Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review After 1 Month! Still a Fantastic Budget Smartphone of 2017!

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review After 1 Month! Still a Fantastic Budget Smartphone of 2017! This the review of the official Global version of the Xiaomi Redmi 4x.
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kabeer hanif says:

Can’t wait for the video on the doogee mix

Daniel Esimu says:

Great intro with a new scenery but epic mic. Hihihi.
But I think it’s high time budgets phones started embracing USB type-C.
Great video.

Scott Mannear says:

Nice review. My latest budget phone is Blu R1 Plus, 3gb 32gb 4000mah battery 8+ hrs screen time 5mp 13mp, decent screen and great speaker, dual Sim, 128gb SD card. It gets 4GLTE in US and has bsnd 12 on Tmobile. I bought at one day sale price of $109 and used a $30 credit at Amazon so net delivered was $89. Price is$159 currently

Hamizan Rizal says:

redmi note 4 vs meizu m5 note. which better?

Jerry Tan says:

Great review, I enjoying watching your videos!

infera1 says:

Yeah seems weird that they released so many phones, seems it might dilute the market: making people more confused what to choose

Effi Khan says:

which one is good and powerful mobile samaung j5 prime j7 prime huawei nova plus oppo f3 black plz give me ans l want to buy new mobile..

Sérgio Alves says:

And the Umi Note C?

TechLineHD says:

I just love the Redmi 4x. You get so much value for the price. Here is the product link if you want to check it out: https://goo.gl/XATxGL

Tony And says:

Great phone and even better review!

Rok McDonald says:

Apsimoka šitą telefoną pirkti už 200 euru iš telia, žmogui kuriam svarbiausia, kad nelagintu paprastos programos ir baterija gerai laikytu? Ar yra geresnių variantu?

Anoop CBose says:

Redmi 4x is a best phone. I’m watching this vedio in my 4x
I’m from india.
In india this phone is called redmi 4, and priced 8998 INR.
By tha by Where are you from tecline..

Lawliet says:

you are a cool guy, great review

Vishal Giri says:

the ultimate budget phone champion from Xiaomi, awesome review bro!!

js yoo says:

i used to use it this 4x since people were talking about it alot and saying only good things.
but i sold it in second hand for some reasons that i didnt like.
i dont know how it is in other countries but in korea where i live in , speech quality was too bad on 4x.
i felt like i was talking to someone who live in the foriegn planet over the earth or spaceship like the movie
it may be affected by phone carriers but the one i use is the most popular one in korea.
so it couldnt replace my former phone 6s.
but as Linus said on video, it was extremely fast and nice screen quality, plus cheap !( i heard 16g that is cheaper than 32g is available now)
always thanks reviews and videos !

Ad Krishna says:

Why xiaomi skips fast charging option in budget segment? They disable it on hardware which i fell bad.

Ali Galal says:

its good phone but its getting so hot by use what do you advice me to do because I bought it

John Nada says:

This or the Note 4X? A lot of reviews claim that the note version has a lesser camera, and even claim that the 4X has a better camera… But the samples i´ve seen of the note version look sharper and colors more realistic, on the other hand the 4X seems to have better mic gain in comparison to the Note (Maybe just a software issue).

What do you think Linus?

Marvin M says:

for that price, wow! read some very positive reviews. thx for this video.
i almost bought this one but i was more curious for the Doogee mix. hopefully you’ll do a review on that one too. 🙂

Ahmed Shams says:

Loved it ! The problem with Xiaomi phones are they look and feel really premium but actually not that well built. Saying that from my experience . 🙂

Hicham Gouchida says:

send it to me

Nikolas Darsavelidze says:

i bet you are getting money or something from xiaomi u always do positive reviews about xiaomi devices and most of your videos is about xiaomi devices

Haykal Hilman says:

kewl review mate

Ujang Boyor says:

in our country this thing is “HP sejuta umat” or “phone for million people”
note : “million” can be meant “many” or “majority”

TheoJabroni says:

this is pretty much my phone for the next two years. battery life is fantastic.

Florian Progri says:

A review done well. Subscribed

Ace-ZK says:

guys seriously this phone i soo much for it’s price i’ve had it for 1 month too and i have no complaints… the battery can literally last 4 days lol, the camera is good compared to other phones, and for it’s price you can say the camera is GREAT. This phone is very quick and everything runs smoothly, i see no better phone out there as good for the price…. Great review

usman abdulkadir says:

Great review Linus

Trend Tube says:

It is the same phone just like the Redmi 3S

Roy Gary BoomBoxx says:

Great video Linus. Watching this on the Note 4X..

Redskull says:

I got 12h of SOT from this phone! Good review Linus! I wish i could record the voice outside. Just too much noise where i live

Joseph Fernandez says:

Congrats Linus for excellent review! I bought redmi 4x last two months honestly I enjoyed using it and highly recommended to anyone looking for budget phone. I have also mi max which also performing well, xiaomi is the beast.

3dkiller says:

lol my 801 snapdragon LG G3, performs way better in geekbench. (And the 801 is ancient )

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