Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone REVIEW – Flagship Specs for Half the Price!

The full review of the Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone!
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Xiaomi Mi6 4K Camera Test: https://youtu.be/eVAhOmBU4ug
Xiaomi Mi6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8: https://youtu.be/CIgtpzOnn4s

This is the in depth review of the Xiaomi Mi 6, the latest flagship from the Chines giant. The Xiaomi Mi 6 has the latest CPU, the Snapdragon 835, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. That Fast CPU comes paired with 6GB ram and 64GB of internal storage.
In this review you will be able to check out the benchmark results for the MI6, the speeds for the internal storage, gaming performance and the battery life. There are also many sample pictures taken with the Xiaomi Mi6’s dual cameras in daylight and low light conditions.

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Alakesh Baruah says:

That’s soo true. every xiaomi device have some bugs. and the interface is same as we can see in the older phones. I’m tired of seeing the notification panel.. they should add new interface on the upcomingMIUI version

TechLineHD says:

Awesome review and dope shots!

mubashar ahmed says:

battery life

MOVIE trailers says:

nice review nice MI phone

Nandun Kahandawa says:

u da best….

yong leks mamam bang says:

hey i see many youtubers that review this said that the rom kinda glitching and broken, i really want to buy it but i scare if the phone is glitching like that


What About the benchmark

LEVEL UP says:

alex bro honour 6x 4gb variant is available for just 200$ right now

Meowess says:

Probs to you for not hidding the flaws.

Simply channel says:

4:32 2.2 GB of 6GB AVAILABLE
What a shame!

Robert Clark says:

It is sad how the third party sellers all linked to this device is damn near 2 times the price of what makes it so enticing lol. 360 I see on all the videos. But the links on most are around 5 to 6 hundred USD. lol. Guess I’ll have to wait. By then one plus 3t will be out.

Cap says:

Redskull just continues to make me wanna get these phones

Hacker life says:

This mobile it’s new or old ?


Good video man Keep it up

Sacred says:

looks promising, not sure if it would work well in the U.S though

Barczy says:

Here you go my friend (y), I was waiting for this review since a week. I need to buy new smartphone and I was wondering that Mi6 is worth to buy? At this point I was looking for Lenovo P2 (Bad camera and pretty weak hardware) and Xiaomi Mi5(Pretty bad battery and it is not solid at all in crash tests). What do I need? Super lighting fast interface, battery 5hSoT+ and at least just good camera. What do you think?

HeromineTFD Gaming says:

no audio jack

deadpool killer says:

Hey nice video quality

TechLineHD says:

Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the best budget flagship phones at the moment. The design is awesome!

TechMikey says:

When he always asks for like i give him because Redskull earns it <3

Alvin Egieoze says:


Moritz Naser says:

have you tried using whatsapp? I’ve read on some reviews that you are not able to use your google backup for whatsapp. Anyway great video as always!

Adriano C. says:

no gorilla glass in this phone????

Manjit Sarma says:

what’s your opinion about those big bezels uper and lower part of the phone?

oren moyal says:

Is it waterproof?

Nuno Rodrigues says:

@Redskull are you based on UK?

#S8PlusIs Boss says:

S8 and S8plus pimp slaps any silly Xiaomi handset so easily its comical.

Chemy JMHT says:

I like this one a lot, I think the only downside is the screen resolution because doing some VR you will notice that low resolution.

Conner Webb says:

In your next video, can you say Smash that like button instead.

Rohit Nair says:

Nice review. But the phone is not to my taste. I prefer the honor 8 pro over this.

Scott Mannear says:


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