Xiaomi Mi 6 Review – Amazing Budget Flagship Smartphone of 2017!

Xiaomi Mi 6 Review – Amazing Budget Flagship of 2017! Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the best smartphones of 2017.
Get it here: http://geni.us/b6DUWm or here: http://geni.us/B15DrN2
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Manjit Sarma says:

I m happy by using Mi !(Note 3)

Robert Clark says:

I hate how the price is 360 but the stores charge damn near 500usd

Mr EgRaM says:

what is best in your opinion .. mi6 or p10 ?

Tony And says:

Linus, your videos are amazing. You will explode very soon. Your cinematics, details and knowledge are off the charts. Great work dude, you deserve at least 100k subs but I’m sure you’ll get there very soon.

Sanam Madhikarmi says:

Waiting for others to review u reviewed first

Skrunch says:

Your phone reviews are my favorite.

TechTeachers says:

I really wish your video should go viral but shitty Youtube it doesn’t understand ones hardwork!

Mohamad Noor says:

OMG very nice place you’re living in especially when it snowing just wonderful , is it Canada? . Also very cute cat you have . For the phone the lack of a headphone jack is a deal breaker for me i don’t like companies to restrict me and push me to have accessories i dont want

Kostas Bauza says:

360p ?

Chandra Patra says:

Is it possible you would do a short review or hands on video again if the silver variant of Mi6 is out? That silver variant looks stunning.

Marcelo Alt Diniz says:

best smartphones analyst of www.

TechLineHD says:

Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the best budget flagships right now. What is your favorite feature of it?

tony lansky says:

software is my favorite along with build quality

TheEvilPenguinGamer says:

when you compare the mi6 and s8 at 6:14 , does the s8 have auto hdr?

Jorge Eduardo Guevara Verjel says:


AmirHannif says:

can you compare the camera with mi 5S

Scott Qi says:

copying apple…

John Dow says:

What kind of a hell do you live in where it snows in May?!

Redskull says:

damn that snow!

Swapnil Ingale says:

What’s it price will it launch in india

AlfaPower says:

I would never buy this for phone for over 400 dollar + when you can buy the new oneplus 5 soon in just 1 month for same price.

Zeg Zegler says:

Dude! Great Review!
But let loose…you’re so stiff…but maybe it’s the snow… Lol

Scott Mannear says:

Not last

andrew bryce says:

shame Xiaomi software is average at best. software can’t match the hardware. plus the decision to remove 3.5mm jack was bad choice

good night moon says:

great review and phone but im not a big fan of removing 3.5mm headphone jack and sd card slot

Redskull says:

great review Linus, loved it!

Kevin Leong says:

where to get the global rom?

rizki amiruslim17 says:

worth to buy , thanks for review linus one of the best reviewer

Fly agaric says:

1.8 aperture, yet they re still behind the top… Eh, Xiaomi. Great review.

Ricardo says:

did you update the miui before makes this Review?? because the camera had improvements by xiaomi.

Máté Takács says:

where do you live? it looks a fantastic country

Scott Qi says:

quite disapointed of taking away the he’d phone, others are good.

Daniel Esimu says:

Great review Linus.
But one would wonder how Xiaomi manages to get SD 835 right and fails to get 3.5mm jack and lack of SD card. It might suffer the HTC Ultra death.

Praveen Shiva says:

Great detailed review.Waiting for your one plus 5 review

Andrew M says:

Pagarba uz kokybiska medziaga! taip ir toliau 🙂

Dene. F. says:

Its not 360. Must be an intermittent isdue somewhere. Mine is 1080p. Think about it, he woykdnt record in 360 would he? Thanks Linus. Usual high quality review. I am going to ask a favour though please. There is more than America, I don’t demand secular UK sterling prices but could I request at least Euro price please? Not to worry if its a hassle. Just to say also. Saw a great hardware video if this handset today from ‘jerrigeverything’.. Came out as a very, very robust phone, far, far better than the Mi5. Took a lot if damage to the screen, camera lenses, finger print sensor and metal frame, including fire. Came out very well. Highly recommended handset. Thanks again Linus.

Bratty Neet says:

Xiaomi really rocks! Thanks for highlighting even the minus points, mate!

Ivan Kisaragi says:

damn, this thing is a beast. nice video man.

Blatnaz says:

Hey, ar gauni telefoną tik reviewsui ar perki? Svarstau įsigyti šį aparatą ir norėčiau, kad būtų be chinese bloatware.

Ivan Kisaragi says:

360p gang

ahmd5 says:

interesting…Some sellers claim that you can receive OTA updates on this Global ROM.

1)Did your seller make such a claim?
2)Did you receive any OTA?
3)please let us know if these claims are true

Riaj Karim says:

One of the Best review of Mi6 I have ever seen, good job man, keep doing these types of work again and again. best wishes​ for u.

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