Top 5 BEST Smartphones of 2018 So Far

Which 2018 Smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 5 smartphones for 2018!
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Jérémy_lnr says:

Pocophone F1.

EverythingAppleFans says:


Anwar Vai says:

Which phone is best for use iphone or others company phone???please suggest me

Daniel Delthi says:

Xiaomi kills them all

l says:

wtf is this honor 8x costs 200 pounds and its better than most of this phones.

Leavish Julloo Julloo says:

U forgot note 9

Remi Froehlich says:

I just bought the galaxy s7

BiBi Kvachi says:


Shannon Carmon says:


Eruban Ali says:

How about OppO?

Rami Lejonhjärta says:

1. Nokia 3210
2. Nokia 3210
3. Nokia 3210
4. Nokia 3210
5. Nokia 3210

Fadzilicious says:

Iphone x is my favourite.

Elamin Bakar says:

1.note 9
2.huwei mate 20 pro
3. Iphone xs max
4.huwei p20 pro

Charlie Katrycz says:

Funny, they all look the same. And none in Yellow…. Must not know about Banana Phone

Reeja Pk says:

google Pixel 2 my fav

viktor133100 says:


Mason Blu3 says:

where is the SE!!!!

Annas Putra Pradana says:

The best one is s9 or s9+ overall

power gaming says:

A Samsung really those things explode if they made exploding phone once they could do it again I am definitely never going to buy any of their products

Yellow K's says:

what abot xs

Jesse Charles says:

Whether your Apple or Android, I found an awesome smartphone based business. It changed my life! Check it out.

Computer World says:

Oppo Find X Glacier Blue, 256 Gb is the best

Brian purchase says:

I need your help I’ve owned the s8+ love this phone so much but the screen is shattered and now I’m looking for a new smartphone cant afford the note 9 what a better option for Verizon

augustas mikuckis says:

nokia 3310 best

Speed Gamer says:

Top 5 phones that are good but for me these are the levels
1.iPhone XS
2.note 9
3.huawei mate 20 pro
4.oppo idk which the last one plus newest

Limbuni Kt says:

I own s9+. No doubt its a best phone. But gaming wise i prefer using iphone 8+. Very smooth gaming experience. Ive to wait until my wife falls asleep n play pubg on her iPhone

rondo spit says:

Still rocking Note 4

manal khteeb says:

Watching with my note 9

evadoesit says:

I’ve had my OnePlus 3 for about 2.5-3 years and just accidentally smashed it on my bathroom floor, so now I’m here, looking for a new phone 🙁

Brayden Young says:

IPhone XR????

TheSeaReaper’s Nightcore says:

*My Top Picks*
1. Huawei Nova 3i
2. Huawei P20 pro
3. IPhone 8

ridvan ayhan says:

P20 pro 40 mgpxl camera 4000mph battarey süper charger 6 gb ram best phone in the market

Irfan Mohammed says:

My top 5
1 Huawei p20 pro
2 Samsung galaxy s9
3 oneplus 6
4 Nokia 6.1 plus
5 honor play

Bhushan Gengane says:

Now keep them aside and Look at Sony XZ3 King of display.

ventende says:

Huawei should join VW the way they lie about their products.

manly567 playz says:

1. Oneplus 6t.(fastest android with 2.8 ghz processer with snapdragon 845. Also comes with a dual 16 +8 mp camera and 8 gb ram.

2. Iphone xs MAX. (Fastest software with a a12 chipset).

3. NOTE 9. (best storage. Up to 1tb. Good for a phone. Also still has a headphone jack.)

4. Huawei p20 pro. ( tripple camera and could be found cheaply)

5. Soni xz2. Easy to fit in pocket. High resolusion for £500. 19mp camera and take gaming for a new level.)

Fukuro says:

I had a cubot note s which was a great phone that i had for a year. Its really cheap too. It was £60. Great value of u ask mee

Dave Revoir says:

Just get to the list duckhead

dylo says:

Huawei Mate 20 pro

Sir Tomaz says:


steelll steell says:

sony the best

Ella Mae says:

1. Iphone8+
2. Huawei p20 pro
3. Samsung galaxy s9+

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