Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

This is one of the most expensive Android smartphones in the world.

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Stillfly412 says:

Surely you had to give that one back lmfao

Biscuit Lord says:

I could have this phone and my friends would still call me poor for having green texts

Besharps says:

For $20k It better be able to suck my dick, have 300 TB of storage, protect me from gunshots, have 1 month of battery life

Tim Regehr says:

Get a fairphone instead.

Razvan Dragos says:

13M views is more than i got on my account, i know. But if you guys click on my account, check some videos out, sub and share, i’ll get there too. It doesnt take long to help me out, but i appreciate it more than you think. Thank you.

Nova Galaxy says:

Hey is this even your money or is it like someone else’s I actually like your vids it’s just I wish I had that kind of money

Jay Beat says:

20k for that crappy phone. U just got raped without vaseline…

Nerd Network says:

Your really talking it up.

Rakesh Belliappa says:

I think the company spent $19500 for making Phone box.

Trial n' Error says:

It’s not a review without a drop test 😉

Qaysar Sufian says:

what do you do with all the things in your inventory

Popeye says:

I was going to buy that phone I had 30,000 dollars . Just found out nz money is different than us money, it now costs 450.000.

Anan Sharma says:


msiBlasty says:

The box itself was pretty good, but then the phone…ugly af.

XD says:

it does not even have 8k screen…

Jack M says:


La weezus says:

If you can sell your phone and pay off your college debt then your phone costs too much

nicky says:

What a waste of money

Nicky nick says:

does it survives any drop test / torture test

Akmalkristal says:

The 24 karrot Iphone X AND the Apple Watch (24 karrat) Series 3?

Nadeem Haq says:

Do an unboxing on the $375,000 wii

Marcus Hoffman says:

I’ll go with a ducati bike…


Nice video love from india

Namza says:

20k for android is totally messed. Its look cheap as f

daan lambert says:

Simultaneously customer envelope combine radical five guitar train lung minority

Marcus Hoffman says:

No thanks…

kittenshortlegs YT says:

is there a moneyback guarantee

Van JoshElanium says:

So, they can actually track all your data and websites you’ve been? Well, no more xxx vids there now.

Nicole RAIN says:

Nice review but its just not worth 20 grands.

Samio Bin Jalal says:

you forgot to tell the specifications, i am so mad at you

_ raindrops says:

This phone is almost more expensive than my first car lmao.

MS51193 AJ says:

The Iphone X seems much cheaper now..

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