The More Affordable All-Screen Smartphone…

The Vivo Nex is the latest flagship smartphone from Vivo. It features some futuristic tech including a near bezel less OLED display, motorized pop up camera and an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Vivo Nex offers an impressive set of features at a fairly reasonable price. The Vivo Nex will start around $700USD, now we just need to convince Vivo to launch the device internationally. Is the Vivo Nex your next smartphone?


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Freedom Cobra says:

Looks like IOS 10

The Four Knight says:

My Country: Fuck you child this gonna cost you more.
Me: Son of a goddamn bitch

Ed Angelo Oratil says:

Vivo is the best like if youu agree❤

McDontDoIt says:

Looks like the iPhone x without the notch

Joanalyne Mauricio says:


Vimalan Nathan says:

You talked too much.



The Hulk says:

Think of wiley doo being lou and lou being wiley doo

Unbox Therapy says:

If you had $700 to spend on a new smartphone what would you buy?

BLACK OPS!!! says:

Who else owns this? Share your thoughts.

Contaminated says:


Gerry Rutledge says:

I use one on tmobile and verizon(dual sim) love it, in the USA

popitn2nd says:

Shame! You can’t buy it in the US.

Omister says:

How would you use this for Snapchat?

gr33neyz says:

I love this phone. It’s nice!!

Team BEER says:

Not convincing that selfie cam has a motor probably it gonna break less than a year.

Necmo Gamer says:

Samsung m20 is 100$……

Red Dead says:

The thumbnail hides the chin.

Jason Hendricks says:

That’s a awsome phones im 4rm south africa we dnt have phones like that i die for a phone like that

Spidey says:

I can see the future….

Digvijay Singh says:

My mom bought this and it was much cheaper now . Less than 500$ . So yeh iphone XR is still more than 1000$ in India , compared to such . This phone is miles better .

Devin Zatsca says:

does anyone know what title soundtrack at 1.35 ?

Wicked says:

Eh ill stick with the superior iphones

Maica Luquiaz says:

Men it’s cool and all but I still will Go with P20 pro

Joanalyne Mauricio says:

Btw whats better

oppo or vivo?

gr33neyz says:

I love this phone. It’s nice!!

LanxForxenZpawn says:

Every single excuses apple made to ditch the headphone jack was successfully done by android phones…

Joey Bedelian says:

Why would you buy iphone for if you can buy android ??

HotRodYT says:

Last time i checked it was £399 now

Lol Bahalol says:

Stupid american

NOpE i sAiD nO. says:

Does it have haptic feedback?

Adil Pervez says:

Hilly Hoo Dilly Doo Da De

gr33neyz says:

Now that’s a nice phone

Usee Oogle says:

Are oppo vivo getting more innovative then apple!!??

MrCacainmybutt says:

Fuck Verizon for not using gsm

Imran Shabir says:

$700 affordable haha

Jane Smith says:

You wont!

Epic And Stupid says:

Can you do a Lg stylo 4 review?

Dave Thomas says:

Nice phone I want 1

Richie Bernard says:

Vivo v15 pro

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