Vivo NEX S Impressions: Truly Bezelless?

Is the true all-screen smartphone finally here? Almost…

Testing the In-Glas Fingerprint reader:

The State of Bezels and Notches:

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Phone provided by Vivo for video


Papepo Mamemo says:

get ride of Android OS and I’m in.

Hussain Ali says:

How can I get Netflix on this the Vivo Nex. It’s not in the Google Play store. Is there a workaround

lino conceicao says:

Great phone

Boeing Lee says:

stunning design

Matisa says:

This is amazing

xVx Naratis says:

I think my predictions were correct, I don’t know why so many people were predicting that we’d have notches for years, it was clear to me we had technology and the will to remove notches and go more towards cleaner designs

김재현 says:

Ios on a galaxy

Thomas Gephard says:

It supports only english/chinese or have full multilanguage support?

__KaZX__ [RVIN] says:

This phone’s OS looks like iOS

Thomas Tomy says:

Very useful videos by u Marcus thank u for ur briefly explained info

Surajraj Surajraj says:


ThePeoplesChamp says:

I was becoming seriously interested, but that mechanical camera is a dealbreaker. Just more things which will definitely fail. No thanks.

Mateus Dal Bianco says:

It’s just me or there is actually a small bezel at the bottom?

kim says:

VIVO=OnePlus // So this will be the upcoming OnePlus 6T/7

MTBTechFilms says:

The software looks quite similar to iOS.

Spirit Flame Instrumentals says:


zen to says:

When the camera rising, we all know that: omg this guy ready to selfie

Nefff says:

It’s insanely pretty phone. It is! BUT why are we going even bigger each year? Where are the 5 inch flagship phones?

Aric Arthur says:

Dont know what operating system that is (I’m assuming Android), but it’s shocking how much of a rip off of iOS that is.

Avo Guedekelian says:

Now imagine if apple had a front facing camera that worked similar to this one. Imagine the hate and the memes.

G Money says:

May someone please help me out? I need a new smartphone (have a galaxy s6 and have had it for years) and with my new job I can afford to get a really nice one without it breaking my bank. I’m currently looking at the huwei p20 pro, the vivo nex s, and the oppo find x (I know, all originating from the eastern regions but I love the designs and love supporting emerging companies). I’ve looked up everything spec wise but I’m not the most technologically skilled (I thought i was 10+ years ago but am not so much anymore with the newer tech lol) and would love an enthusiast’s/professionals opinion.

Edit: also, please no iphone x suggestions. Apple has been garbage and only focussed on sucking out money since Steve Jobs in my opinion.

HSSQ says:

For me there could be no front facing camera at all

AngryKoala Insane says:

NSA doesn’t like hidden selfie camera 🙂 I predict it wouldn’t be a thing in the future. I’m ok since I tape my front camera. But come one, notch is shit.

chou zihe says:

crap ,copy from iPhone

Steven Vona says:

I would definitely buy this. I use my front camera maybe 3 times a year.

Browsing Channel says:

3.5mm jack – 32bit/192khz audio. madness.

Omer Shawl says:

I will stick to the IPhone X until the technology to place the camera under the display will be ready hope that Apple will do it before Samsung or any other company does

Quentin Lapointe says:

No NFC ? This is definitely no future. You should have mentioned it.

场巴丽 says:

So much better than the notch. Having a headphone jack is a huge plus too!!

kavilan raj raj says:

Mkbhd which one would you recommend
Oppo F7
Vivo V9

Derek W says:

copy of iphone XXXX

MrSomebodyPL says:

Chinese manufacturers are taking the smartphone market by storm introducing many cool technologies as the first ones in the world.

Mr Unthinkable says:

Why did they chance the back? The Nex looks like a galaxy S3 at the back with that horrid pattern. The Apex concept had a really cool black slab look, way nicer.

Jacob Jeffrey says:

It’s not an innovation, it’s just an experimental feature.

Phillip Tran says:

Why can’t Chinese OEM’s just go with a closer to stock android os, rather than going towards apple ios

Alfred Clement says:

how to buy, i gif moneh.

Roberto Villani says:

Grande! Nice video keep rollin Bro!

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