The Red Hydrogen One Holographic Smartphone

This is my unboxing of the new Red Hydrogen One smartphone.
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John Trustman says:

The review is so annoying I can’t tell anything about the product.

Jani Akujärvi says:

It does not even have a camera manufactured by RED.

Abhay Bhagat says:

poor phone

Mr Danny Lane says:

Nintendo 3ds phone? I’d assume it just uses eye tracking the same way. Honestly I think you are better off doing a vr variant of this. Maybe if it had an implemented 180 degree or 360 cam and had a vr headset capability it would be badass. 3D is bullshit in comparison to vr nowadays.

Subi_fan says:

1300 $ is just insane for this POS…

Aj K says:

im switching to this from my iPhone XS max

Unbox Therapy says:

This thing is nuts.

Ryan Reddell says:

I might pick one of these up in a few months. After they go on clearance for $500-$600.


its pretty much a Nintendo 3DS, but a phone

Nelfred Magallon says:

Ds techbology that makes your head hurts

Muhammed Ibrahim says:


Jimboy says:

This phone’s software is horrible, don’t buy it lmao

Martin Mancia says:

Why does this guy sound like Ernie from Sesame Street.

Heimerblaster says:

Not enough for too much, bada bing bada boom.

John Kavanaugh says:

This software might make a choice but we can say flash the latest Android version I’m out of here

Noah Rodgers says:

Bru when you gonna review the bluedio victory

Barlo 215 says:

music was hardd

Su Go says:

Первый раз вижу китайца негра

Okki Ninnam says:

the intro is pure.

Renata Ajzenszlos - Peral says:

Novelty? haha right never exist the Fire Phone and the Bixby I mean Firefly xD

1000000 Subscribers With no Videos says:

It needs to be improved

Santi Gonzalez says:

I love it

Duncan Hansel says:

Not actually their sensor. Just clarifying that

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