Umi Plus E Review – 6GB RAM Monster Smartphone!

Welcome to my review of the New Umi Plus E – On paper one of the fastest, best value, top performance camera smartphones for its price in 2017!

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buggeroff says:

I had to laugh when you said it was to heavy . If 8 grams is to heavy you need to get to the gym .

yakez zelus says:

does anyone know what carriers i can use this phone with in the u.s.a???

Seb Gontrand says:

At 200$ with high end feature give them a really tiny profit margin. How this business can run like this?


hey dude. Great review!. The phone looks awesome but I have a favor to ask. Of all the sub $200 you have reviewed since last year, can you make a video of the top 10 phones based on camera quality?

odilon sese says:

what’s the last song? thanks in advance for your reply.

Dread Shade says:

Umi phones are still Utter Crap With the Horrendous Support and Still Buggy Software , All the cost of this phone goes to the aforementioned 6 Gb’s of Ram , Something Like The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 will Murder every single aspect of this phone at the same price albeit With 4 GB of ram . Umi has gone to s**t from the Release Of Zero , managing to launch It’s ‘direct’ sequel Z 3 years later

Simon says:

2015: better high-end phones
2017: extremely cheap mid range phones

Jim McNevin says:

Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t support the bands needed for us here in the US.

Alex barbu says:

5000…huh my s6 with only 3 gb ram gets 9000

Jimmy SM says:

dude stop fucking lying, I know that you’re paid to say these things but stop fucking saying that something is good when it’s actually shit. All the phones that are bought from gearbest are shit and you know that. At least write down in the description that this phone is gonna do anything but perform. You are a waste of space on this website, stop doing this shitty content and better save you memory card. #roasted

Gutter_izz_A_G0DD3ST Xx says:

Compare the oneplus 3


best budget phone but I can’t buy it in India so hopefully I will the giveaway

Cam International says:

is it a chinese phone,, not interested

Iva Tanjić says:

That phone is killer baby

xocomaox says:

doesn’t work in the USA.

Calvin Schmalvin says:

Being annoyed about fingerprints is such a first world problem… I cringe every time..

Zain Syed says:

i live in Pakistan. can you send this device to me please

Ahbab Hossain says:

I would love to have this

Jean Rios says:

The best

gl mdr says:

What’s that game at 1:47?

Myles Harold says:

will this phone work on Cricket in America?

Saduacy ND says:

i’ve had umi plus and it was shit. broke after 2 months, unfixable. this one seems to be the same.

xam25689 says:

isn’t ZTE ZMAX pro better? and same price

Brandon Chavez says:

if the s8 won’t be having 8gb of ram in the US, then fml

Stewart Chen says:

Please me..

Meidn says:

200$ for a 6GB Phone.I got this one for 50$ and it has 8GB

Daniel Szulc says:

everything great but if you buy umi -> if your battery gonna die, you will not be able to buy new battery to replace, because battery will be not manufactured any more and thats it. Your only shot is to find similar in shape and size xD great

Riky Indries says:

So you just go negative opinions on this phone.

Chris. H says:

What’s that first game you played? with the ramps

Mehtab rj says:

how u record ur voice its so clean no noise

Jonathan Panzardi says:

can you root this phone?

Waingro808 says:

185g. that’s ridiculous!

Jitendra Sakariya says:

I have UMi Plus, u should put USB pin in by little force, u will hear slight click sound. Now type C input charging pin will not come out easily, will stay tightly.

I currently on UMi-eMax, have used IRON, PLUS. Very much disappointed by brand.
PLUS still have very heating problems during Charging the battery, Camera running, etc. problems.

Sadat Moro says:

I wound love the Umi Plus E please

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