The Anti-2018 Smartphone Review

The Sony Xperia XZ2 is honestly a phone I didn’t really care much about during our hands-on at MWC. The design and its features just felt iterative at a time when smartphone trends are going in the opposite direction,.. The thing is, once I actually decided to use one, a lot of my opinion changed.. Though notice, I said a lot, not all. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and stick around for our full review to learn why.


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Shahbaz Khalid says:

he is crying for latest version who can feel the pain that phone has 6.0 update and it will stuck to it forever

masikwha says:

You won’t complain to pay 1000 bucks for an Iphone but when it comes to a Sony for 799, it’s pricey? Come on old man, get real.

Norberto Castro says:

Ahahah. I like to see reviews of this phone because we can see that reviewers have a hard time giving complements to Sony phones, but the phone is just awesome so they cant just say crap about it because people will call them out. So what do they do? “Oh for the price there are better options” and my quetion is !! What is the better option, and what is the objective reason for it?? Lol there is none. All arguments people can give about other phones to be better will all be subjective!

Craig Simpson says:

Why has the headphone jack been removed when Sony had IP68 water resistance with headphone jacks in the XZ1 and Z5?

Jerry Berglund says:

No brand gives as good user experience as Sony smartphones.

Purple Alpha says:

Underrated AF

Arts and Crafters says:


Ape-ocalypse says:

NEVER SAY THE PROBLEM IS THE PRICE TAG. A phone is meant to compete with other phones in it’s price range, and should be treated as such. Any phone would be a lot better with a lower price, but that’s not the point.

Álvaro Agraz says:

The “Anti-2018” smartphone. With the 18:9 aspect ratio. Yeah right.

Crimson Koba says:

Let’s make a chubby phone but remove the headphone and include a shitty battery. Sony WTF?

kav z says:

The phone is overpriced

jeans juvanile says:

rip sony

InShortwords writes says:

i see mkbhd feel there 0:37

Perry Sorio says:

Can you do a review of the ZX2 Compact

Mike Stevenson says:

Which is better, this or the compact version?

Mr. MakeIt says:

It looks like an old school Nokia Lumia smartphone!

Mauri QHD - Try says:

2:28 i see what you did there

Kevin Reyes says:

The removal of headphone jack is really a big deal? Aren’t you aware about the potential of type-c to 3.5 mm dongles?

jumbeaux1 says:

So you think having one camera lens is dated? How many do you want?

As a camera expert, I trust Sony to give us the best even with one.

Anyway XZ2 Premium is coming.

Altruistic says:

that rear camera placement and the curved back reminds me of the old Lumia 930

Aalok Galappatti says:

LOL what a fail. It’s not anti-2018. It is just stuck in 2014.

Geebus says:

Sony has the worst after product customer support. They want you to ship the phone to them for 6-8 weeks, no replacement provided and no guarantee it’d be fixed. Samsung and Pixel were so much better. Never buying an Xperia again.

Reggie Noble says:

Looking at Sony but still not quite convinced

Mark David Uy says:

Waiting for the price to drop. I love xperia phones. But right now, still kind of expensive.

Arkim Deligny says:

Wow!! after years of listening to Pocketnow slagging off Xperias, I’m really impressed with this review. big applause.

Rayan Ighil says:

Hey sony just make a Z3 with updated specs then o would buy it , i would buy 5

Jack Booth says:

I’m a sony fan and have bought this phone and love it. Yeah it could be a bit lighter and the bezels could be smaller but I’ve got no complaints

Duy Phúc Minh Nguyễn says:

Not to be mean but I think you messed up on the RAM. I checked a few sources and I believe that it only has 4GB of RAM, not 6GB. Although it would be awesome if it had 6GB.

3165dwayne says:

It’s not anti 2018 at all. Lol, there is no headphone jack.

Sanchit Varma says:

It is a gorgeous phone. Sony has evolved their design language beautifully.

pharaohosam says:

Liking this because of your son’s Guns n Roses t-shirt.

Riccardo Enrike says:

Buy/get the Xperia ZX1 at half the price $300. It has 80% of what the XZ2 has.

hiesenberg says:

Sounds like you’d like the Nokia 7 plus alot

TheRealMikeShea says:

A real anti-2018 phone would be a thick chunk of metal and plastic with a removable back, a 6,000mah battery, regular 16:9 1080p screen at 5.2″, front facing speakers, front or side mounted fingerprint scanner, a headphone jack, last generation chipsets, and a flagship comparable camera. It would cost much less to make and honestly I’d carry something like that over a 2018 phone any day. Function over form.

Mr2pint says:

Certainly better than the S 9 but yes it’s dated compared to great phones like the Pixel and Oneplus..

Joel Oyenuga says:

@Pocketnow everything is a gimick until apple or samsung or google jumps on the boat, i like your channel but you need to give some manufacturers some credit for not following trend but for adding new features and trying new thing, the problem is phones all go the same way but when someone tries something new its ridiculed for doing so. Dont get me wrong the phone is not perfect nor the best but give credit for trying. Ps to add folders to the home screen is exactly the same way you did it in the video as it is on the P20 pro whicn i have

Enzo says:

Jaime, maybe u can spare some time to teach Brandon how to shoot and add pocketnow branding to his videos!

ProCheese- Yierail says:

so capatain jack is out but minecraft is out also? HAHAHA

Ideen Sa'at says:

This is step behind in terms of design.. xz1. X and even z series looks a lot better. Plus that fingerprint sensor placement was just absurd.

Tendai Dongo says:

Sony still thinks they are PREMIUM from 10 years ago, that’s Japanese companies for you, look at Nintendo and some of the anti consumer BS they do, and why I bought a OnePlus 6

Alexander says:

11mm thickness > 3180mah battery > ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

John Lucas says:

What do you mean 700 for what

Spandan Shrestha says:

The only thing I criticise is that Latte art.

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