Vivo XL3 Review: BLU’s First Smartphone Running Android Oreo!

The latest smartphone from BLU is a budget-friendly device running Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. For $189, the Vivo XL3 features a 5.5-inch HD+ 18:9 display, MediaTek quad-core processor with 3GB RAM, 13-megapixel front and rear cameras, 32GB internal storage, and 4G LTE with support for GSM carriers in the U.S. Will the Vivo XL3 be your next smartphone?

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daniel mccrea says:

U mean to tell me a blu phone has android oreo but my s8plus doesnt yet??

Timothy Thomas says:

It Looks good
Makes me would if my Blu Studio Veiw XL will get Oreo…

K94EVER says:

Is the display ips, or amoled?

AlphaMax says:

Looks pretty cool but I think I am going to wait for the Motorola G6.

Wiz Brown says:

woooooooooow nice phone

Clous von says:

I like how they treied to make it look like a dual camera phone with the design of the camera housing but it’s just a flash lol

james waithe says:

Does the vivo xl3 SD card slot actually works??????
Because I have a vivo xl2 and it keep rejecting my SD card which is annoying

Leo Leandre says:

Just but the honor 7x

Rogelio Anchondo says:

Looks okay but Google pixel2 xl is better

Mike Crabtree says:

Thumbs down because you subscribe to the more is better crap.
I am so tired of watching videos where phone snobs rate good devices on super phones that cost 4 to 5 times as much, despite the fact that 99% of all BLU phones do 99% of everything that the average user needs to have done.
If you buy the sub 100.00 phone from BLU I can see the average user coming up short. But there are few BLU phones between 400 and 200 or just below.and these days this goes down to 120.00.
I have the R1Plus and would take it over anything considering what you get for the price.
Now BLU ups the anti with a phone like the Vivo xL3 for 130.00 and it is treated like a pile of dog crap comparing it to flagship phones, there are things BLU does not have intentionally that other phones do have, because they have asked their customer base if they wanted it, would use it, understanding that it would cause the price of their phones to go up. Their customers said no. They didn’t want near field, no rfid. Etc.
And as a BLU phone customer I totally agree. I never use that stuff, I have phones that have it, never use it and never will. I now buy phones from BLU because they don’t have those functions in them, it makes the phones safer.
How you may ask.
Every new option, rfid, near field, blu tooth, WiFi, etc. is one more way for some one to make their way in to your phone, tablet PC.
If these devices don’t have rfid, or nearfield, that cuts out 50% of the ways a hacker can break in to your phone.
These jokers can think and say what they like. But do you really need 2.5ghz octicore processor and 6gb ram with 512gb ssd at 800 to1000 dollars plus all the fluff that you will never use.
Or will a 1.3ghz octicore chip with 3 or 4 gb of ram do everything you need for 600 to 800 dollars less.
Think about it. Most people do these things with their phones.
Call. Either by phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger or another app.
Another fallacy is voip calling. Some phones are sold or pushed in the sale because it has voip calling capabilities, what does that really mean? When the truth is that EVERY smartphone for the last 5 years at least, Apple, Android, Windows etc has been voip calling capable.


Message, of what ever kind, voice record, video record, etc.





FB Messenger

Simple to medium games


All of this and more. Many sub 200.00 dollar phones can do.
Don’t fall for the. “You have to have the latest IPhone, or the latest Samsung, LG etc.
There are dozens of brands out there that are more than capable at 1/5 the price.
R1-hd just over one hundred at Amazon, is a very capable device if you are not a power user. And 90+% of all users are not power users.

ATB Clan says:

Yeahhh BLU with Android 8.0!!!!

Tomás Ruiz says:

Get yourself a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Global Variant) Amazing Buil Quality/Specs for less than 200USD… Much more better that the Blu that you reviewed on this video.

young mouss says:

Dual sim or not?

Thomas Cuzzo says:

this is great, after switching from a 2gb ram phone

Mark Norville says:

I had to stop at 2 mins, can you make bloody phone calls or not? It is the only thing that I want to know, it is a waste of time, me buying a mobile phone, if it cannot make phone calls. I am not worried about people posting what they are having for dinner tonight, or surfing the internet when I can just use my computer, or a laptop. If I want to call someone, does it work, or do you have to get two tin cans and a piece of string?

Mr. Phone !! says:


what is the point of living says:

Can you do gaming test please!

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