Xiaomi Mi Mix Review – A Smartphone from the Future?

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review http://www.mobilegeeks.com I have been waiting for Xiaomi to step up their game for years, for years they have delivered well built, competitively priced handsets that failed to set them apart as an industry leader. They went from disruptive to middle of the pack in just a few years. The Mi Mix is a concept phone that is being sold in small quantities in China, so most people are never going to be able to get their hands on one, we picked up ours from Trading Shenzhen, so where there is a will there is a way. If you do pick up the Mi Mix, load it up with what I like to refer to as screen pornography and prepare for a lot of OOOO .. Ahhhh .. Ohhhhh.. Waaaat! This 6.4 inch display is huge, and the bezels have a massive wow factor, it does feel big, but having said that all though it’s actually not that much larger than the Nexus 6P or the iPhone 7 plus both of which have much smaller display’s. With a resolution of 1080p we’re disappointed in the spec, but honestly we’re not disappointed in how the display looks, and when we look at battery life we’re can’t help but be a little glad since we’ve got a bit of beast on our hands. With a screen to body ratio of 91% games and videos look amazing, the only annoyance is the 17:9 aspect ratio, with most content formatted for 16:9 we’re often left with a black bar along the side, which for the most part is filled by the Android navigation bar, we with that when the bar is hidden that the space would get filled, it’s a shame since youXiaomi’s native player fills with the Android navigation bar.


Avieshek Rajkhowa says:

Surely, it isn’t Gorilla Glass but some local company. An international version can be expected with Gorilla Glass atleast if the reviewers start pointing at them before they start planning for the real version.

king lutscher says:

ich will es

jazzyjard says:

fuck that im importing this shit

ImperiaL ZelhiA 聖人 says:

Awesome video, thank you very much !

Ben Klock says:

Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony and all others must step their game up now.

Yura Furman says:

Hi Cool review, I to buy her here http://ali.pub/qkyx6

KTK27 Productions says:

U can get a custom launcher if you use the google installer which could be found on mini forums .

KillDeer says:

That bezel made me shoot cum

Shuaibu Ahmed says:

xiaomi did an awesome job other OEM should take note xiaomi delivered what poeple want and made our dreams come true.

mkeonine says:

iphone 7 and pixel looks so ancient next to this beauty. They gotta be ashame for releasing devices with so much bezel in 2016.

Vinayak Suri says:

It’s just a gorgeous looking device!

Vinayak Suri says:

Can you do a comparison with the Xiaomi mi max snapdragon 652 version???

tradingshenzhen says:

Thanks for the review 🙂

Che001F says:

Xiaomi Mi Mix can eat all those Galaxy s7 or Note series for breakfast

Mohammad Rizwan Rashid says:

It’s a 2k display not a 1080p

Mr Android Guy says:

all the Xiaomi’s flagship has excellent camera except for the mi mix…

Kdewds D says:

How did you upload Google play store?

Jeff J says:

Awesome review Nichole. The battery life and design make this a player. Shame Xiaomi won’t market this more broadly.


No mix is superb but a 6 ” and narrower phone would Bethe best as its too big for me

Uchiha Madara says:

Didn’t sharp already do this with their phone the Aquos Crystal would really like to see a comparison of these to bezeless wonders

pumpuppthevolume says:

not having edge to edge display is basically the equivalent of a tube tv

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