Xiaomi Mi8 Review! – Best Budget Smartphone I Ever Bought, WOW!

Here’s my full review of the Xiaomi Mi8. In my opinion, this is the best budget smartphone I have ever bought and perhaps the best smartphone under $450. It’s got the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM(or 8GB if you go for the 128GB model), 6.21-inch Super AMOLED screen(that’s bright as any Samsung/LG), fast performance, dual-SIM, and have killer camera(keeps up to Pixel 2 in both daylight/low-light).

I got this on eBay here:(recommended seller)

If you want to save a few bucks this year on a smartphone that pretty much does everything a flagship does, this is it! Of course, Pocophone could be even better, I should have full unboxing/review of that also.

Written review here:

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George Zaf says:

have been rocking this phone from july
Worth the money spent
love it. updates are on point and the screen is beautiful with Srgb + the facial unlock being superfast

Steven Ben says:

Xiaomi really stepped up their game this year..

Paul Burgos says:

then poco came

Jose Munoz says:

Has anyone got the “OK GOOGLE” working?

Deemo says:

That icon management tho.

Pixelated Icon says:

Similar screen to the Samsung? Maybe that’s because it is a Samsung screen.

corsinivideos says:

xiaomi do design their own phones, look at the mi mix2s

Simon says:

Great video Max ….. I’m seriously considering the mi8 , even over the OnePlus 6 … And I’d be getting rid of my OnePlus 5 .

pnunomonteiro says:

budget price yes budget phone no.

James Macey says:

I have two of these phones – as things stand, I can’t agree that they’re good value. There are so many software issues (and I have tried ALL available ROMs) that I have reverted to using my old MI A1 as my daily until the software issues are fixed (plus, it’s nice to have an IR blaster and headphone jack again – I am missing the camera quality though). I just can’t stand the bluetooth issues, the GPS problems, the poor “notch” implementation and the effect it has on Android Auto (which my I and my better half both have Android Auto JVC KW 730 BT headunits in our vehicles) – even using it handset-based, rather than car connected, AA won’t work with other apps like spotify.

Michael Hazell says:

Try daily driving Asus Zenfone 5z

kankerlijerable says:

Dude 450 dollars isnt a ”’Budget” phone. ~200 dollar is a budget phone.

Livius says:

Max I have been hearing that the phone has some major problems regarding problems with booting up the phone and that the sound quality of calls is horrible , Is it true ? Did you had any of this problems ? I want to buy one and you are the best person I could ask .

itachi man says:

Great review , but where’s the microphone samples ?

Wan Zaini says:


VacancyJB says:

2 years ago i bought my first xiaomi phone, first i don’t like the miui layout as i’m a typical android user, but after awhile i kinda like miui, and now i will stick with it.

Altaïr T says:

Armchair launcher is great

Chris Monjarazz says:

Does it work in the U.S.?

Fernando Solis says:

Great review Max! I have a MI6 and Nova Launcher improves the feel of any Xiaomi phone. Go a step further and install Android Oreo Pro from the theme store 😉

Kevz R says:

I keep laughing at the “no damn notifications”

pnunomonteiro says:

budget ….? get a grip…

El Cancer says:

Best budget FLAGSHIP* btw

Vasilis2 Porto2 says:

In my xiaomi redmi note 4 do the same with the keyboard.

RevineHD says:

exactly what i think! xiaomi mi 8 is the phoen for me… at least right now 😛

FlowYT says:

“This phone will get you by a year” lol we’re not that rich to be changing phones every year.. lucky you =)

Last mod anything you know on minecraft says:

This year xiaomi waking up

Theo Dunsmuir says:

Prefer the Poco, since it has 4000mah and a more durable Kevlar casing

K NG says:

Can you test the GPS using the “GPS Test” app against the Galaxy S9? There seems to be a problem with GPS outside of China.

Luis Abraham Alonso Rodriguezz says:

The mi 8 also have trouble with Netflix HD?

Jonathan D says:

Bought mine for $400 in Beijing…fantastic phone

Branislav Avramovic says:

You do not see the notifications because of the Nova launcher (but you can activate it on Nova too). On MIUI, every notification is shown on the app icon by default.

Pedro Gordinho says:

I was thinking the phone didn’t had the notch.
It looks better with it than without.

Ben Ben says:

Wtf? Is a flagship smartphone not a budget one! Just have a budget price!

Steven Ben says:

I hope you all have seen the first Xiaomi phone with 4 cameras. It is sold here in Dubai for 1550aed.. very nice mobile. Xiaomi and Huawei hosting 2018.

Cosmin Comanac says:

Does Netflix run on 1080p? I know the pocophone has an issue where Netflix runs only on 480p

Pixelated Icon says:

The notch isn’t hiding notifications. I have the mi5 which has no notch and no notifications are ever shown at the top of the screen. Same as my previous phone mi4.

George Mag says:

Max your homescreen is a mess…!!!

Reng Kwan says:

i needed another 60 days to unlock my bootloader. 🙁 meanwhile im running MIUI 10 global BETA, its much better than MIUI 9!

Mooni Angel says:

it’s Xiaomi flagship alongside with mix series
The budget version is poco , se , note series and redmi series

Jose Antonio Lanz says:

Man… Where do you find those custom roms? XDA is an empty place right now 🙁

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. says:

Great review. Just subed.

Minh Nhat Ly says:

Help Link up android

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