The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!

Galaxy S10 is coming up soon – Hands-on with exactly what to expect.

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Marques Brownlee says:

C’mon YouTube processing, I believe in you…

B says:

I wonder if it’s worth it? I have s9+ and I think it looks nicer than the s10/+ but I’m up for a change

Pradeep Prasad says:

In this as well they are copying Apple by launching 3 models

Brandon Brown says:

Watching this on my 7 edge” I’m good”

J Home says:

That incompetent hole in the video display is why I’d never buy another Galaxy phone now apparently that Samsung just went full retard! I don’t care if the phone prints money!

Zaid Almzaian says:

When your commercials make fun of the iPhone X notch but you legit have hole in the screen

Talking about samsung

Andy Go says:

S9+ is the best phone iv ever had

郭超 says:

我听不懂我听不懂我听不懂,给个中文字幕!THANK YOU!

SKY TV says:

I live in korea and i saw a person using a galaxy s10 prototype

nsndnd djdj says:

Im stuck on working what his shirt is.
Someone tell me

Sky-view says:

So I’m really puzzled. Is it the American English that’s upside down or the people over there. Do people over there understand their past, present and future tenses….

Connie W says:

Catching up to those Apple prices

Hero Bart says:

“The last headphone jack in this model” they also said that when the s8 came out

Extreme Gamer 2019 says:


fadu song says:

I want this phone because this is my dream I want to use Samsung galaxy s series so please please please please give me your phone please

Axel Ljungqvist says:

Why not S10 mini?

SuperFreshNigNogRingDingDongGamer says:

we need smaller phones like the iphone 4 again

xXD pubg mobile says:

Love my Note 8

Daniel Hernandez Maldonado says:

that is not the real model right?!


Jesus 3 cameras on the back

Shipwreck83 says:

Everytime I see this guy on recommended – Will: “yaaaaaaahhh mark ass brown leeee…”

V says:

Crap. After s8 which is STILL ON ANDROID 8.0 in 11.02.2019 i will never buy Crapsung smartphone again.

Extreme Gamer 2019 says:

SAMSUNG fans leave a like and Huawei fans leave a comment

Abdul Khan says:

I know my comment will dissolve in the bottom of this section,

Falcon .M says:

You only have three wishes, what will they be?
1: fortnite and Markass brownie.


0O7ITzB0SON4ROXzTM ITz100CHØR0 says:


Extreme Gamer 2019 says:

Marques Brownlee Should Host Meme Review

Dilwar 〽 nawab says:

I like Samsung

Unorthodox 212 says:

2000$ for a phone!

I know a guy where i can get a car for 300$

Богдан Кравченко says:

Русские есть?

Dismal says:

Who the fuck is gonna pay 2k for a phone?? Who??

ECO419 says:

That’s a nope for me, I’m getting tired of the bended sides of my S8. Looks great, but in practice it’s a pain for some applications.
I can’t watch content on instagram properly, everytime there’s text, it’s cropped and I can’t read.

takeshi yonora says:

What the hell mksb using dynamic duo song as the intro LMAO never expected this ever

Alip Bisnes says:

sapa sini orang malaysia jom kita buat group whatsapp boleh borak panjang mengenai tech

el Kamilo says:

Do you think they’ll ever put the infinity screen wrapped around all 4 sides?

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