☆ BETTER THAN CINTIQ? || Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD V2 Tablet Review! ☆

Is this tablet better than a Wacom Cintiq?
Thank you so much to Huion for sending me this amazing tablet!! Get one yourself:
Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD V2: https://goo.gl/NY19kZ
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Shifa Ramadanti says:

Your video Is great!! always!!and i luv your art work!!please do another Tutorial!!

Thatssomething Iguess says:

YouTube: apple mint posted a vid *drop everything and wach* best YouTuber in the world :D.

Olivia Angela Sinhart says:

can you make a how to draw chibi vid plzzzzzzzzz

Yasutake Inao says:

I really want this tablet I will start saving now.

Emily Bergman says:

Congrats on 100k!!! u deserve it 😀 :D:D

Jennette says:

congrats on 100k subs

Maddie Eaton says:

She might have said this in the video, but is it just a monitor, like does it need to be plugged into a computer not?

Ann Brentlinger says:


EvieDragneel16 says:

What do you use to do live streams??

Itz Jazzyrainbow blocket says:

Appleminte can you show usu how to draw the body of the chibi pls

salty studios says:

I am going to save money to buy it for myself because I draw on myy phone . I want a tablet that I can draw directly on it . I’m only 11 .

Molly creeper 07 says:

YAY 100 K

Kookie says:

Congrats on HunderedK!!! You are like one of my fave youtubers of art!

A.S.H says:

Will you ever do a tablet giveaway? .v. I already know that i’m not going to win but i’ll watch. Will you ever do one? .v.

danica lyons says:

appleminte when the 50k giveaway done i wanna win please i don’t have art stuff can i have it you help me learned how to draw

Pink Puggeh says:

Congrats On 100K. 😀 Also I Love The New Intro

Sheng Madridijo says:

Happy 100k

Nora Ortega says:

How dare someone dislike your video?! Your amazing! Your the best artist I’ve ever seen!!

Ma Yolanda Cardenas says:

Who noticed she plays minecraft i play minecraft too btw i love u

Leanne Park says:

This Is so insane I’ve been watching u since 3k and I can’t believe how fast ur growing! U totally deserve it!i love ur channels nd content sm!!!

Its Aarutaco says:

CONGRATS ON 100k!!!!!!!

Lovethe Game says:

appleminte is so amazing she only has one dislike i love you appleminte

Alizarin plays Minecraft says:

she reused footage from her livestream!!!!!

Snowstripe Gamez says:

😮 I need this.

Olivia Graef says:

Can u make a video on tablets and what they have on them because I tend to not use some of the tools on it because I don’t know what they are. I know, I know I’m just new to some of this software and these tablets

Koharu Hinata says:

I subbed!

Boss Cheezburger says:

Love this Video!

Drawing With Kimiko says:

I’m already planning on getting this tablet. I just gotta wait till about feb 8th. maybe later then that. but when i get my tax’s back, all i need is another 100 witch I’ll be putting 100 from my check on the 8th in to savings. and then all I need is my tax’es so i can buy this tablet. I’m so excited!!!

Ngoc Yen says:

You like drawing with bare hands or with a tablet?

kaylee garcia h says:


Kitty Pretty Gamer says:


Raven's To cool says:

Love your videos

Ginger Wolff says:

I wonder how long it take,s for them to ship it to you ?

Fatima Ortiz says:

I love it.

Daniela Trewartha says:

You are so amazing and you totally deserve this, I wish you to keep growing like this :”)

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