Umi Z Review – Next Generation Flagship Smartphone?

My Full Review of the Umi Z Smartphone – With 4GB RAM, Helio X27 Deca Core and 13MP Front and Rear Cameras, this is on paper one of the most powerful, highest spec, Midrange-Flagship Android Smartphones of 2017. OTA update to Android 7.0 Coming Soon!

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My Filming Gear:
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Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Lens: Stock 14-140mm
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Rode NTG3
Software: Final Cut Pro X

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amith jagota says:

Thinking of getting a new smartphone and am considering between Umi Z pro, Umi plus E and Ulefone Gemini. Any suggestions of their comparative pros and cons?

Jörg Jung says:

Thanks for this review.

Karim Sumar says:

What’s the internal storage capacity?

Amol Agarwal says:

love the way you presented it. the place and everything were also great!

fun with time mini says:

which one will u recommend xiaomi mi 5s or umi z???

Kris Baxter says:

isn’t the fingerprint scanner also the back button?

DieEneBelg says:

Im going to wait for the vernee apollo 2 pro, good choice for a cheap snapdragon?

Trick Daddy says:

Does it have 4g lte

Niels van der Beek says:

it’s the desing of the iphone slightly changed

Dominik Jager says:

Is it ips or Amoled?

Kamber Devjianie says:

My phone didnt come with a screen protector, its now got scratches all over it..not happy 🙁

beltran telva says:

Love your reviews!! Clean clear & simple, keep it up 🙂

Naresh Chaudhary says:

which video editing software you use l!

Vinícius Maciel says:

If the 7.0 update fix those problems, this looks like a good way to go!

mlc rip says:

you got the buttons wrong – it HAS hardware buttons they just not marked. maybe there wasn’t option when you posted it but you can switch between. virtual buttons and 3 hardware buttons.
best if the both worlds 🙂 so buttons is a can disable hardware buttons, which nay be confusing

Leon Bennett says:

don’t get it wet .

aadhitya chozhan says:

your way of explaining and voice is too impressive and i like it bro!!! where are you from ???

emmanuel manteaw says:

Is this phone good? I maybe going pay this

no u says:

Incredible value

I should get a job

Jinsuun says:

With an amoled panel, this would have been an instant buy for me.

時崎 狂三 says:

Thanks dude

Sagar Wankhede says:

U can turn off the on screen buttons and can get d capacitive keys on

lolenas says:

lol that intro song was on fire about 5years ago,everyone was listeling to it.vocals was hello moskva lol

GreyhoundGamer says:

Available in India?

Android Tech says:

in which country do you live

ItzTrickyPvP d says:

Hey guys i have just one question:) I read the compass isn`t the best. It is possible to navigate with this device on google Maps? Do you have some experience with it:)? Thanks for every answer:)

Jesuswillsaveus says:

Give aways are BS

Tahir Mujahid says:

will this work on Metro PCS?

NEMOSmokes24 says:

my girlfriend dunked her Note 4 and was way beyond the need for a new phone as sometimes it wouldn’t turn on anyway. I really hope I win so I can alleviate some stress for her

Tugsuu Gsg says:

What a trash.

HalfBreedMix says:

Good vid, thanx for sharing.

htdtr says:

this came out a day after I ordered a umi plus e. fuck lol.

amith jagota says:

Which one would you think may be a better buy – Umi Z pro vs Umi Plus E or Lenovo Zuk Z2? and Why?

Juha Lehtola says:

looks like OUKITEL U20+

Some random guy says:

Nice intro

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