by iOS and almost feels like there’s too much power to fully utilize. With that said, it’s still easily the best tablet of 2018.

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Jo_edm30 82 says:

I want it to have Xcode I want to be a developer but macs are really expensive

Matthew Leason says:

Try this new hack: combine Luna Display on the iPad pro with the Luna display USB c attachment to the mac mini. Bam it turns the iPad pro into a display that has macOS on it with touchscreen abilities and apple pencil 2 support!!!

LightningHits2x says:

Unfortunately this is all true…

Ryan Laguna says:

Good honest review! The iPad is just a tablet but could be so much more…..

Paul Erbes says:

Thanks Karl – You’re awesome; I think I’ll keep my 9″ iPad for now.

Sohail Wahab says:

Does YouTube support picture in picture on the new iPad?

Rkid 4 says:

What does Apple do with all these returns ?

Connor H says:

“We can all have our wishes on day, maybe” haha good video

montrealer says:

I’m interested in the Pro’s photo editing capabilities. Do you import RAW photos from your camera or JPG?

Majora Boy says:

Karl try lumafusion it’s a professional video editing software you can do key framing and you can also add your personal luts
Also Imovie and lumafuison do have keyboard shortcuts I keep using them on my iPad Pro 10.5
And try using documents to download all your luts music and all of your effects
You’ll be suprised at how well it works
You can check out one of my video which was edited through lumafusion

Muhammad Fatih says:

does all GOOGLE LLC APPS work perfectly on it?

michael barkley says:

I want the space gray 11 inch 256gb Wi-Fi + Cellular

alli69 says:

Nice review, just wondering, have you tried LumaFusion for ipad-video-editing?

Vansh Choudhary says:

The software maybe the problem for many people but not for me so its a perfect device for me. Love for videos karl.

Prayag Shirodker says:

man ur videos are super good …eye candy

Polinex says:

Who’s the blondie?

Mär says:

People keep saying it’s limited but like, is everyone editing videos in 4K raw? I mean if you’re just using it for more basic tasks I think it should be more than fine, especially writing stuff


It’s funny how you always hear people saying the iPad is limited. That it’s just a tablet, and not a laptop replacement. I would flip that. I would argue that the iPad does more. Yeah, it’s a tablet, but it CAN also do many things a laptop can do…while the laptop cannot do what a tablet can do at all. Meaning things that are inherently tablet related. So in a way, an iPad is a more versatile device. Of course it’s all relative. But for once I’d like to hear people point out the limitations of a laptop.

sterling archer says:

I was dead set on ordering a 12.9 and mac mini on day one…decided to wait to play with the ipad in store first. Went to bestbuy and after using the ipad, I walked out with a surface pro 6. Now I don’t have to buy a Mac mini either as the surface is a full operating system.
I do wish the surface pro was bigger, and wish the speakers were louder…other than that, even as an ipad fanboy, I’m incredibly pleased. Maybe after ios 14/15 I’ll go back to an ipad if apple adds enough features to make it more computer-like. (The main things i want to see are desktop versions of web pages, external hard drive support, a broader file system so I can store documents on the ipad itself, aaand flash/java for safari so i can do my school quizzes and such.)

Igor Rodak says:

go big or go home….. ….because you like it more…. sorry but a little bit stupid recommendation I think. 12.9 inch screen for reading or watching video on a tablet in bed is awkward. I read on Reddit many people are returning the bigger iPad bacause it´s to big for them.

Don JR says:


Brady Colbert says:

Can you do a closet /shoe collection video

Reyzin Quero says:

Thank you Karl for the review!

koolkatken says:

Don’t WANT MacOS on the iPad. Just some needed updates to iOS please. Afraid MacOS would be another half-baked job like windows where it’s not a good tablet OR laptop.

The Tech Wiccan says:

I have the iPad Pro 10.5 with Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. I’m probably not going to upgrade this year because my 10.5 does everything I need. Now, if the 11 could run Final Cut Pro, that would be a different story.

Synne Jim Navalta says:

Even though i don’t have any experience about ipad/apple but when i watched your vid. Now i know yeah i agree with you it is the the best!

potom 05 says:


Victor Mendes says:

That’s the beast!!! iPad Pro

Karl Conrad says:

So this vid was edited completely on the new iPad Pro. It was way tougher than I thought and still couldn’t add any LUTS or colour corrections. Obvi not as quick and the loss of shortcuts really slowed me down. It is technically all possible but we are limited by iOS. With that aside – this is really the best iPad we’ve seen

Nelson Dai says:

iPad Pro + Apple pencil + smart cover with keyboard, for the price, the limitation by ios and number of items to carry why not just get a MacBook Air or other windows laptop instead? It’s beautiful and powerful but why a $1800 CAD Netflix/YouTube machine?

Nick Wolf says:

Karl, your vids are some of my favorite on Youtube. Keep making em with the quality you do!

Anakin Skywalker says:

I don’t get it. I am buying an iPad because I want a tablet NOT a PC nor a laptop. If the issue is the price because it is within the range of a laptop, then don’t buy. Complaining about some features that aren’t there from the very beginning and are just part of your wishlist is just plain stupid.

Alpha Centauri says:

try bending it and see what happens hahahaha

Noah hunter says:

This exactly like Marques’s video

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