The PROBLEM with the Foldable Phone

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1K subscriber without video challenge says:


The guy on the right:”plz let me take some photo god,plz lemme photo with him”

Tiiger says:

For those saying we already had foldable phones with flip-phones, the big key difference with modern generation foldable phones is actually foldable displays. The whole point is to find ways to pack-in bigger displays in smaller devices. Completely different from the old flip-phones.

Cloud Strife says:

It’s not ready

MarcelvBoven says:

Idea: you can store your money, credit cards etc. in the space between the screens…

lap lam says:

Huawei still looks the best

Eric jones says:

How many folds left now on that phone?

Alex Oyarzabal says:

Looks funny and fat.

Ramiro Torres says:

i feel like it will die out like 3DTV’s

Ein youtube nutzer says:

Which foldable smartphone do you like best?

Xiaomi: Like
Samsung: Comment
Huawei: Comment and likes

John Wick says:

Why people hyping about foldable phone? Apple have this technology since iPhone 6. Apple best

Victor Diaz says:

That’s no phone…
It’s elongated 3ds

Stevie Cook says:

This guy needs to get laid…js

Bnelen says:

It bends, but will it blend?

Johniel Nunez says:

No one can beat huawei mate x

chris sanvo says:

The most ridiculous and pointless thing I have ever seen.

Sherjeel Javed says:

The guy on the right is just mesmerised

Luis C says:

that looks like the most horble desing i have ever in my intier life seen lol

Kuyaalvs Baguio says:

What if the ribbon wire inside the phone is cut by folding folding? Big money damage, aww 🙂

Dennis Du says:

If you have any suggestions then maybe they should hire you… But you are just nitpicking and a ahole coz you have no idea how to design a phone…

Rizkeeno Shant San Luis says:

Well… Huawei had this

enio dogali says:

The guy is a demon his eyes are black

Mike Oxlong says:

The real problem is the price linus acts like gtx’s are casual purchases.

Random RimRock // TripleR says:

The man at the right hand side of the screen who’s wearing a grey shirt 1:30 looks really creepy

Laughing Man says:

Does Linus exclusively eat Soy? He has a higher pitched voice than any woman or child that I’ve ever met

*Comment Reader* says:

6:16 thank me later haha

Boyle Workhouse says:

1:30 Superman, on the right, is taking it all in!

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