The evolution of the Chinese Smartphone – Elephone U Pro REVIEW

The in depth review of the Elephone U Pro Smartphone.
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In this video i take a closer look at the Elephone U Pro Smartphone. This phone is running Android 8.0 and it’s being powered by the Snapdragon 660 CPU that’s paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage.
Throughout this video you will be able to find out everyhting from the phone’s performance, to benchmark results, battery life, check out sample pictures and videos and much more.

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Donk Channel 2017 says:

Do you know bezelless smartphone with the screen over 5 inch and battery over 5000mah?

Tuan Le says:

Beautiful phone.

Scott Mannear says:

6:44 Deja View

eman says:

Problem with this phone is when it needs repair. There are no service centers or parts available

Dejay Rezme says:

Aren’t there android apps that implement video capturing with image stabilization?

Cubing CubeZ says:

Honestly one of the most or the most beautiful smartphone

Jerlan Puebla says:

And Alex listens…glad you put back the previous intro music. This phone is damn fine✌✌✌

flmclau says:

Tack- tack even the sound of the back is exactly like Samsung’s :),if a camera take bad pics in lowlight that means is a low quality camera the speaker is also lower than average ,anyway very good review I think its gonna be a crazy year for the Chinese phone industry you’ll gonna have a lot of new devices to test ,have fun!

Zaki smala says:

Can you giveaway that?

vishal agrawal says:

Now every Chinese company should learn from Elephone to use SD CPU instead MTK 6737, 6753,6580 etc… Which is waste in 2018….
I was thinking the same that price should not more than$300 bcoz OP5T LG V30 etc is there in market with good phones, if price drops in near future, definitely it can do good….

Qory Azkia says:

Can I like this video ?

Dark Light says:

s this phone capable of running ANT firmware?
you can only test be having this software will test.
otherwise, I just settle Samsung

Aleeyu Muhammad says:

Am waiting for the review of tecno W1

Sathish Mechy says:

Awesome bro!

tech plus-reviews and gaming! says:

450$??OMG!EVEN IF BRAND DOESN’T MATTER,camera matters!

Andrew jackson says:

Can’t u like buy one plus with snapdragon 835 at this pricing? What ?

Arunkarthik R says:

Honor View 10 offers more value for money and features

Hassan weity says:

They supposed to sell it for 300& 350$ 450 is too much for this phone for the camera even my mi max 2 is better

Fazertime says:

Old intro 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me asking, but is this your full-time job ? Based on the amount of work you put in the (great) videos I’d figure you won’t have much time for something else.

SunKnight Gaming says:

I don’t know what Samsung phones you are using that kills apps but the ones I have had don’t kill the apps

Sashi says:

Does it have WiFi calling ?

Scott Mannear says:

6:20 pm 2-21-18 got YouTube notification on this video??????
None on day it came out????

technical Kunal says:

Alex great video

Chiclone- Tests says:

That’s a REALLY nice phone, if it was just 100$ cheaper and maybe in a cool red color, i could get weak…

Stephen G says:

Great review as usual. Hope an update fixes the camera probs. Elephone seem to be making great progress with each release.

Kwistenbiebel200 says:

I don’t trust a Chinese phone to handle payments like NFC.

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