Xiaomi Mi 9 – Most affordable top3 smartphone camera? – Full Review [Xiaomify]

It’s here: the Xiaomi Mi 9! In this review I’m looking at what’s new, the tech specs, look at the photo quality, audio quality and more. Let’s find out what’s to like about this phone… Let’s go!

You can find the Mi 9 (all models) on Gearbest here: http://bit.ly/XMF_GBMI9 or on Banggood here: http://bit.ly/XMF_BGMi9

The Mi 9 is the latest successor in Xiaomi’s flagship range of smartphones. The Mi9 is one of the first smartphones to feature the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor; one we will see in a lot of upcoming flagship phones in the coming year. This new CPU means it’s not only much faster than it’s predecessor, the Mi 8, but it should also be much more battery-friendly.

The main upgrades, besides the CPU and GPU, is the (improved) in-glass fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone. This reacts much faster and results in much less failed unlocking-attempts than the Mi 8 Pro.

Very welcome is the addition of Qi wireless charging that’s supporting 20W Qi Quick charge. The 20 watt Qi chargers that Xiaomi recently released are very popular and have been consistently sold out since their launch; so I have not been able to try that out.

The battery is slightly smaller, as the Mi9 comes with a 3300 mAh battery, as opposed to the 3400 mAh battery found in the Mi 8. However, the Mi 9 should give you much better battery performance due to its new CPU and GPU.

The triple camera setup is probably one of its highlight features; considering that has been given a DxO-Mark score of 107 which puts it just below the collective number one spot of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, P20 Pro, and Samsungs Galaxy 10 Max.

The camera is really impressive. The regular camera shoots up to 48 MP (downscaled pixels merge it into 12MP output) and these photos come out great! The additional 2x zoom lens and the super-wide angle lens (117˚ field of view) make this a very versatile camera rig which is the first time for a Xiaomi phone.

The video shoots 4K UHD at 30 fps per default and has very impressive image stabilization. At night I did encounter a few times where the focus would abruptly shift, but this was mostly when shooting at 60fps, and felt more like a software bug than an actual problem with the camera.

Overall, both the video and the images I have taken with the Mi 9 are very impressive and I tend to do a full Mi9-camera-video sometimes soon. (Let me know in the comment section if that’s something you would like to see!)

Both the speaker and microphone seem to have slightly improved when comparing to the Mi 8, making it a better performing phone overall.

To conclude; I find the Mi 9 to be a very good upgrade of the Mi 8. It has some of the features I personally missed on the Mi 8, like Qi Charging, and it has improved on all fronts. Also, the significantly smaller notch for the front-facing camera is a change that many will be very pleased with.

Especially when taken into consideration that this is the first phone sporting the Snapdragon 855 processor, that it has a top-3 (or top-4) DxO-mark performing camera AND that it is the most affordable phone from the list: The Mi 9 is probably THE smartphone to look at early 2019: it’s a really well-performing beast of a phone for a very (very!) competitive price!

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bjay dy says:

She hot af man

Igor M says:

Xiaomify! Any idea when the Global transparent version is going to be released? Groetjes!

gerome drepaul says:

Can this be used in the USA?

Cloud Fone says:

mi mix 3 5G

Karate4 says:

You have to update the subscriber count in the outro animation … 69k what an opportunity!

Firdaus Hilmy says:

Mi mix 3 or Mi 9?

abderrahim addakiri says:

Nice video, is there global version for sell in China?

David Miscavige says:

Is the top bezel larger than the side bezels?

CraftedMap says:

i want that thing, dammit

pink Fungi says:

love you man

Εμμανουήλ Λυδάκης says:

Why dont we get to see your selfies too xD

Brian says:

Suzanna was the best part of the video.

xiaomify says:

YES! It’s here: The almighty Xiaomi Mi 9! Enjoy!
I am working on a whole bunch of other videos including the RedMi Note 7, the Xiaomi neck-band earphones and A LOT MORE! -Stay tuned :))

Dukyno5 says:

Is possible wireless charging with that xiaomi case with strip?

MrSifaperdire says:


Chris Morel says:

Does Suzanna has a sister?? Let me know that

Stéphane Silva says:

Please tell me what laptop stand that girl is using!

Victor Clausson says:

Mi Mix 3 vs. Mi 9. Which one would you choose?


Nice comparision Brother. I stay @ my Mi8 6/128GB. Regards from Europe from my channel

oliver.c.s says:

Really great review!

Gryzounours says:

Hey, is it possible to make it “stock android like”, a little bit like OxygenOs ? Thanks

Mark Drooney says:

Best Video bro

Lennart says:

Mi 9 is cheaper on Amazon 🙂

Vibu Poongode says:

Nice BGM!!

Majed Hoor says:

I love xiaomi phone

tyler Tang says:

u made this video in China?

Roger Ruijters says:

If you choose France ass region you can use face unlock…….

Melmelmax gomes says:

The charging anim is dope!!

harbi4ever111 says:

how does the main camera compares with the mi 8’s. that’s the thing that’s keeping me from buying the mi 8 as its much cheaper. but the 8’s chin is hideous lmao. I’m planning to keep the phone for 2-3 years provided it doesn’t break on me so I’d like to know

Sander Buitenhuis says:

There are some really good improvements from the Mi8

eidil morra says:

maybe next time she should do the review.. :p

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